PHILADELPHIA’S REAL WORLD HOUSE RETURNS TO DEBAUCHERY FOR CHARITY: re: Chase & Jennifer Utley’s fund-raiser to benefit Pa’s SPCA

Last week I attended the “Utley First Annual All-Star Animals” charity event for the SPCA, which was held at the old Seamen’s Church Institute, later known as MTV’s Philadelphia Real World House and now known as F.U.E.L. Gallery There was music
and a few generous hosts including Comcast Sports host Michael Barkann, Pennsylvania’s SPCA President Howard Nelson, Jennifer and Chase Utley Cole Hamels and his wife Heidi (I had no idea who she was/is until I spoke with Derek of Team Derek Phamous Philadelphia autograzzi** [ Hamels, 23, and Survivor contestant-turned-Drexel student Heidi Strobel, 28, got married New Year’s Eve 2007 in Springfield, Mo., near her hometown. Among guests were her Survivor cohort Jenna Morasca. Well, it was certainly nice of Heidi to invite Jenna to the wedding, considering, you know, they posed naked in Playboy together. ])
I always put my money on red, it’s my birth color (I wish I could remember the casino games rental company, I would love to give them props as they were super nice guys)
This is one of my favorite photos and was published by the Inquirer on Sunday in Michael Klein’s INQlings, where by the way my photos appear every Sunday, B2. Brett Myers, Adam Eaton and Jayson Werth Chase signs a few balls for a fan. Jennifer is holding the Phillies branded Budweiser beer. What’s up with these aluminum bottles lately, I have seen coke come in them to. Are they easier to recycle?Geoff Jenkins, Chase Utley, Greg Dobbs pose for the “Event Photographer”. The EP is usually hired by the PR Firm to capture photos of the event to send out to Philly Magazine, Mainline Times or any of the other media forms that someone might use to promote this great event.
Pat Burrell (Do these guys have to have it all, beautiful women, good looks, talent and money. You think they could be a little more generous with ‘graphs for the fans and even the autograzzi who are basically providing signed photos for fans who don’t have access)

I wear my sunglasses at night… I don’t know what is scarier, the Brett Myers scowl or
the torture chambers that idiots put fighting dogs in to keep them aggressive. I would have to go with the torture chambers for the poor dogs, but I wouldn’t want to be married to Brett either.
Support the Pennsylvania SPCA
As long time readers of Philly Chit Chat may know, I don’t always write about my events on a timely basis. When a photo is going to be published locally, I can’t scoop the paper and must wait three days after it’s gone out. (It’s in the small print) (I wish I could tell you who I saw today, but I can’t. – I don’t know why that other blogger says there are no celebrities in this town; I see them all the time, and sure they may be our tv personalities, but it includes our sports figures that a lot of people like to talk about [there’s a lot of great sites devoted to the worship or deconstruction of those folks], and lately we’ve seen our share of the hollywood set that tend to come here for work. So Phillywood is a great place to catch a celebrity sighting, and I’ll do my best to bring them to you)
**Thanks to Derek who had to help me id all the sports folks on these pages so I could sent my work to my agency and write this blog.