July 4th on The Parkway, The Best Places to sit & see the Show; Plus John Mayer and Ne-Yo Photos,

I noticed a lot of you are coming in to this entry to read about the “shootings on the Parkway” last night. Follow this guy on twitter. He’s doing great work on stories like this, and this story.



Seeking solutions to the epidemic of homicide by gunfire in Philadelphia. 215.882.9867



Compiled videos: Panic on the Parkway as reports of gunfire spread during 7/4 fireworks in Philadelphia:  


Happy Fourth of July 2013

Philly has set up another fun and entertaining celebration for us to enjoy.

The highly anticipated day-long
Party on the Parkway will kick off at noon on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway from 20th
Street to Eakins Oval, featuring blocks of exciting activities, games,
entertainment, and food for the whole family. Party on the Parkways
will offer multiple musical and entertainment stages. Food vendors will
fill the Parkway, cooking up delicious treats to delight the entire

 Look for the directional signs on many of the Parkway Traffic Light poles. They are very descriptive on the location of the mini-concert stages, as well as family activities.
 Jasmine V was wandering around Philly all day on July 3. Mostly hanging out at Starbucks and in the evening making a snack run to CVS for 
late night snack trip! starburst, sweet tea, wheat thins, little bites muffins, honey chex mix!

The best viewing spot to see the July4th Jam is the VIP seats (but they’re the worst spot to see the spectacular fireworks. If you’re there, after the concert make your way onto the Parkway.)

 If you don’t have VIP seats, the grass on the right side of the stage is the best chance to see the performers live.

 Otherwise head out to the Parkway where there are about 3 giant jumbo trons to view the concert. You could also bring your device ie IPad, laptop or phone, and watch the live stream on VH1. You should be able to hear the music when you are in the Parkway area, but seeing
 the stage is nearly impossible to see
 especially dead center as that’s where the sound equipment is placed. Even the folks sitting in the VIP seats located in the back of the parking lot won’t have a clear view of the stage, and will have to watch it on the jumbo tron in the center that you see.

 Ahh yesterday I hung around the Four Season hotel for a couple hours. Every year the folks who are to perform at the July 4th Jam call this hotel home. 
Unfortunately in the past few years they also rehearse inside the ballroom and not on the Parkway as they used to (Questlove [l] and John Mayer [r]), so it’s a good bet they won’t come out til about dinner time. This is actually Ne-Yo arriving at the hotel.
He was great and posed for the fans that were there, as well as the photographers.
Syma Chowdhry


Literally just out for a walk & saw Ne-Yo pull up to the Four Seasons. Here for Welcome America show!
 Luz with Ne-Yo

 Ne-Yo has been in the news lately for allegedly breaking up with his fiance and baby momma via instragram. Last night he tweeted:


People really think I woke up one morning and just ended my 4 YEAR RELATIONSHIP ON SOCIAL MEDIA? Like THAT day.
Really y’all? Hilarious.
 Did you know John Mayer has actually been in town for about 10 days. He was rehearsing his upcoming tour at the the Liacouras Center. On Tuesday night he has a dress rehearsal for about 800 folks, half of which were chosen from a Sirus Radio contest. Not only did fangirl Carissa Beam go to the concert, but she beat him back to the Four Seasons and got this shot with him. 

Wednesday night John Mayer, The Roots, and Ne-Yo hit up a party at Sean G’s house hosted by Mayor Nutter. The party ended about 10 PM as Questlove and the Roots were headed over to TLA to perform with D’Angelo. Mayer headed back to the hotel and that’s where Brooke got this lovely shot of him in the lobby of the Four Seasons.