John Legiuzamo visits The Philadelphia Film Festival

A WHIRLWIND WEEK…as some of you know, if I have an inkling that a photo may be published in the local paper, I don’t like to scoop my photos. Yesterday a John Leguizamo shot appeared in INQlings so now I am free to write about his visit to the 17th Philadelphia Film Festival, which happened last Thursday.

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Carrie Rickey did a Q&A with him. I always love this shots, but they never get published, which is crazy as a picture tells a thousand words.
Sal Mineo, James Dean, Marlon Brando, maybe, but not Too Wong Foo, Thank You Julie Neumar
JL and Director of The Take, Brad Furman posing with PFF staff. I do still have a few exclusive shots out and can’t show you the ones I took back stage. This one I did not send up to my agency, but it shows JL with guest services Mark James, and Debbie’s Fleishman’s son who’s name escapes me at the moment. Guest services has an important job to ferry the film festival guest to and from the event, navigating the crowds, making sure they have everything they need, ferrying them around, getting them to the press junkets and making sure they are fed. They are the gate keepers of the celebrities while they are in Philadelphia. Sponsers are incredibly important to the film festival, and I know the PFF folks appreciate them. In fact I myself thank them everytime I see them. Thanks to Marsecco Wines

The party houseFrom – INQlings: John Leguizamo, here with The Take, nibbled caviar Thursday at a film-festival reception thrown in Old City by Mary Patel and Joe Barber, whose documentary, Electile Dysfunction, sold out its screening. (Thanks Caviar Assouline )JL Loved his Caviar; he brought home a doggie bag. You can order caviar online from Assouline. I had some, it was delicious. You can also stop by their store in Liberty One and pick up some or have a tea sandwich, sometimes I go there to indulge. I heard after he left the Patel residence, he went over to Pearl, the new hot spot at 19th and Chestnut Streets, and he missed his train partying until 3AM. Not only does the Pearl have delicious food, but it sounds like its a fun place to party. Not a sponsor, but I ate there and it was good. I really need to post those photos during a lull in my schedule Development Director Thom Cardwell with British Film Makers Teresa and Nicola Collins.ya gotta love her style
Director/Columnist Mary Patel and author Stephen Byler
Susan and friend Ian, visiting from the UK

Tigre, Laura, Dwayne and guest. Hmm looks like this photo needs a bit of lightening
OK this is why I need to do rapid shooting getting a few shots at a clip (I sometimes just shoot one at a time as I know the flash must hurt a tad); inevitably I get a shot where one of the subjects has their eyes closed.
OK one of these hot folks is on a children’s TV show, the kids of today are so lucky to see this eye candy, . On the left is Tim Dowlin who will be seen in Mark Webber’s ‘Explicit Ills’ in the coming months. The movie was filmed last year in Philadelphia. Then it was off to the next event at National Mechanic’s, a tattoo party. I almost got one.Here’s the gan from Tru skool productions they were just hanging out

Our friendly Festival Photographer Gail Kamenish and friend

The Take see it in a neighborhood near you, soon.