My Apartment Building Got Vaccinated, How You Can Get A Covid Clinic

GREAT VACCINATION NEWS!!!! was the title of an email that landed in my inbox from the my apartment building. The Philadelphian last week.
We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Centennial Pharmacy to bring COVID vaccinations to the building.

Centennial Pharmacy works directly with the City of Philadelphia and State of PA to perform various vaccinations. They are currently receiving 2,000 vaccinations a week of the Pfizer vaccination and have allotted enough for our building. Centennial is also administering vaccinations at some of our neighboring condominiums
(I spoke with the doctors on site Tuesday, and they told me they had already vaccinated vulnerable older residential housing, including HUD housing throughout the City, Ruth Williams House, Casa Farnese apartments, William Penn House, and Kennedy house in Center City).

On Tuesday, March 2nd, Centennial will come to the building and perform vaccines for all Philadelphian residents and staff who are currently classified as level 1A (My husband often calls our building a cross between a cruise ship and a retirement home), and 1B Centennial has confirmed that anyone living in, or working in, a congregate setting is considered a 1B. Nurse’s aides or outside help of our residents will also be eligible. This will NOT be open to the public.

Before this email I hadn’t heard that this was possible (I had signed up, and was just waiting to be called, I am in 1B with my ailments but wasn’t nervous of getting Covid19 having already had it a year ago 3/16/20), but after I tweeted about our building getting vaccinated today, many media people inquired about it online and eventually asking city officials, and it turns out that this was a well orchestrated effort with officials, and is happening in all 50 states. Once the Covid-19 vaccine became more widely available in the past few weeks the rollout began at fast pace.

You see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) worked with states to select initial pharmacy partners based on a number of factors including their ability to reach some of the populations most at risk for severe illness from COVID-19 and as availability increased opened it up to other pharmacies. Centennial Pharmacy is one of those drug stores which was eligible. They they screened a list of applicants who had applied for this kind of large scale operation and fit the criteria, and basically this is how it happened.

My building has a majority of residents over the age of 70, many in their 80s to early 100s. One 106 year old women even survived covid virus last year.

Many of the residents I talked to are so excited to do things again, as well as see family members.
Michael Nise, founder of Dancin on Air, remember that cool show. (Kelly Ripa got her big break on the show.) He’s so excited to get the vaccine and get to work on a reunion show and other business.

Our building has 776 units, and over 800 residents were vaccinated. The building consists of 3 wings, and the doctors started at the top floor around 11am vaccinating the workers, retail workers as we have a supermarket, drug store, Little Pete’s, doctor’s offices, NovaCare, hearing aid store, and home nurses aides who weren’t on duty, working there way down, finishing about 5:30pm)

People were asked to wait outside their apartments an hour before their scheduled time, with everyone who was in their unit, as well as their home health care worker if they had one.
Lindsay Dymowski, ‎Co-Founder, President Centennial Pharmacy Services tells you how your building can apply for a covid clinic to get vaccinated.

I was impressed how they vaccinated the building: They did a great job. They brought in 6 teams. They started with the office workers, nurses aides, and staff. Then hit the top floors and the middle floors to do 800 residents in 5 hours.

My neighbors and I are very grateful for the Philadelphian Management for their year of amazing management of covid19 pandemic procedures, the safety procedures, the positive messages and so much behind the scenes management to keep us safe. I personally want to thank the Covid19 Task Force of volunteers for their service to my family, and to many residents who were diagnosed with Covid19 and quarantine, or were just quarantining for safety, some for the entire year in their apartments; the task force delivered our mail, removed our trash we left outside of our apartments, and managed our deliveries. Thoughts and prayers for those who passed from Covid19, especially our dear neighbors who will be missed.


Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience, Nicole Cashman, Biker Skillz

Excited about March, spring and the vaccine rollout. March is full of hope.

Philadelphian’s love art, and experiences. This summer we’ll have a chance to experience a unique event by Exhibition Hub:
Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience is a 20,000 square foot light and sound spectacular featuring two-story projections of the artist’s most compelling works. Encounter the brilliance of one of history’s greatest artists in 360 degrees. Mario Iacampo, president of Exhibition Hub, a Belgian company that specializes in creating, producing and distributing interactive shows like the current exhibition, tells China Daily that Van Gogh’s paintings-which often depict expansive scenes and natural landscapes-are ideal for digital projection onto large surfaces like walls and floors, as are the vivid and innately eye-catching colors found in his works.
He says new developments in technology “completely change the way people access art” by bringing images of famous works to life through animation and offer a better understanding of the context surrounding them.
“The project provides a lot of animation and reinterpretations (of the featured paintings),” Iacampo adds. “The experience is unique to the venue where the exhibition is presented. We add things or make changes according to the specific environment where the show is staged.” Check out more information tickets on sale this week HERE.
Congratulations to Nicole Cashman, Cashman & Associates who was named to the Philadelphia Business Journal’s Power 100!! Well deserved!! Nicole created a whole new realm of public relations and publicity in Philadelphia; for the new Puma store in Center City, an invitation included bright red Puma wristbands, which were required for admission to the opening party. For 32 Degrees, the Old City nightclub, Cashman sent out invitations frozen in a block of ice. For the soul food restaurant Savannah, there was a custom music CD.
For the summer-long “4-Play” campaign in Manayunk, Cashman, along with Manayunk Development Corp., developed $4 parking, $4 Absolut martinis, $4 food specials and so on. “Rediscover Manayunk — the place to be,” Cashman’s promotional material says. “And who knows where a little 4PLay could lead?” (source)

The #RothmanRink & Cabin will close this evening at 9 p.m. But don’t forget!

Spring programming begins this Tuesday in the Wintergarden on the Greenfield Lawn ✨⁣

Meet the gita, the newest member of the @phlfoodandshops team. Starting today, #PHLAirport guests placing orders via the OrderAtPHL platform might have their food brought to them by this helpful droid. Read more about this pilot program, which explores another way to make the food ordering and delivery process contactless.

I’ll leave you with this amazing video on my Instagram today of very talented Philly kids doing tricks with their bikes. Pretty amazing, mad skills, check out @bikeliferex to see how he practices to perfect these skills.

Let’s Dish: Delicious Eats and Treats, and Tidbits

Sometimes I wear my mask upside down, and no one tells me. Yes please tell me, and if I ever have toilet paper stuck on my shoe as well.
February was full of beautiful sunsets, this one was in Fairmount Park behind the art museum. Fairmount, Art Museum, Spring Garden are really beautiful neighborhoods adjacent to the park.

As we head into March, and the one year anniversary since the shutdown, I have a lot of mixed feelings, as we all do. It was a tough year, but a reflective year. I appreciate people, places and experiences so much better. I have a better clarity on how to live the rest of my life, mostly about connecting with people, nature and health. I appreciate the lessons learned as well always think of the people who aren’t with us anymore and the growth of the country.

Philly retail is bouncing back. I see more and more people shopping, eating and walking in Center City, and in the burbs.

Yesterday I was at Suburban Square. So cute, lots of fun stores and a fire pit. Opening soon, in April

Lola’s Garden
Avram Hornik’s first suburban restaurant coming to Ardmore

FCM Hospitality and Avram Hornik’s first suburban restaurant concept is heading to the Main Line and Ardmore for an mid-spring opening tentative for April. It is full steam ahead and the project is fully under construction as we speak.

As the pandemic continues, and FCM/ Hornik continue to be the experts in open-air outdoor dining large format concepts, Lola’s will offer ample outdoor seating in the concept that takes inspiration from Harper’s Garden in Rittenhouse.

It’s a perfect Boston Market Weekend, and Sunday’s are Prime Rib Day.
USDA Choice Prime Rib slow-spun in the rotisserie for over an hour for juicy goodness. Served with 2 sides, fresh-baked cornbread, beef au jus and horseradish.

Speaking of Prime Rib, I had the pleasure to dine at The Prime Rib at Live Casino on Saturday night with my family, and then again on Thursday night with friends.

Dinner was delicious, I highly recommend the crab cakes, and the scallops, which were so good I had them on both nights.

The ambiance is sweet, loungy and will definitely be the hot spot for power breaking deals and a scene. Always great to see Live Casino’s VIP folks Nick Ryan, Vice President of Casino Marketing at Live! Casino & Hotel, Natalie DiBattista. Director Of Operations Casino Division at Live! Casino & Hotel and pictured here Brian Taylor, Director of Entertainment at Philadelphia Live! Casino along with Jimmy Maransky (missed seeing Nadia), Thanuja Hamilton and AJ Mattia.

Have an awesome day, get out an enjoy it as it’s going to rain all weekend. See you on Monday.


Marley & Me Philly Shoot

On Social Media Thursdays mean Throw Back Thursday where folks post their favorite photos or memories which happened before the current time on FB, Instagram or Twitter. I’ll post memories like that on the blog every Thursday until life returns to somewhat normal…. So let’s check out the first time I photographed a movie filming in Philadelphia – Marley & Me a 2008 comedy-drama starring Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson and Eric Dane.

Unlike New York City, when a film shoots in Philly there is no notice to the general public; thankfully the businesses near the filming, or folks who live nearby are notified. I always appreciate the tips informing me of film shoots, or celebrity sightings. Marley and Me filmed Broad & Walnut all day long May 14, 2008 and lucky for me I had a great view from the law firm I worked at to time and occasionally I would run out to get a shot, as well as took a long lunch hour. I was a bit distracted that day.

The filmed was shot in Philly and West Chester in the Spring 2008, as well as South Florida. Owen Wilson was a big DB during this filming. That is his bodyguard trying to block my shot, but he didn’t have eyes in the back of his head and I was able to get a decent shot here, as well as other shots as you see.

Eric Dane (c) was enjoying a surge of popularity during this time for playing Dr. Mark Sloan (McSteamy) on the medical drama television series Grey’s Anatomy. He filmed this movie during the “summer” break from the show.

Owen Wilson plays John Grogan, the author of the biographical Marley & Me. Grogan worked at The Philadelphia Inquirer as a columnist.[3][8] The Inquirer published a volume of his best articles in 2007 called Bad Dogs Have More Fun.
Release date
December 25, 2008 (United States)
Running time
115 minutes
$60 million
Box office
$247.8 million[1]
This is the very next moment and the photo made E! Entertainment

Jennifer Aniston wasn’t on set the one day I was able to photograph them filming, but she was spotted around town eating at a few restaurants. She was too friendly. I ran into her the day after Brad and Angelina announced they were having a baby. But even in NYC she was always kind of a bitch to photograph, and not overly friendly to fans. Sorry not sorry, Angelina was always a pro and wonderful to her fans. We had a bit of a run in one Saturday as she was leaving El Vez. I got a tip she was there, practically ran from the Italian Festival on 9th Street to grab a shot. She came out as I was yelling, politely for a photo. She ignored me but her bodyguards attacked me ie at her instructions.

The Philly Inquirer’s Mike Klein did a write up. (This paragraph is from my blog of that time called “Confessions of a Paparazzi.”
This was a tough shot to get as her bodyguards roughed me up a bit, grabbing my camera lens and trying to twist it to break it. Three bodyguards Jen, you would think that you would want your photo taken considering Angelina is having twins and is all over the press. Furthermore, Demi (see below) walks around Philly without bodyguards and you need three just to block photos and rough up lone photographer who was polite enough to ask for the photo.
(At the time I had never seen a Friend’s episode, so I didn’t get how clever his headline was:
“The One Where Jennifer Aniston Eats At El Vez”

Demi Moore was in town at the same time filming Happy Tears with Parker Posey. Say what, yeah I never watched it either. Anyway, here’s a shot of her I got after lunch at Tria at 18th and Sansom. She was a difficult shot to get, but I told her if she gave me one good clean shot I wouldn’t bother her for the rest of the time of the filming; and I didn’t much to the chagrin of the restaurants who tipped me off in the coming weeks.


10 Intriguing Items in My InBox – Monday Mailbag

Over the next few days it’ll start warming up, beware of falling ice on buildings as well as from over passes. I get a lot of mail, I often create social media posts, but I think on Monday’s for the time being I will publish what I think to be the most informative, and most often than not covered by other outlets, here. Let’s go…
Board members of the Barnes Foundation, Joseph Neubauer and Aileen Roberts won the 2011 Philadelphia Award for their leadership.

Just In:
The Board of Trustees of the Barnes Foundation announced that Aileen Roberts has been elected as the Board’s new Chair. Roberts, who has served on the Board since 2005 and as Vice Chair since 2015, succeeds Joseph Neubauer. Neubauer led the Barnes as Chair from 2015 to 2020 and will remain a Trustee and serve as Chair of the Barnes Foundation’s $100 million Second Century Campaign.

The Mass will be streamed live on the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ArchPhila) and the Archdiocesan website (https://vimeo.com/event/17522).

In addition, all are encouraged to join in praying the Solemn Novena to Saint Katharine Drexel, which will begin on Monday, February 22. Please follow the link below to access the Novena: https://www.saintkatharinedrexelshrine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Solemn-Novena.pdf.

For more information on the Shrine of Saint Katharine Drexel at the Cathedral Basilica, please see the website, https://www.saintkatharinedrexelshrine.com/.

The support of PFS members plays a critical role in our mission to bring world-class cinema to Philadelphia, as we do our part to contribute to the region’s robust arts and cultural community.

Innovation, vision, and the ability to inspire are all qualities of leadership. These elements define the purpose of Moore College of Art & Design’s virtual 2021 Leadership Conference for Women in the Arts, 1916 Race Street, located on The Parkway, Friday, March 5, 2021, from 10 am to 4 pm. This online conference is FREE but registration is required. For more information and to register, visit moore.edu/2021womeninarts.
Monday, February 22nd is National Margarita Day and Philadelphia restaurants are celebrating with all-day specials, happy hours, food and drink specials, and even five dollar margaritas! One suggestions Monday, February 22nd is National Margarita Day and Philadelphia restaurants are celebrating with all-day specials, happy hours, food and drink specials, and even five dollar margaritas! One suggestions Monday, February 22nd is National Margarita Day and Philadelphia restaurants are celebrating with all-day specials, happy hours, food and drink specials, and even five dollar margaritas! One suggestion:
@rosystacobar in Center City invites you to celebrate National Margarita Day Monday. Take advantage of Rosy’s special $5 Happy Hour menu! Classic house margaritas, Esquites, Quesadillas, Nachos, Tacos, Churros, Mexican wine, Mexican and Mainstay drafts are all $5 from 3-5 p.m. for dine-in only. Add flavor to your margarita for $2. Make your reservations now at rosystacobar.com.

On Monday, March 15, at 5:00 p.m. PT / 8:00 p.m. ET, For The Love of Opera will air via Facebook Live on the NMAJH Facebook page, the Opera Philadelphia Facebook page, and the Lowell Milken Center for Music of American Jewish Experience and The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music Facebook pages, with a limited number of Zoom slots also available. This special production will be available on-demand after the event on the above Facebook pages, NMAJH’s website, and on the Opera Philadelphia Channel.

Visit https://www.nmajh.org/events/for-the-love-of-opera/ to learn more.

The 2021 Listening Tour with new AACC President & CEO Regina A. Hairston kicks off next week. Are you registered to participate? Registration is required for all sessions. Make sure you or a representative from your company is registered today!

POPS in Schools crafts the music leaders of tomorrow with mentorship from the music leaders of today.
Launched in 2015, POPS in Schools is an EITC-Certified Program that enhances music education for approximately 3,000 students in the School District of Philadelphia by embedding Philly POPS Teaching Artists in schools to coach and mentor students.

“The POPS is reaching the next generation of Philadelphia musicians and art lovers, while providing the school district with greatly needed resources.”  
– Philadelphia Mayor James F. Kenney

During the interruption in 2020, the POPS created POPSinSchools@HOME, quickly meeting the demand for at home study materials and inspirational videos for students during the crisis. 

Visit POPSinSchools@HOME 
Join an hour-long discussion with the filmmakers and special guests, featuring clips from the new three-part series, HEMINGWAY.
With Ken Burns, Lynn Novick, Lesley Blume, Patt Morrison and Rachel Kushner.
HEMINGWAY premieres on PBS stations April 5-7, 2021.
Learn more: pbs.org/hemingway

I Used to Photographed Fashion Week in NYC

Kim Kardashian (with boyfriend Reggie Bush (r)) and Kanye West (with Lupe Fiasco) sitting near each other at the Y-3 Autumn/Winter 2009-10 fashion show during New York Fashion Week at Pier 40 on February 15, 2009 in New York City.

Between 2006 – 2011 I was a celebrity photographer as well as a friendly paparazzo in NYC. One of my favorite events to shoot was the New York Fashion week which would occur in September and in February. The September shows promoted spring/summer fashions of the following year, and February featured fall/winter fashions six months later. Today I’m featuring the opening of the Armani 5th Avenue Opening Party in 2009 which occurred during NYFW Fall/Winter Collection 2009.

It was always so cold during Fall NYFW but fashion week was such a draw for celebrities with all the parties, free clothes and catching up with friends, as was the case for the opening of the Armani 5th Avenue store in New York City, which was a jewel box designed by Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas Architects.

Giorgio Armani comes at his 5th Avenue party.
The photographers lined the “red carpet” along 56th Street and 5th Avenue. The position of the photographers is determined by the PR. As a photographer from Philly, I was not considered a working NYC photographer so I mostly got the 2nd row on a ladder, which is where I am shooting this scene.

I always admired the celebrities, models and notables who walked the red carpet for the parties especially in the winter as they often were outside. It must have been 30f and windy this bone chilling night, and I had several layers on. Poor Vicky. But her assistant was right off to the side and hurried her coat on when she was done the half a block long red carpet

Chance Crawford at the height of his Gossip Girl fame.
Ricky Martin
Rest in Peace:
Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof-Cohen
Rodger Berman and Rachel Zoe
Vampire Weekend attend the Armani / 5th
Solange Knowles
January Jones
This is how I would mark my photos to send to my photo agency who would distribute the photos to media
Armani/5th Avenue Store Opening – Red Carpet 02/17/2009 – Armani / 5th Avenue New York, NY United States

It was a lot of fun to shoot the shows, the celebrities and all the parties happening throughout the week. I learned so much about my craft during this period, which by the way was a hobby/career as I was still employed full time as a paralegal in Philadelphia. That was a lot of commuting, and a lot of vacation days off to shoot celebrities in NYC. I stopped going to NYC when I left my paralegal job, became a full time event photographer in Philly. There wasn’t a lot of money in photographing celebrities unless you moved to NYC and were really present everyday to work there, and by 2011 PhillyChitChat really took off and kept me in Philly.
Have a great weekend.


First Look of Skyline From 28th Floor of Luxurious Living ArtHaus

Philadelphians were invited to an open-air performance Serenade on the Avenue held Saturday Valentine’s Day eve and were invited to see raw space on the 28th floor of the new condo/apartment building in Center City under construction ArtHaus.

The 47-story, 524-foot-high tower at Broad and Spruce Streets whose tag line, “live at the intersection of art and beauty” .

The Broad and Spruce Street tower will stand 47 stories and host 108 balconied condominiums with beautiful views of Philadelphia, that will range in price from $2 million to more than $10 million,

Last fall Carl Dranoff, CEO of Dranoff Properties and Developer of Arthaus told Metro Philly, “I thought our giant construction site could somehow be retrofitted to bring about an outdoor performance like the Greeks did with their amphitheaters.” Serenade on the Avenue debuted last September from a temporary stage facing City Hall on the 7th floor of the Arthaus construction site across from the Kimmel Center, for three special concerts.

Audience members lined the streets, some had heard about it through social media and news posts, others were just passing by.

It became a Wednesday night tradition for three consecutive weeks.

On Saturday as well as last fall, all the musicians were coordinated by AJ Luca, a faculty instructor at University of the Arts and a performer herself along with alumni, who performed love songs from Frank Sinatra, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and Henry Mancini from the 7th-floor pop-up stage at Arthaus in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

After Saturday’s concert we were invited upstairs to enjoy the views from the 28th Floor.

The first residents are scheduled to move into Arthaus February 2022.



Philadelphia Zoo (3400 W. Girard Avenue) announces Big Time: Life in an Endangerous Age, a brand-new immersive multi-sensory experience featuring 24-life-size, animatronic dinosaurs that will transport guests back to when these giants roamed the Earth.   Opening to the public on March 29, 2021, Big Time highlights some of history’s most powerful events, volcanic eruptions and asteroid strikes, that changed the atmosphere, the level of the seas, the temperature of the earth, even the amount of sunlight on the planet.  As a result of these catastrophes, some creatures had the time to adapt, and others did not, dying off forever. Through evocative landscapes, realistic settings, immersive sounds and life-like giants, Big Time takes guests through the Age of Dinosaurs through to present day, showing what life was like and the challenges faced when these amazons walked the planet. Big Time will open to members for a preview from Thursday, March 25th to Sunday, March 28th. Big Time opens to the general public on Monday, March 29th through September 30th. Reservations are available for Big Time starting on February 17th at Noon. All reservations should be made online at www.PhiladelphiaZoo.org. Attendance will be capped to ensure a wonderful, safe experience, don’t wait to reserve your visit now.  Tickets are the cost of General Zoo Admission $24 for ages 12+ and $19 for ages 2-11, children under 2 are free, plus entrance for Big Time $6 (adults and children ages 2+).  Members enjoy free admission to the Zoo with advance reservation and save on BIG TIME tickets. 


As the Big Time journey comes to an end, guests can take steps to help turn the tide for endangered animals and enact change to ensure a future where we can all live and thrive together on our planet.

• Take a packet of the seeds and grow native plant species that attract and sustain pollinators, such as the monarch butterfly.

• Send a postcard or sign an electronic petition to advocate for global conservation actions aimed at addressing wildlife extinction.

• Advocate for 30×30 and ask national and world leaders to protect 30% of lands and oceans by 2030.

Big Time will open to members Thursday, March 25th to Sunday, March 28th. Big Time opens to the general public on Monday, March 29th through September 30th. 
Tickets and reservations are available for Big Time starting on February 17th at Noon. All reservations should be made online at www.PhiladelphiaZoo.org. Attendance will be capped to ensure a wonderful, safe experience, don’t wait to reserve your visit now.  Zoo Admission tickets are for a specific date and time. Entrance times are every half hour. Reserve BIG TIME tickets with your admission to secure your spot.  Tickets are the cost of General Zoo Admission $24 for ages 12+ and $19 for ages 2-11, children under 2 are free, plus entrance for Big Time $6 (adults and children ages 2+).  Members enjoy free admission to the Zoo with advance reservation and save on BIG TIME tickets!
Big Time will be open from 9:30am to 5:00 pm daily. The last entrance time to the exhibit is 4:00pm. Stay tuned for special evening dates coming closer to the opening date. 


You Asked For It, and It’s Back, Woof Woof Wednesday

A few years ago I started Woof Woof Wednesday posts to highlight our friends and neighbors pets, especially during the very busy social season when I had time constraints and it was an easy post. Recently people have written me to say they missed these posts. I’m happy to comply, I have a lot of time now. If you want your dog to be featured tag me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, otherwise I will be reviewing timelines or papping ie shooting candidly of pups like the fashionable one above. So cute!!

Macey Grey dyes her hair with dog friendly dye every other week
This dog cracks me up. Who knew there were so many fire hydrants around.
Go Sixers!!
Happy Ash Wednesday!!
Good capture

A cat with a view

Have a groovy day!!

Grand Re-Opening: Bridget Foy’s. It was delicious!!

Society Hill Photos

Bridget Foy and husband Paul Rodriguez, along with parents John and Bernadette Foy, announces the grand opening of the brand new Bridget Foy’s at 200 South Street this Friday, February 12th at 4:00pm. Bridget Foy’s is one of Philadelphia and South Streets most beloved restaurants that has served the community for decades since the 1970s. The entire restaurant was lost in 2017 during a devastating fire. After three years of demolition, construction, design, pandemic delays, two COVID shut-downs, a giant snow storm, a East Philly Café Pop-up and limited dining capacity, Bridget Foy’s is finally ready to return and make its grand debut overlooking one of Philadelphia’s most picturesque corners.

Society Hill Photos

The new dining room and bar features a show-stopping gold tin ceiling, striking wood and tiled floors, socially distanced seating, 16 oversized windows and doors opening to the sidewalk, advanced ventilation, artwork by Bernadette and Paul, and other touches of nostalgia and Americana with a light, modern and airy twist.

Outside, look for more outdoor seating than ever before with a patio cafe featuring their first-ever outside bar and service window, state-of-the-art outdoor covered heating space, plus sidewalk seating on the front of the building, with room for more along 2nd Street in nice weather.

For the kitchen team, the Foy’s have tapped the culinary talent of Chefs David Gilberg and Carla Goncalves of Cry Baby Pasta and formerly of Koo Zee Doo. Look for the return of updated Foy’s classics and favorites, plus Gilberg’s spin on American comfort cuisine. Goncalves will present her scratch pastries and desserts.

At the bar, look for cocktails that play a riff on the classics, plus a robust, accessible and affordable selection of wines. On tap, look for craft beers, wine by the glass, sparkling wine, and batched cocktails. New, look for the first-ever Bridget Foy and Cry Baby Pasta canned cocktails that are perfect to go and for take-out. Starting services include indoor and outdoor dining, dinner, weekend brunch and midday weekend menus, cocktails, beer, wine, cocktails to go, take-out, pick-up and delivery.

The Foy’s Bridget, John and Bernadette Foy,

Hours will be Wednesday to Sunday, from 4:00pm to 9:00pm for dinner, and on weekends Saturday and Sunday brunch from 11:00am to 3:00pm, mid-day menu 3:00pm to 4:00pm, and dinner 4:00pm to 9:00pm. For more info and reservations, visit bridgetfoys.com or call 215-922-1813. Connect on Instagram @BridgetFoys.