The Socially Distant Beer Hall We All Need Right Now

Parks Pop-up Debuts This Weekend at Fairmount Horticulture Center

Starting Friday, January 22nd at 4:00pm, Parks Pop-Up will debut a new indoor dining experience at the Fairmount Horticulture Center Arboretum at 100 N. Horticultural Drive. The 30,000 square foot unique indoor space will provide ample opportunity for social distancing. Patrons will be able to enjoy fresh food, beers on tap, wine and hot beverages inside a lush greenhouse environment with comfortable chairs, and clean restrooms.

The Parks Pop-up offers families a unique destination in the colder weather where they can get out of the house and partake in safe and socially distanced activities. A portion of all Parks Pop-Up sales will benefit Philadelphia parks.

Reservations are strongly encouraged, with each table currently being limited to 4 people in compliance with local safety mandates. Additional seating is at a first to come – first to serve basis. The pop-up will also have outdoor seating weather permitting.

Masks must be worn at all times except when seated at a table. Contact information will be taken from all guests, to assure contact tracing can occur if it becomes necessary.

Season hours for the Parks pop-up at the Fairmount Horticulture Center Arboretum will be Wednesday to Friday, from 4:00pm to 10:00pm, and Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 10:00pm. Please note that hours and days of operation may change due to weather and special events. Please visit @parksontap on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates.

For more information about Parks Pop-Up, visit /www.parksontap.com/parks-popup.


Take Charge of Your Life

Not on my diet, I wrote last week when I reposted this delicious looking Philly pretzel, a pretzel cut in twos like a sandwich cause it is, a delicious looking bacon, egg & cheese sandwich sold at the new Row Home Coffee shop in Rittenhouse Square. Obviously my readers have good taste as well by the likes on this photograph. For many years I would run over and try such a delight, especially after an invitation as I got from the Row Home Coffee folks. My response, polite but a no. I’m trying to lose weight.

I was once skinny, in fact downright anorexic. Here in 1994 with Mike, and the guy who “introduced” us Rich Liu (we both attended his graduation party and met there), I weighed 155lbs. It’s Mike’s fault, I fell in love, was happy and gained weight, isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? No idea who took this photo, but it cracks me up cause it’s as candid as can be, not one of my favorites, but I kept it.

In this post I won’t be doing my before, currently before photos, but maybe down the road a bit. OK it’s the New Year, and it’s going to be the New Hugh, again, because there is no shame in trying again, and again. With each passing year I attempt to return to healthy, I have made some in roads. It’s hard as you know, especially during the pandemic, cause food is so comforting, and exercise is work.

A few months ago my client GlobalFit, a leading workplace health and wellness technology company, told me about one of their companies the Charge Group virtual nutrition group, an innovative and rapidly growing provider of insurance-funded workplace health and nutrition program. I wasn’t ready to experience it. I wanted to eat freely, ignoring my ballooning weight and high blood sugar. I’m sure my readers were upset, since 2 years ago I announced I was at my wits end with my health. At the time I did get it under control, my numbers came down, I was happy, and then the pandemic occurred and everything went out the window.

Last week I took the first step in taking charge of my life, again. This time with a registered dietician, and the best part it’s virtual, I can do this, even when life returns to normal. I like talking to someone about food, the issues regarding food, I like having accountability, it’s like a therapist for food.

I signed up last week and was paired with dietician Catherine Perez. She went over the services with me, and explained how the insurance supported, one-on-one nutrition counseling services work (my insurance IBX covers 6 visits, a year, and if you want you can pay $75 a visit not covered. That is definitely worth it for me, they have reasonable package programs as well if it’s not covered by insurance as well.) CHARGE is an in-network provider for most major health plans. We were on the phone for more than an hour, and she knows more about my eating habits than anyone. You can trust them with your secrets, which they’ve heard before and will be able to provide you with guidance to reach your goals. BUT with everything, you are your biggest advocate. You need to be honest with yourself, or this won’t work.

Just like many of youse, I’ve tried many programs before, most are great, but they just didn’t fit my lifestyle, which is lazy and convenient, this feels like a good fit. At the end of the 90 minutes I had the foundation and tools to help me achieve my goals, this time. I love they have an online food diary, and a daily goal worksheet. Catherine can see it. This week wasn’t perfect, but I’m on a journey. Come with me, on a fantastic voyage. I’ll be posting here weekly on my progress, I’ll be honest, I honestly want to get healthier, feel better, fit in the chairs at Butcher & Singer, see a show at the Forrest Theater, or need help getting me up after crouching down for a photo at a concert etc.

Sign up process for individuals interested in CHARGE

Below are the 4 steps to sign up:
 Confirm Insurance Coverage

o Fill out a short form to let us know you’re interested. We’ll confirm that your insurance
plan covers nutrition coaching.

 Schedule 1-on-1 Visit with your Registered Dietitian

o If your insurance covers this service, you will be prompted to schedule an initial visit
with your Registered Dietitian.

 Login To Your Nutrition Portal

o Once you schedule your first visit, you will receive an email with login information to
access the CHARGE portal.

 Meet Your Registered Dietitian

o Let’s get started! It’s time to crush your health goals.

Sneak Peek at Live! Casino Hotel Opening 2/11/21

All photos were taken by me, unless noted: Courtesy of Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia

Yesterday was Media Day at the long anticipated Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia.

Live! Casino Philadelphia, the $600 million project, provided an exclusive media sneak preview of Philadelphia’s premier gaming and entertainment destination will open Tuesday January 19, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. with a series of reservation-only preview days for Live! Rewards Club members. Following the preview days and pending approval from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, Live! Casino Philadelphia will open to the general public on Thursday Feb. 11 at 8:00 p.m.

“We are beyond excited to go Live! in Philadelphia and bring this world-class gaming and entertainment destination to the heart of the Stadium District,” said Joe Billhimer (c), Executive Vice President, Cordish Gaming Group. “What we have created here is unrivaled anywhere in the country. Sports fans, foodies, gaming enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a night of fun and excitement only has to make one stop to experience it all.”

I’m feeling those chandeliers. Nice touch.

Courtesy of Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia
At Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia, we have taken enhanced health and safety measures—for you, our other Guests, and our Team Members. You must follow all posted instructions while visiting Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia. One of the coolest safety protocols they have is when a customer sits at a slot machine, automatically the machine on their left and right shuts off. Now that’s safe.

Signs, signs everywhere there’s signs, and I like it. I hate when I have to ask somewhere where something is. These escalators go to the 2nd floor event space where there is a six-room Event Center featuring 15,000-square-feet of customizable meeting space to accommodate groups of 12 to 1,000 guests. It will be ready by the time the casino opens in February. I hope to shoot a lot of events there in the future.

Courtesy of Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia

State-of-the-art, industry-leading FanDuel® Sportsbook with lots of TV’s to watch your favorite games.

The hotel lobby of the luxury, 12-story, 208-room Live! Hotel. To the right is the entrance to the Prime Rib restaurant. You can also enter it through the casino floor. First let’s go upstairs.

Where you will pass this incredible art work, in fact Live!! has filled their casino with beautiful works of art, most inspired by Philadelphia. This piece is made of a tiny square boxes, each with inspirational sayings like 2020, Positive Energy Always Causes Elevation, Your Fear is Full of Shit, Dead Fish Go With The Flow, Be, Family Over Everything, Nothing to Prove, Everything to Improve; it’s just spectacular and my favorite No One Can Handle A Leo. Then the middle of the art work features photos of Philly buildings, which help to make up the photo of City Hall. Pretty incredible. My tour people didn’t know who the artist was, but I will find out the artist for us.

Now riddle me this, I know why there’s not a 13th floor, but where is the 14th floor?
The penthouse rooms are spectacular, with unique views of South Philly, the sports complex and the City skyline, on a clear day you really can see forever as there are no other buildings blocking your view.

Dining and entertainment at Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia

  • Sports & Social Philly – The venue will feature a FanDuel Sportsbook and Lounge retail location and state-of-the-art AV system, including a giant 52-foot LED display and 24 televisions for ultimate sports viewing. An American Grill menu with game day favorites, including a short rib cheese steak, local beers, and specialty cocktails.
  • Luk Fu – Authentic flavors of Southeast Asia, a private dining room and private Karaoke rooms. (photos above)
  • 10th Street Market – A food hall inspired by the great food markets in Philadelphia where guests will be able to enjoy a wide variety of food, as well as a bar open 24/7.
  • Lorenzo and Sons Pizza – A South Philadelphia staple since 1970 and one of the 101 best pizzas in America as rated by The Daily Meal.
  • Sang Kee Noodle Bar & Kitchen – A traditional noodle bar featuring classic noodles and dim sum selections.
  • Termini Brothers Bakery– A South Philadelphia bakery serving cannolis, cookies and more for nearly a century.
  • Two new venues from Emmy award-winning Chef and TV personality Guy Fieri (The Mayor of Flavortown!!) – Guy’s Burger Join and Guy Fieri’s Taco Joint.

The Prime Rib – The top Zagat-rated steakhouse previously located in Center City Philadelphia for more than 20 years now has a new home complete with a piano to entertain as you dine.

It’s gonna be fun.

Stay: Ocean Resorts Casino

Good morning. Thanks for bearing with me as I missed a few days of posting. I wish you all well, and appreciate you being a part of my day, and thank you for being subscribers. Those of you who follow me on Social Media know I went to Ocean Resorts Casino over the Christmas holiday. I felt it was safe, our plans were to just hang out in the hotel room with its magnificent views of the ocean, as every room has a view of the water, whether it’s the bay or ocean.

I specifically asked for a high floor, ocean view and I was not disappointed. It was so relaxing. We were on the 40th floor, facing Brigantine. I would say that the dozen or so times I have stayed here, whether it was Ocean AC or formerly known as Revel, I always stayed on this side. In fact I stayed in this room a day before Super Storm Sandy’s full force hit the area, and witness the North End of the boardwalk get destroyed. AC did a great job at restoring the boardwalk as well as the North End of AC, with new residences. They still have a ways to go, but it’s a start.

BTW this is the view looking south, which you would see if you stayed in one of the rooms on that side of the hotel, or lucky us, in the elevator lobby. Yes they have windows in the elevator lobby. In fact Ocean AC even has windows in their casino. I love to go there as I never feel lost inside, as there is always a window nearby which gives me a sense of openness as well as direction.

At the east end of Ocean AC are massive escaltors which connect several floors of the hotel/casino including the hotel floor, casino floor, restaurant and shopping floors, event space floor and the boardwalk entrance. It’s a site to behold and my favorite spot, but don’t look down. And for those afraid of heights, they have elevators as well.

When Mike and I arrived at Ocean AC, we noticed all the Covid19 Safety Measures in place, and although we both already had it, we were glad to see they took it very seriously. Also was glad that all guests had masks all at all times, everywhere. Check in can be in person, or via a touchless system. The desk clerks were great, as was all the staff throughout the building. It was a joy to be there. My plan was to spend 3 days and two nights at Ocean AC and not leave the property, it’s exactly what we did.

Most of the time we spent in our rooms, looking out the window and catching up on reading, actual magazines and books, not the internet. We also visited the fish tank in the hotel lobby. There are seats surrounding it, and its extra zen as it’s raised a few steps above the floor.

We also spent a good amount of time eating, and were not disappointed. Every place we ate at in OCEAN AC was delicious. For dinner the first night we ate at Zhen Bang, a Chinese delight. The decor was pretty as well, very bamboo, clean and cozy. It was a little difficult to find, but just follow the Wahlburger signs, as it’s across the hall. Christmas morning we headed to Café 500, but it’s only open to 1PM, so don’t plan a late brunch. They were nice and let us sit at 12:55pm. dinner we enjoyed a delicious dinner at American Cut Steakhouse Mike also ate at Distrito as well. I was happy he was happy, so I could play a little Willie Wonka, my favorite slot machine.

Ocean AC has shops as well

We had such a good time catching up on reading, enjoying the view and just relaxing. This shot was on Christmas eve, during a Nor’Easter. It was the most fantastic experience watching it from the safety of our room. I can’t recommend Ocean AC enough for a getaway. It was safe, relaxing, delicious and we even went out to the sky garden, where they have fire pits and a great view of the Atlantic Ocean. Originally I was going to book the hotel via HotelTonight (my favorite site for last minute hotel stays), as I saw a rate of $88, but since I wanted a specific room I booked through the hotel website at $119 (it’s the off season). After writing to request about the specific room, Ocean AC recognized me as a previous media partner and comp’d my stay. Thank you so much. It was just what I needed, and what Mike realized he needed. We can’t wait to go back, to this view and the great hospitality extended to guests at Ocean Casino Resort.


2021: New Year, New Hugh and other Musings

Happy New Year. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I spent the weekend at the beach again and it was very peaceful. I’m seriously getting into nature and wildlife photography. I can’t wait til it gets warmer and get out of the car more to explore. It is nice to explore in the car as well, it speaks to my lazy side.

I made a trip to Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge again. The word has gotten out, it was fairly crowded on 1/2/21, but manageable. I really like this spot as you can do the 8 mile wildlife loop, as well as head back to the parking lot of walk the many trails. Remember to pay the $4 daily fee in the honor box. This is a great family fun, friends or even a great date. It takes about 2 hr to how many hours you want to do the loop.

OK let’s see what happened in Philly while I was away for the past week. Last month Rob Wasserman announced the opening of “The Lodge” at Rouge! An inspired ski lounge outside the tony Rittenhouse Square Rouge restaurant is all the rage. I have been there myself so I can attest to it’s posh, fun, atmosphere as well as it’s decadent hot chocolate.

Speaking of Alex Holley (looking hot in her club attire), she and her co-anchor Thomas Drayton debut their new show “The Feed at Night” on Fox29 last night at 11:30PM. It’s a news/pop culture show featuring what’s happening on Social Media. Kinda like following their social media streams, but now you can see it on the big screen and explained. I definitely saw a few things I didn’t see while scrolling SM this past week. They also have a virtual audience. I see you Grandpop Holley and Ray Smeriglio. BTW yesterday on Good Day the co-anchors presented their 2021 resolution board. Thomas Drayton wants to expand his real estate company, what he sells real estate? Not only that but the Drayton Young Group is the number one seller in Moorestown. Congrats!! Karen Hepp is pursuing her real estate license. Maybe it’ll be Drayton, Young Hepp by the end of the year.

Alex (r) is just going to be her peppy fun self, although she’s going to work out more and eat healthy. I hear her friend NBC10’s Miguel Martinez-Valle (l) is starting Whole 30. My sister did that, I recommend you give Miguel a lot of space the first two weeks, processed food and caffeine withdrawals can make a fella a bit grumpy.

The two photos above were ones I took over the past year, and my editor at Philly Metro used in her column yesterday
Editorial: Face the facts, masks save lives

Finally Thanks So Much for this awesome Christmas Card. It’s true I couldn’t locate Mike’s present for a week cause it got lost in my squalor. I know what your saying, didn’t you de-clutter last spring. It’s true I did, but now I’m doing it again. Like my diet, and healthy life style, it’s a work in progress. Stay tuned for #newyearnewhugh


Thank You 2020, Now Leave

Thank you Front Line Workers, including health workers, restaurant workers, fast food cashiers, gas station attendants, so many minimum wage workers, SEPTA employees, people who work in my building, everyone who has to deal with the public, teachers, parents, those who have faith, hope, who believe in science, who believe in things that can’t see, who believe in kindness, those who spoke up, the brave people who marched, or grabbed a broom, worked a food line, who amplified, who supported businesses, restaurants in the blistering heat, to the frigid cold, thanks to my clients, to the PR folks who have hired me this year to shoot their events, to the media who have run the photos I’ve pitched to them, to the Gov’t for unemployment, for the Gov’t who made difficult decision, to so many of you, thank you.

Thank you to all the photographers who have captured the City. We are resilient.
Thank you to those, who like me, see a bright future for Philly. We are only on pause.

As dismal as 2020 has been, growth has occurred, eyes and ears have been opened and a brighter future is on the horizon, I just know it.

In conclusion, I want to thank you, to my readers, for your support. Who write me to thank me for shining a light on Philly, you kept me going even when I couldn’t see the light and suffered countless battles with depression, loneliness and isolation; as so many of us have experienced these past few months . Thank you for your prayers when I came down with Covid19 so early in the year; I was scared and your kind words gave me hope. I am so blessed to have survived. I am so saddened by those who didn’t make it, especially more than a half dozen people I knew. Thanks so much to my husband Mike of nearly 27 years. He is a rock. We’ve spent more time together in the last year than the 26 years which had gone before. He constantly teaches me patience and unconditional love. That’s not easy with moody me. Happy New Year, I have hope.


Christmas Eve Bird Watching and a Snowy Owl in South Jersey

Snow Geese

Happy New Year, actually I’ve been saying “Happy Better New Year!!” It’s hard to believe this year has gone by so fast, yet so slow, painful, sad, with so much loss. I lost a dear friend this week to Covid19 – Abana Jacobs, who worked at Subaru in the environmental department. Each day she promoted recycling, and reuse; she was so enthusiastic while doing so. I’ll miss her so as so many people will as well in our area. The Cherry Blossom event in Fairmount Park will be dedicated to her this spring I’ve been told. I wasn’t able to visit my family for the holidays so Mike and I headed to Atlantic City for rest, relaxation and re setting at Ocean Casino Resort ie the former Revel (I’ll write more of that trip tomorrow). Before we checked in we headed to Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge for a little bird watching, especially the elusive Snowy Owl. I often go there for bird and wildlife watching all year round. I was just there 12/10 looking for the snowy owl.

I had been tracking the Snowy Owl for about 3 years now. A rare sight around here as the Snowy is a native of the Arctic, Canada and upper North America. About 3 years ago a few have been sighted in our area. Most of the time they were sighted on the beach in New Jersey between Sandy Hook and Brigantine, and most of the time you really have no idea exactly where to look as those seeing them keep it a secret as to not draw attention to many gawkers (I have been fortunate to have other birders give me locations, but I didn’t want to trek out on the beach in 30f weather, lol). But last year, and earlier this year there had been sightings at Edwin B. Forsythe in Galloway Twp. (Which is about 40 minutes from Phila, and has a car touring loop. You don ‘t even have to get out of the car to see the wildlife. Most of these shots I took with just the window down)
I knew I had a better chance of finding him there as I knew the grounds better there since taking up bird watching, wildlife photography about 4 years ago, getting more serious about it in the passed two years.

I did have grand plans to arrive early, Mike even got up at 530am in anticipation. But I was still doing research about which birds had been sighted where in South Jersey, so as to create our itinerary. Someone had seen the Snowy Owl at the preserve, and as luck would have it even arriving 5 hrs later, I was able to see the jolly fellow. And look at the smile on his face, he was happy to see us.

I found him by noting the dozen of cars parked at one spot, with lots of lenses poking out of the window.
Breeding Male Buffleheads

Northern Pintails car pooling
It’s so beautiful and peaceful to drive on the loop, even on the busy days. I was surprised how beautiful it was even when the grass turned brown during the cooler months.
A the blue goose surrounded by snow geese. Hundreds of snow geese flew over us, you should see our car. We’ll have good luck for years.
Shore Birds. Someday I might know their names. (Thank you Jack Carter for informing me about what birds these are: dunlins ) In the meantime I’ll continue to take their photos for us to enjoy. Have a great day and make sure you look around, you too will see beautiful birds around you.

Holiday Lights Shine Bright

I love a good self tour Holiday Light Drive, and this year I went more than ever. It seemed like more people than ever decorated their houses as well.

I often drive the roads in South New Jersey where I grew up. Even though I have lived in Philly longer than I have lived in NJ, I still know those roads much better.

I was the one who always decorated my family house growing up so I really appreciate the effort people put into their Decorations.

I’m not a big fan of the most popular houses, I don’t like to wait in line to see the lights, but I will make an exception especially if I go earlier in the month.

My tour is random and meanders around the streets of Camden County, NJ including Collingswood, Haddon Twp. Audubon, Haddonfield, and byways in between.
Under the Sea
In case you can’t get out I hope you enjoy these

My favorite houses are the ones with trees on the porch.


Found this fun app for holiday light drive arounds! Made by a Dad in Delco!

I have checked it out and it is so cool. Make sure you click on the free one, someone created one with a similar name and is charging $19

This popped up in FB Memories today, still a favorite. Thanks Chris Gabello for the shot, and Monique for modeling with moi.


Last Minute Gift Ideas with a Purpose

It’s going to be a hard sell to find anyone who hates Steven Singer (l) this year, yes that guy from Steven Singer Jewelers, at 8th and Walnut Street. In 2020 he spent a good part of the year giving back, especially to Frontline Health Care Works, making their day a little easier and a lot more delicious.

The man that everyone loves to hate is spreading love by using a portion of sales from Singer‘s famous 24 karat gold and platinum dipped roses to purchase meals from Philadelphia restaurants and donating them to essential hospital workers and first responders. Last spring he donated dinner for several hospitals on Mother’s Day, last month he fed the day and night shifts at Pennsylvania Hospital, and later this week on Christmas he will be doing the same for another local hospital. For owner Steven Singer, this is a win-win that thanks those tirelessly working to treat Coronavirus patients, and to support an industry in crisis during these unprecedented times.

After being closed for several months earlier this year due to the mandated shut-down, the expert jewelers are back at 8th and Walnut for the gift giving season. They are seeing and can talk about what is popular this year – including the big sellers like the gold dipped roses that help feed hospital workers and support local restaurants; the big boom for Christmas proposals and engagement rings; gifts for those working from home during the pandemic; gifts for those far away; and gifts for pet lovers whose four-legged friends helped them get through 2020.

Steven Singer Jewelers is donating a portion of proceeds from the sale of his famous 24 karat gold and platinum dipped roses to thank frontline essential hospital workers and first responders – and at the same time support local, independent restaurants during a crisis for their industry.  

There are currently fifteen selections to pick from for collectors of the famous Steven Singer roses, including: 

* Valentine’s Day Red 24k * Classic Gold 24k * Classic Rose Gold* Frozen Rose Gold* Purple Passion 24k  * Platinum Baby Blue  * Black Diamond 24k * Platinum Purple Passion * Royal Sapphire 24k * Platinum Princess Pink * Platinum Royal Sapphire * Sweetheart Pink 24k * Platinum Valentine’s Day Red* Classic Platinum * Platinum Black Diamond

The famed roses are 12 inches in length, and are made from real roses preserved and then dipped and trimmed in 24 karat gold or platinum.
Each rose is handcrafted by artisans, so just like snowflakes, each rose is one-of-a-kind. The roses start at $59.95 and feature a lifetime guarantee.  


On top of dipped roses, Steven Singer’s website and showroom also has a host of other ideas for everyone on Santa’s list – especially during unprecedented times when we all need the support of our families more than ever. 
Christa Diamond Engagement Ring
Perfect for a YES!
A flawless to the eye, near colorless, round brilliant diamond engagement ring set in a 14 karat white gold Tiffany style solitaire mounting. Steven Singer is an expert gemologist and has been selling diamonds for 40 years. In that time, he’s found the perfect balance for engagement rings of size, quality, and style at the perfect price. Meet Christa! She’s guaranteed to get a yes! And, with a 100 day, 100% warranty, you can’t go wrong!

Helping Paw
Perfect for Pet Lovers
A necklace with a silver paw print outline that interlocks with a diamond heart to symbolize the bond between pets and our hearts. So many pets have helped people through 2020. For the pet mom in your life, send her something that will honor her furry friend each and every day.

You and Me Diamond Necklace
Perfect for Long Distance Loved Ones
This Sterling Silver Necklace features connected hearts, one in a rose color and one set with diamonds. These intertwined hearts are a wonderful choice for loved ones that you don’t see frequently. Let them know no matter how far the distance or how long it has been, your hearts are connected.

Silver Love Note Diamond Necklace
Perfect for Music Lovers
A Sterling Silver music note made of a heart in either rose, yellow or white, wrapping around a diamond. This stunning heart necklace forms a music note and comes in yellow, rose and white hearts. This is the perfect way to send them a love song they can wear!

The retail store, located at 739 Walnut St, is open for in-person shopping with an appointment, which can be made online or over the phone. They are shipping daily – and will continue to be open after Christmas for anyone that needs last minute gifts or didn’t get to shop due to all happening in the world. In-store pick-up is also available for many items. Standard shipping is always fast and free. No-risk 100 day, 100% money back guarantee on all purchases. Additionally, the expert jewelers are available to help online shoppers through call, chat, text or even virtual video appointments. For appointments, questions or assistance, call  215-627-3242 or visit www.IHateStevenSinger.com


The Rittenhouse Square Irish Pub is For Sale, An Art Exhibit and Congrats are in Order

Happy Sunday, best wishes for a great day and Make it Count. A few Sundays ago Mike and I went to the funeral of our good friend Ceil Banks, who passed away at 95 (graveside service, socially distant with 10 people); A neighbor friend, who became family. Wise, positive and kind, Ceil would wish us a good day, and say Make it Count. She only had to tell us once what that meant.
Today is the only 12/20/20 for all of us, Make it Count !! (Be kind, smile, and know you did your best.) (Photo taken Lancaster 12/18)
The Irish Pub reigned on Walnut Street for two decades
(one near 12th and Walnut [sold last year], and the one above at 20th and Walnut. I took this shot over the summer when I heard a rumor they were closing.)
It was the place to go to have fun, meet up with friends, find your love, hang with celebrities like Bruce Willis and especially the Philadelphia Flyers.
I can finally confirm this was true as I was there that night. Those were the days, so fun.
From Real Estate Site

I wrote to ask about the rumors in August and received this:
All is well with the pub. As the owner Mark Connor just said to me… “The Pub is boarded until we open, just in case. Not going to open until we can use that beautiful bar….” Sadly that time is not going to come for Mark as he’s put the bar, and building he owns up for sale.

Thanks to Mark for the fun, and especially for all his wonderful philanthropy which benefited kids, the police and the community through various events he sponsored. The Irish Pub will not soon be forgotten.

The Irish Pub Rittenhouse Square For Sale Listing

The USPS Art Project is an  artist collaboration project created by InLiquid artist member Christina Massey, free and open for anyone who wants to participate. The goal is for unique collaborative artworks to be created, while helping the USPS by sending and receiving packages. InLiquid is thrilled to host the USPS Art Project here in Philadelphia at the Park Towne Place Art Studio. Through January 17, 2021.

Congrats to Randi and Jon on their engagement

A word from our sponsor
This Holiday season Boston Market is serving up a Prime Rib