Around Town With HughE

Around Town With HughE

8th Annual Philadelphia Fund Alliance

The Philadelphia Fund Alliance (PFA), a group of Philadelphia-based asset management industry professionals, celebrated their annual fundraising gala on November 2 at Rittenhouse Hotel, benefiting PhillySafe seeks to make place-based investments with proven crime deterrent solutions (street cleaning, greening, lighting and resident-owned home security systems) in dis-invested neighborhoods.

Since its inception in 2016, PFA has raised over $700,000 for Greater Philadelphia area charities.

Susan Buckley, and Bruce G. Leto Co-Chair, Investment Management Stradley Ronon

The annual fundraiser not only supports a great cause,

but also highlights Philadelphia’s deep roots and influence in national financial markets and services, including traditional mutual funds and alternative asset vehicles.

Through our annual event, we will raise money for a local charity and, as an ancillary benefit, we will raise awareness about our collective accomplishments and milestones in the asset management industry.

Jim Mahoney, Tait, Weller & Baker, Mary Ellen Mahoney, with Donna and Jim Shaw
Roger Pereira, Carly Winter, Caitlin Cohen, and Thomas Matousch, AWM Trust Solutions at PwC

Matt Ramano, Justin Dutka, Josh Sohmer, Chuck Nevin, Brian Cassidy, and Reese Blair
Kate Williams, and John Falco
Morgan Klinzing, Sunny Patel, and Meghan McGettigan
John Alshefski, Senior Vice President – Investment Manager Services at SEI Investments, Tom McCarthy, and Bruce Leto, Co-Chair, Investment Management at Stradley Ronon
Maria Palmer, Nancy Cloran, Maggie Malloy BackRow- Tara Reilly, Kim Togno, Lori Wayne
Lauren Engel, Kyle Whiteman, Dan Conroy, and Brian London

For more information on the Philadelphia Fund Alliance

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Lights, Cameras, Action GroundFloor Studios

A few weeks ago I attended the grand opening of GroundFloor Studios, a state-of-the art multipurpose, 2,000-square-foot creative production studio located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia at 1315 Walnut St. The studio is set to become a go-to destination for creatives, makers, agencies, and producers seeking a versatile and accessible space to bring their creative visions to life. 

GroundFloor Studios is a unique social enterprise partnership that combines the community-based youth media work of Big Picture Alliance and the industry expertise of ChatterBlast Media. In addition to a rentable space, this partnership will allow both organizations to create workforce pathways in multimedia, production and offer programs, workshops and events that empower young creatives of all ages and amplify community voices. (Photo Courtesy ChatterBlast Media)

Teri Yago-Ryan, Board Chair of Big Picture Alliance and Sharon Pinkenson, , Executive Director of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office

“GroundFloor Studios is the result of what happens when collaborative, invested, caring partners work together to address issues of inequity and provide transformative workforce opportunities for all Philadelphians,” said Teri Yago-Ryan, Board Chair of Big Picture Alliance.

Mayor Jim Kenney at the grand opening event

“I see GroundFloor Studios as a place about fostering a community of creativity, providing a platform for our artists to shine, and supporting the growth of our creative industries,” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “And with Big Picture Alliance and the youth who will one day be leading this city – It’s about opportunity, regardless of background or experience.”

Behind the Scenes at GroundFloor Studios: from an afternoon pizza party with Homo Hut Gear clothing is inspired by the Philadelphia Gayborhood’s favorite pizza. & PJ Santos. (Photo IG )
From promotional videos to puppet shows, plan your next production at GroundFloor Studios (Photo IG )

The space is available to rent for photography, videography, screenings, meetings, interviews, podcasts and commercial shoots.

Zeek Burse & @ Lloyd Alexander stopped in for a live session at GroundFloor Studio. The vibes were simply immaculate. (Photo IG )

“Together we can do some amazing work change the direction that the arts industry is going,” said Evan Urbania, CEO of ChatterBlast Media (with clapper). “I look forward to seeing a more just, more equitable, and more inclusive approach to the way we’re doing marketing and communications, not just for ChatterBlast, but for all of us.” For inquiries about GroundFloor Studios, rental availability, please visit

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Ray Philly Housewarming Party

The Ray Philly Team

Ray, a brand rooted in hospitality and making art and design a part of everyday life, opened its first residential building, Ray Philly within the North American Street creative corridor last month. Pictured about the Ray Philly Team proudly stands in front of the building at 1525 N American St,

Six Acre Capital is a real estate developer, owner and operator founded by Mark Lansman (l) and Jake Borden (r) with Rennee McIntyre Vice President of Marketing · Scully Company

The 103,000 square foot building features six artist studios on the ground floor, 110 residential units – including 25 studios, 67 one-bedrooms, 18 two-bedrooms – free communal art studio (called the makerspace) for residents, and a commercial space, was built from the ground up, but purposely built as if were a factory of yesteryear.

Jazman Means, Rod Robinson and Samantha Webster
Sherri Apter Wexler, Wexler Gallery which opened nearby a few days after Ray Philly; adding to the vibrancy of the neighborhood, Cynthia Porter, Lewis Wexler, David Glesson and Rachel Zimmerman, In Liquid Gallery, located in the Crane Arts Building and really ignighted the improvement of the neighborhood from abandon warehouses to a vibrant communighty.
Jessica Scully, president of the Scully Company , Suzanne Demisch, artist at Ray with Dasha Zhukova art patron and founder of Ray, with new development projects in three cities.

“Ray Philly is a home and gathering space where people can express their unique voices and perspectives, whether as residents of the building or participants in Ray’s free public programming,” said Suzanne Demisch, Creative Director at Ray. “We’re excited to be part of the City of Brotherly Love and look forward to delivering an experience that brings art and design into people’s daily lives.”

Ray Philly rooftop with a view of the Philadelphia skyline.

Ray exists to perpetuate art and culture in the built environment. Founder Dasha Zhukova was inspired to apply her work within cultural institutions and public art spaces into a new category of the built environment. Dasha established the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in 2008, seeking to create a space devoted to the discovery and exploration of global art and culture. Her experience at the museum, particularly observing how people interacted with both the art and architecture, was the catalyst for launching Ray.

Anaïs Cooper-Hackman, Programming and Partnerships Director · Ray Philly, with Heather, Vincent, and Jeff
Siblings Lindsey Scannapieco and Michael Scannapieco came out to see Ray Philly, and meet up with old friends.

Ray Philly appears to be more than just a residential building; it seems to be a dynamic and integrated space that promotes a fusion of art, design, and community. Donations were suggested for entry and 100% of proceeds generated from the event were donated to South Kensington Community Partners (SKCP), a place-based non-profit located in Old/South Kensington with programs serving OSK and the surrounding neighborhoods of Eastern North Philadelphia.

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Rair Philly Celebrates 10 Years of Trash Art

On November 8, RAIR (Recycled Artist In Residency) celebrated the 10th anniversary of its signature annual event – Trash Bash, last night at the beautiful Atelier FAS in North Philly. RAIR a unique, non-profit arts organization uniquely situated within a construction and demolition recycling center in Northeast Philadelphia.
Ginger Rudolph, Sara McCorriston and Billy DuFala, co-founder of the Recycled Artist in Residency (RAIR) program in Philadelphia, which aims to raise awareness of sustainability through the creative reuse of materials. Dufala describes his work as an investigation of human beings and their relationships with themselves and others.
Sarah M, Judy Wicks, author/activist , Christopher Plant, KISMET COWORK, RADIOKISMET, and Jermaine Jenkins, Director of Development & Strategic Partnerships at AIA Philadelphia, board member of PMA’s Collab Philly. Their annual event is happening Novermber 18, this year’s Design Excellence Award honoring American designer Stephen Burks
Samantha Wichen and Fern Gookin, Director of Sustainability, Revolution Recovery, and co-founder of Rair Philly, who’s mission is to continue challenging the perception of waste culture.

The whole concept of this creative organization is very unique and the work created is definitely one of a kind. An eclectic crowd gathered at this annual event, from business executives – Michael Newmius and Kevin Lessard, creatives Sarah H Gamble , philanthropists, politicians including Sen Shariff Street, entrepreneurs Lindsey Scannapieco,

Alexis Tuttleman and Max Tuttleman, Husband, Father, Philadelphian, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist.
Rachel Zimmerman, Founding Artistic and Executive Director of InLiquid, Co-Chair Philadelphia chapter of ArtTable, Board Member of GPCA (Save the date March 9 for InLiquid’s annual fundraiser- InLiquid’s Art for the Cash Poor) and John Wind, founder and chief designer of Maximal Art, wearing a Andy Warhol inspired Campbell soup sweater from Joan Shepp. You can find his jewelry at the iconic fashion store on Chestnut Street as well.
Blair M was happy to support Rair as well as to connect with old friends. Tony Diaz loves the unconventional items which are given a new purpose.
Salt Design Studio = Angela Fleagle, Rian Herilla, Sara Pevaroff Schuler, Le Xu, Olivia Boon and Katrina Rogus
Jason Kim, Ellen Houle, Leanne Weiner, Emilly Rollet, Kiet Tran, and Jon Wybar is the co-founder and owner of Revolution Recovery (the incredible company who created the material that built the temporary bridge on 95 which collapsed earlier this year, it makes sense he’s connected with a recyling art organization)
Reny Beloff, Kristin Katz, Yameen Allworld and Liza Tedeschi, board member RAIR (Recycled Artist In Residency) is a non-profit arts organization uniquely situated within a construction and demolition recycling center in Northeast Philadelphia.
The RAIR workspace includes a large project space, wood shop equipment, metalworking facilities, access to the waste stream for materials, and a material storage area. Artists-in-residence receive attentive support from RAIR’s staff who act as liaisons between the artist and the recycling facility. In addition to providing artists on-site access to recovered materials, construction equipment, and a fully-equipped studio space, RAIR’s residency program offers artists the opportunity to use the entire 3.5-acre facility as an expansive project space for the development and presentation of ambitious experimental work.
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Photos: Wexler Gallery Opening Party

Lewis Wexler, and Sherri Apter Wexler owners of Wexler Gallery Celebrated The Opening Of Their New Philadelphia Location at 1811 Frankford avenue last month. It was formerly in the historic district of Old City where they opened in 2000.

Pei-ru Keh editor of Wallpaper Magazine, with gallery owners Lewis Wexler, and Sherri Apter Wexler and furniture designer Jomo Tariku, Jomo Design Furniture. The four of them participated in a panel discussion about current trends in design and art.

Wexler Gallery, opened a flagship showroom at 1811 Frankford Avenue in the heart of Philadelphia’s bustling Fishtown neighborhood, definitely Philly’s new vibrant art and cultural center.

The new gallery space will serve as Wexler’s flagship location and feature a roster of established and emerging artists, as well as the main offices for the Wexler staff complete with meeting space for clients and customers.

Lana Masor, Gallery Manager at Wexler Gallery NYC and Samantha Goldberg

They have another gallery in Manhattan 200 Lexington Ave.

Lauren Rufrano, Jomo Tariku, Justin Wesley, and Mark Allen
Nick Missel, contemporary Sculpture, patent attorney, artist Ben Gillespie, lighting designer and owner of Ovuud and Jessica Uphoff, URBN

Thanks to my photographer Talya Hailey who shot this for PCC as I had two other events. It was definitely a party I missed. So many fun and talented people attended. Being a creative brings such personal joy of accomplishment.

Marsha Moss, Public Art Curator & Consultant, Jill Sablosky, Sculptor and Crystal Cuevas
Crystal Cuevas, Claudia Volpe, and Micah Monroe

Occupying a former pretzel factory built in 1910, the 11,000-square-foot gallery features a dramatic, 35-foot-high central atrium topped by large skylights cut out of the timber ceiling.

Franz Rabauer, Brian Daggett, X, and Kelly
Jerome Maury, Sherri Wexler, gallery owner, Stephanie Giesecke, and Nina Halper

The Wexlers aspire for the gallery to serve as a cornerstone, drawing in other artistic hubs like Corridor, and numerous others within the Crane Arts building vicinity (I always thank the Zimmerman sisters for really helping this area after they opened InLiquid nearly a decade ago in the Crane Arts Building), along with the Clay Studio and the recently inaugurated Ray Philly, a residential complex featuring artists’ studios on the ground floor, supported by collector Dasha Zhukova. It’s becoming a very exciting area, great for weekend strolls.

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Around Town: Halloween, Celebrities in Philly Fonda, Mcavoy & ChitChat

Hello readers. Social season is winding down. I think this is something I repeat every time Social Season ends, it’s kicked my butt. This year more than ever. It’s after the pandemic and people are excited to be out and about. More than once all three of us have been booked on a given night. Although a lot of the content appears on my media partners sites, CBSPhilly, Metro, and Tribune. I will be putting events here to catch you up as well, today though I just want to publish HughE Around Town stuff for those who might not see my Social Media posts. (I took this photo 12;30 10/31/23)

So many events happen in the fall season that I don’t have time to attend. For years Mike and I were volunteers for AIDS Walk Philly, but in the last decade I haven’t been able to make it. Mike, who had volunteered for 15 years, decided to walk with friends this year. Thanks to PR maven Cari Feiler Bender who snapped this photo for us to enjoy. 10/15 For 20 years it is has been my privilege to work with @aidswalkphilly and Robb Reichard. It’s not too late to donate at What a beautiful Sunday morning! #aidswalkphilly Cherri Gregg, WHYY, Karen Hua, NBC10, Pierre Robert WMMR, Cari and Rob Reichard.

Speaking of Karen Hua, she had another fabulous Hulaween Party this year. Heidi Klum move over.

Jane Fonda spotted in Philly late last month. Jane Fonda and Maura Tierney @mauratierney_ with the cast of Assassins at Arden Theatre Company which closed October 29. The Arden Theatre Company the show a genius work of Stephen Sondheim. Jane than appeared at a speaking engagement at the Kimmel Center on Monday October 23. (IG Post Arden Theatre)

James McAvoy lives among us, and enjoys our amusement parks. In the Summer he posted he was at Dorney Park, breaking news today, was bought by Six Flags parent company. Over the weekend, the Splits actor spent some time at Hershey Park. He met his wife Lisa, while filming M Night’s Splits movie. She was Night’s assistant. I broke the story when they married in 2019 as I spotted the wedding ring on Lisa’s finger at Rittenhouse Square, he officially made an announcement a few years later when they were having a baby in 2022. He’s been hanging around Philly since July, as he waits for the SAG-AFTRA strike strike to settle and Blumhouse Production’s Speak No Evil to resume. Must be agonizing as it only has 5 days left to film according to the British Sun.

Our NFL Football Wives are cooler than yours. The Eagles Players WAGS (Wives & Girlfriends) are always having to much fun.
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Mister John’s Music Halloween Party

Award winning Mister John’s Music, Music education for all, cut the ribbon on his new South Philly home at 761 S. 8th Street on Sunday, October 29th .

The building is still under construction, but the ribbon cutting, Halloween themed block party gave folks a sneak preview to what would come, another location for Mister John’s Music which offers an ever-expanding, wide variety of musical instruction for the whole family.

It was a fun day, where families dressed for Halloween, ate sweets, played games, music and sang along with Mr. John, Miss Angie, Miss Ashley, Mr Ben and other teachers at the music school.

Hey scarecrows

Many of the parents told me they love the atmosphere at Mister Johns, it’s very diverse, open and inclusive. A great social community for their kids, as well as developing their talent.

Shazam or is it

I saw this couple Thursday night at Broad Street Ministry “Be Our Guest


The Shoap family

Little princess

Councilman Mark Squilla and Max Tuttleman

Mr John makes house calls: “Mr. John came to our house for a birthday party and my son said the best part of his day was, “Mr. John!” Mr. John played his favorite song and was so amazing and engaging with the children. He brought lots of instruments for the children to play along with. Would definitely hire him again!” client

A Message from Mr John:

Thank you everyone who was able to join us yesterday for our Halloween Party and Open House! 🎃🥳 It was so exciting to share what we’ve been working on for the past year.We’ve tried to create a space that is magical and beautiful for children of all ages. A space that will serve Philly families and musicians for generations to come.If you have the means, if MJM has created a space of creative expression, belonging and joy for you/your child/children, we’d love for you to consider putting your name on our donor wall on a custom brass plaque. You can purchase yours at the link in bio!

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Photos: Beer on the Pier Caring People Alliance

Caring People Alliance hosted its second annual Beer on the Pier at Cherry Street Pier on October 28. It will feature beers from 16 breweries.

Dori Senick, Caitlin Butrica, Jerry Macdonald, President & Ceo, Tanya Steinberg and Beth Grossman all of Caring People Alliance
Eric Taylor, HR Caring People Alliance pours Tröegs, one of 16 breweries on hand for tastings , With Halloween coming up I asked Eric what the scariest movie he saw- Lepercaun.
Hey Yards!!
Lois Hansen and Laura Fedock are ready for Halloween. Lois is giving out full size candy bars, Laura tells me the scariest movie she’s ever seen are all the Chuckie movies.
Councilperson Mark Squilla and Folcroft Mayor Fran DiCicco
At Caring People Alliance, we know that raising kids takes a village — so does managing your family’s needs, budget, work, and a million other things that life throws your way. That is why we are here to help. We provide convenient and responsive support to address issues and circumstances that threaten our communities’ wellbeing.
Russ Fleisher and Scott Cohen
Caring People Alliance runs a teen program, here are the teens in their store at Beer on the Pier

Guests enjoying an unseasonably warm day, temps hit the 80F and it was a wonderful lazy Saturday raising money for a good cause.

Cherry Street Pier food vendors were open and folks enjoyed delicious fare.
Hank Flynn, FOX29 was on hand to emcee, walked around and chit chatted with guests. You can catch him on Good Day Monday through Friday.
There were great silent auction items.

It was a beautiful day. A great event. You have to go next year. There was a band, and dancing. Perfect day. Thanks for all you do Caring People Alliance. I love that Philly has so many incredible, helpful organization. They could use your support, financially, or people to volunteer. And if you need their services head here

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Interior designer Jimmy DeLaurentis Opens Showroom

Jimmy DeLaurentis officially opened his flagship location for his private label collection, James by Jimmy DeLaurentis, at 114 S. 19th St. yesterday.

A Philadelphia native and design trailblazer with more than 25 years of experience, Jimmy DeLaurentis is known for creating luxurious and memorable spaces through his unique design aesthetic that combines opulence with a touch of playfulness.

After honing his craft on the creative team at Ralph Lauren, he propelled his career by becoming an entrepreneur, designing stunning homes and businesses for A-list clientele. In 2016, he saw a void in the market for custom, luxury home furnishings and accessories with an element of surprise and launched JAMES by Jimmy DeLaurentis.

The showroom has stacks of eye catching books lined the shelves along with household accents, vintage black and white photos of James Dean, Paul Newman and race cars, welcomed guests to the new shop the showroom interior design and gift shop space. (Michael DelBene and Colin Burke)

Maryanne Harris and Stacey Kracher

Jimmy has other showrooms including one in Las Vegas, where his famous Bravo reality celebs, RHONJ Deloris Catania, Lisa Vanderpump of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Vanderpump Rules,” and her husband, Ken Todd, were all in attendance for the reveal of the Amalfi Furniture Collection and Poolside Pet Sofas at a Las Vegas, Nev. At the New York debut Teresa Giudice mentioned she has the Gabriella in her house. Don’t be surprised if you stop by his store and run into one of these ladies.

Sophisticated bar accessories

Jimmy also has these cute pet sofas which he debut in 2018 at a Union Trust party I covered.

Nicole Cashman of Cashman & Associates and Jimmy DeLaurentis.
Author Thom Nickels stopped by to wish Jimmy well.
Rick Mead and Tim Gresh

As for who, the event brought out the fashionable crowd, friends, family and Instagram Personalities including Ramillionaire Carr.

James offers a luxury candles and adorable “James” line of bears fashioned from upholstery fabric. Our James Bears are a stylish, yet playful accessory intended to add extra personality and an element of surprise to interiors, a key component of my design philosophy,” said Jimmy DeLaurentis. “Complete with leather collars, the bears are the perfect luxe accessory to add a little bit of my design aesthetic to a space.”

Lori and Brian Gill
Barbara Gall, Jimmy, Marianne Harris and guest.from Art Haus. Last year Jimmy DeLaurentis outfitted a Center City penthouse at Art Haus. (Inquirer) The new 1500 square ft. showroom highlights furniture and accessories from Jimmy’s private label collection. Pieces include upholstered furniture, an assortment of custom pet sofas – made with the same level of detail and quality as the furniture collections. Additional offerings include a full-service interior design studio as well as a curated collection of furnishings and gifts from his favorite designers including Interlude, Joe Cariati, etúHOME, Global Views and more.
 JAMES by Jimmy DeLaurentis
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Rivers Casino: PETE DAVIDSON & Rivers Gives Day of Service

Pete Davidson fans will have two chances to see the “Saturday Night Live” alum in Philadelphia. Davidson’s razor-sharp wit and brutally honest comedy will be at Fishtown’s Rivers Casino on Saturday, Nov. 25, at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. Rush Rewards members can purchase tickets beginning on today, Oct. 18 The public on-sale date is Friday, Oct. 20 at 10 a.m. He’s 1 degree from every reality show person you want on streaming. No doubt will be spilling the tea on them, and Hollywood.

Speaking of good will towards others, the Rivers Casino team spent yesterday doing good deeds in the community as part of the company wide Five Rivers Casinos in four states join forces for “Rivers Gives Day of Service 2023” on Oct. 17. Through Rivers Gives, each Rivers Casino annually contributes approximately 2,000 volunteer hours per property to local nonprofit partners. In addition to volunteerism, Rivers Gives includes board service, donation drives, in-kind contributions and corporate giving.

For its Day of Service, Rivers Casino Philadelphia teamed up with Temple Health’s Fox Chase Cancer Center. Team Members prepared hundreds of care packages for Fox Chase patients in the casino’s Event Center for delivery to the cancer center’s main campus.

Fox Chase is also Rivers Casino’s Change Makes a Difference program recipient in October, receiving contributions from Team Members and guests throughout the month. A formal check presentation with the month’s donation totals will take place in early November to further celebrate the partnership.

Other highlights of the day include a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk around the property and Penn Treaty Park, health and wellness resource tables for Team Members.

Check out the Rivers Casino Philadelphia website to see what else is happening on property this month, and the coming months. See you at Pete Davidson, he was so good on SNL this past Saturday.