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CITRS 2022 Dancing for Character

Noelle Palazzo Burg, HughE Dillon, Lauren Conlon, Sue Jacquette, Kristin Daly,
Kristyn Aldrich and Scott Brown participated in the CITRs Dancing for Character Charity Dance last month. The amateur dancers took time from their busy schedules as ace real estate brokers, student, moms, and entrepeneurs to learn to dance at the Danza Dancing Studio in order to seem like “stars” on the dance floor, and I’d have to say all of us succeeded.

Clay Hamlin is the CEO and co-founder of CITRS, as well as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Character. Its mission is of comprehensive character development. CITRS partners with school districts and youth organizations to develop character-centered environments where students thrive ethically, socially and academically and provides resources and tools to educators and organizations to help urban youth be successful in life.

The event was held at Cescaphe’s Vie on North Broad. They always do a great job with production and food.
Brendan & Tessa Petersen,Michael & Suzanne Bracci
Molly & Joe Dickerson
Karen Cox and Jen Su with Illustrator Denise Fike
Josianne Legare and Stacy Distefano
Chris Smith,Heidi Kivi,Maureen Burling,Stephanie Jacquette,
    Layla Peterson
Nichole Davis Moore, Director of Scholarships & Financial Aid Penn Vet and ,Nichelle Davis Ahmaddiya, Chief Operating Officer of CITRS
Lynsie Feinberg and Bari Gilbert both of CITRS

Fundraising is a hard thing to do. Kudo’s to Lynsie Feinberg on the tremendous job she did producing this event. She did an excellent job while managing so many movable pieces, and a pandemic as the planning for this event began in 2019..

Lauren Conlon
Stephen and Sylvia Fineberg
Chris Smith,Heidi Kivi,Maureen Burling,Stephanie Jacquette,
    Layla Peterson
Jasmine Hendri ,Stefanie Wenzel, Bernadette Armstrong, Nikai Iovino, and
    Danielle Renzi
Genna Rufo, Gokcen Gurk and,Watsuki Harrington
Robert Fisicaro and dancer Kristin Daly
Sue Jacquette,
Kristyn Aldrich
Scott Brown
Jen Corea and Hughe Dillon
Thanks to this crew for coming out to support me, as well as a few others who were camera shy, and those who donated and couldn’t be there. I appreciate it so much.

Thanks to PhillyChitChat team member: Andre Flewellen for photographing the event. It was sooooo hard for me not to shoot an event I attended, but he of course did a fantastic job capturing everyone and the elements.

There was a Tie for Winning Dance:
Noelle Palazzo Burg and Sue Jacquette,

Philly To Do

Meet Bugsy Drake from Bravo TV’s Below Deck this Weekend at the Philly Home Show

Last week I attended the Philly Home Show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. It was thrilling on a couple levels: to be out again at a large trade show, surrounded by potential products which could bring such happiness to my life.

If only I had hardwood floors, I would have picked this up. I am fascinated by sales people. They are extroverted, engaging and convincing. It was such a bargain I was thinking as I walked away, there must be someone I know who needs this, but it’s so hard to wrap I thought.

Not surprisingly I found so many interesting products I would need. Soon I will be growing these flowers on my terrace.

in one of these Vegepod USA. It’s perfect for your backyard too, as the netting keeps out deer they tell me
Jeffrey Sidelsky was spotted on the first day

as was my husband Mike, who picked up the Vitamix Pro before the end of the day. I’m looking forward to a delicious breakfast with a straw among other delights.

Use this Link for Discounted Tickets to Philly Home Show

Bugsy Drake says know the plants you are planting and understand the climate… know the size they will grow to ensure it fits your garden aesthetically. Draw up a mapped out plan and create a vision board to get an idea of exactly what it will look like. Incorporate pops of color… it’s so important to have color in your life… make sure the look suits the type of house you have. Where I come from, having an indigenous garden is a big thing but it’s also nice to incorporate some exotics in your garden. Just like a tablescape… play with different textures, colors and heights. It is also satisfying to grow plants and flowers that you can bring into your home.
Get ideas for your ultimate dream man cave! Exhibitors such as Retrocade showcasing their unique custom-built arcade cabinets, custom He Sheds, accessories with ManCave Basics Plus, numerous hot tub selections, high-tech massage chairs from different exhibitors, and more!

I adore the Mischell’s interior design booth, you must check out the end chairs they have featured. Their booth is located conveniently when you walk into the showroom.

Bugsy Drake, the Chief Stewardess of Bravo TV’s show Below Deck Mediterranean will be live and in-person to meet fans at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on Saturday, March 26th at the exhibit Affinity Furniture in aisle 800. , March 26th from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. Book signing + Meet and Greet at the exhibit for Affinity Furniture in aisle 800. 1- 2 p.m. Come out for a DIY Workshop with Bugsy at the exhibit, Make It Take in aisle 1000.