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Join the Culinary Excellence at Martorano’s Prime: Seeking Top-tier Cooks, Servers, and Assistant Servers with Fine Dining Expertise!

1001 N Delaware Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Martorano’s Prime at Rivers Casino Philadelphia is looking for the best of the best cooks, servers, assistant servers with fine dining experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Cooks with Fine Dining Experience can make up to $30/hr,
  • Servers $8/hr 
  • Assistant Servers $6. 

Servers earn base salary, plus tips.

Employment Opportunities at Rivers Casino — Martorano’s Monday

Martorano’s Prime, headed by celebrity chef and South Philly native Steve Martorano, will be opening at Rivers Casino Philadelphia this spring. Every Monday, job seekers have an exclusive opportunity to have a sneak peek and interview inside the soon-to-be-hottest new Italian-American steakhouse in Philly.

Applicants can complete the employment interest form at and a recruiter will contact them immediately. Additionally, Rivers Casino continues to host walk-in interviews every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to noon for part- and full-time positions.

Visit the casino careers page at for more information regarding positions and benefits, which include medical and dental plans, a 401(k), paid time off, tuition reimbursement, and more.

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Discover Lancaster Photos – Save The Date: Lititz Fire & Ice Festival

I’ve traveled to Lancaster County many times over the years, as you probably know, and each time I discover something new, a view, food, shopping, a back road, and this trip was no different. The promotional arm of Lancaster aptly named – Discover Lancaster, invited me for an overnight stay to one of my favorite spots, Lancaster. So close to Philly as well, about 90 minutes away, but a world away. It was really a perfect get away for me. (this winter they are having a special staycation promo, as well as giveaways on their Instagram for you to win a staycation.) I’ve been to Lancaster before when it snowed, so I was doubly excited when snow was forecasted for my stay.

Often I drive out for an afternoon, then drive home.

I stayed at the Inn at Kitchen Kettle Village which was adorable. I had never been there before, but my sister Judy always talked about it highly. They have about 40 stores, and just under 20 rooms, and suites for rent at 3529 Old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse, Pa. There’s not a hotel per se, as the rooms and suites are located in and around the shopping area.

I had this whole cottage, it was adorable. There were two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, dining and living area.

As I watched TV, I could hear the Amish ride by with the familiar hoofs hitting the asphalt. It was very peaceful. From the website: Take a moment to enjoy the small things in life at the Inn in Kitchen Kettle Village. Make yourself at home here in our Lancaster County Inn and stay in one of our 18 unique guest accommodations that place you in the heart of charming Kitchen Kettle Village. Bustling with shops, cafés, a bakery, restaurant and more, our Inn, and the village it’s tucked into, are truly a beautiful piece of country living. Within driving distance of major metropolises like Manhattan, Washington, DC and Philadelphia, our quaint country Inn is ideal for getaways, annual shopping, and family excursions.

It was fun to create my own sampler gifts for friends. I can now talk about it cause their birthdays were this past weekend.

So many fun stores, especially the Christmas shop, Candle Store and gift store. I really loved this gift basket store. You can purchase authentic Lancaster fare online too, and ship to friends and family.

I can’t wait to go back and stay, as well as attend one of their many festivals.

Thank you Joanne Ladley, co-owner of Kitchen Kettle Village (which was founded by her parents. Such a great story too) for the hospitality, tour and history of your family’s business. I sincerely can’t wait to return to do more shopping. My friends loved the gifts I got for them for their birthdays. It’s a chefs delight.

Before heading for dinner, I caught the sunset on one of my random back road country drives i like to take.

It was Sunday, and I didn’t feel like going into Lancaster city, where I’ve stayed a few times, in 2020 I stayed in Lancaster a few times. I really like the quaint town. I had no idea how adorable it was, but during the first year of the pandemic Mike and I didn’t want to travel too far from Philly, plus we wanted to support Pennsylvania towns, and this is how we discovered Lancaster County was the perfect stay-cation spot. I headed to Miller’s, cause I like a good buffet as you know. Plus it’s Sunday and Shady Maple isn’t open on Sunday. The food choices are good here, spacious tables, and it’s about $30 for dinner. I was disappointed as the gift shop was closed by the time I was finished dinner. I like picking up old fashion candy there as wells as shoo fly pie to go.

I went back to my cottage and snacked on the gift left in everyone’s room, Pappy’s Corn. Plus all guests receive a $10 off coupon for the shops, which I used the next day.

I woke up for the sunrise. This is what I saw right outside my cottage. Then I was on my way to adventures.

If you go to the Discover Lancaster webpage, you will find lots of things to do, shopping, sightseeing, participating in or our favorite thing to do CAR TOURING. I decided to do the Cover Bridge Tour, which is a self tour. Not only are you rewarded at the end with a Cover Bridge, but you discover sites on your way.

Like my other favorite thing to do, look at birds, photograph birds, wonder what birds are thinking. In all the times I’ve been to Lancaster, I was never a bird watcher, until 2020. So now I am really excited to return, cause you can drive around in your car, and still enjoy the birds. I’m sure in the warmer months I’ll get out of the car.

Ice skating on an Amish Farm
(I shot this with a 600mm lens, but only using 400mm to not capture faces)

As you drive throughout Lancaster County there a shops which dot the landscape. I love going on treasure hunts for random items of fun. The Tannery was a hot spot for a trove of pleasure. Check out Discover Lancaster for lots of fun shopping spots especially if you want to be more organized.

Shady Maple’s for dinner, I don’t mind if I do. They are the grand daddy of buffets in Lancaster. Very reasonable at $25. It was Prime Rib night, another favorite. Afterwards I went shopping in their expansive gift shop, which is nearly as big as Macy’s first floor. They have everything you never knew you needed.

Before I knew it, my staycation in Lancaster County was over. I had been there for less than 30 hours and did so much. I’m excited to return a few weeks to attend the Lititz’s Fire and Ice with a planned overnight.

It’s a 10-day celebration, says the Lititz site, we’ll have all the Fire & Ice awesomeness you’ve come to expect, like wow-worthy ice sculptures, yummy food from our downtown restaurants, and on select days, your favorite food trucks. Of course, there will also be plenty of shopping in the warmth of our downtown shops. – Come back to Lancaster and Discover it with me. Thanks Discover Lancaster!!

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Sugar Bottom Hemp Company in Bucks County Grows A Loyal Community

On occasion I featured sponsored posts. Most you know I am sober so I haven’t tried CBD, but I know many people who use CBD for health benefits, whether for anxiety, assistance with sleep, or body aches. Sugar Bottom Hemp Company is a local farm located in Bucks County. Here’s their story.

Over the short span of just 3 years Sugar Bottom Hemp Company (SBH-Co) has done the hard work of growing a premium quality hemp crop and producing a superior line of CBD topical and ingested products, all with Certificates of Analysis (COA) documenting the contents and levels of active ingredients.

Our CBD Hemp Flower is proudly grown on our farm in Central Bucks County, PA, without pesticides or other harmful contaminants. We are compliant with all State and Federal laws in growing hemp under 0.3% THC, founding partner Stephenie Harris.

The work SBH-Co is done to the highest and most rigorous standards because the mission is offering relief to people suffering from stress, anxiety, age, injury and work related chronic pain and debilitating sleep disorders.


About 7 years ago, Tanya, the beloved spouse of Sugar Bottom Hemp Company (SBH-Co) founding partner Stephenie Harris, was diagnosed with Early Onset Dementia. The course and trajectory of the disease is awful and affects everyone in its path. Stress and burnout are typical in caregivers; confusion, agitation and depression are common emotions in the patient.

Stephenie found cannabidiol to be very effective in dealing with her overwhelming condition. And the effects for Tanya are astounding. While it isn’t a cure, it provided both “patient and caregiver” a simple therapeutic solution leading to happier days. The disease continues to progress and extracted hemp oil is a supplement in her daily care. SBH_Co products benefit Tanya’s daily wellbeing, focus and ability to deal with stress, and anxiety.

The work SBH-Co is done to the highest and most rigorous standards because the mission is offering relief to people suffering from stress, anxiety, age, injury and work related chronic pain and debilitating sleep disorders.
“With skepticism about the benefits, reinforced lately by the proliferation of unregulated low quality products from a marketplace of commoditizated on CBD extracts, SBH-Co has held true to the values of the historic farming traditions of Bucks County,” says Stephenie.

Ultimately the proof is in the experiences of the people who have embraced the SBH-Co product line.  Head here to read a few opinions. Additional articles can be found here, CBSPhilly , Bucks County Times,

Thanks: The information contained in these topics is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, it is provided for educational purposes only. You assume full responsibility for how you choose to use this information. treatment or discontinuing an existing treatment. Talk with your healthcare provider about any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.