Max Brenner – Chocolate By the Bald Man Is Now Opened In Philadelphia

I remember when the Max Brenner – Chocolate By the Bald Man opened in NYC a few years back, it was highly anticipated and the lines were out the door for weeks on end. No doubt that will be happening here beginning today when the doors open for the public at 3:30PM. Sure Philly has some excellent restaurants but we don’t have one that is an all around family fun experience like well Max Brenner – Chocolate By the Bald Man. CHOCOLATE is on the MENU, and not just the kids menu. So just in time for July 4th, there’s something else to celebrate in Philadelphia 1500 Walnut St.; 215-344-8150, (but don’t call for reservations, it’s first come, first served) BTW Philadelphia is only thee 2nd city in the USA to get this Restaurant – THANK YOU MAX!!! (the others are in Austrailia, Singapore, Phillipines and Israel)
So if you love CHOCOLATE, and who doesn’t
then this is the place for you, but don’t fret you outliers there’s non-chocolate food on the menu too and it’s pretty darn delicious too. You know how I love a good burger. Thankfully these babies are 4oz so I didn’t rack up too many calories. Delicious, but only one as I am in the middle of my NBC10/Fusion Cross Training gym “Be a 10 in 10 Weeks” biggest loser weight loss challenge.
And let me introduce you to your servers. These folks know the menu, and are really pleasant. The peeps behind the scenes preparing your food.
Chuck and Carol Fee, Tim Kerner, Adam Schneider, Joe and Barbara Beller. Attorney Joe Beller, and asst’ Carol worked on the contracts for the space where Max Brenner is located.
The Park Hyatt’s Jason Cabrera is enjoying the Max Brenner signature Classic Truffle Chocolate Martini, Eddie Dseguera is munching on the chocolate pizza and The Park Hyatt GM Jeff Miller is enjoying a Mojito. Did I mention Max Brenner has a liquor license too.
Photographer Christopher Gabello who earlier in the day completed a photo shoot at the restaurant. They open up, he shoots them. Doesn’t get any better than hiring him to do those professional shoots. Kate Ryan who is doing PR on her own these days, chats with James Jackson
Max Brenner’s has a store where you can purchase chocolate to eat, or perhaps do a facial. The Epicurious states that “[T]he first time I tried the Vanilla Bourbon Brazilian Brown Sugar Cane and Cocoa Nib Body Scrub ($23) from confectioner Max Brenner’s new spa collection, I have to admit, I was tempted to taste it. It smells that good. The heavenly aroma reminds me of being in a chocolate shop, or better yet, a chocolate factory. It has a raw earthy cocoa smell that must come from the nibs, but there’s also a mild sweetness, which likely comes from the brown sugar cane and vanilla bourbon. Add some cocoa butter and you have one serious scrub: It leaves your skin soft and smooth with a hint of that irresistible smell.”
Beth Davis, Andrea Palmer, Danni Patterson, Catherine Renehan, Sarah Bast, Lisa, Dan and little Gabe Shats. Did I mention it’s a fun family place with a kids menu, and coloring book. Darn I forgot mine there, I have to go back and get it, it’s that adorable.
Snackbar’s Jonathan Makar inspects the digs.
Lisa Schanberger and James Jackson III, the managing partner of Roy’s the Hawaiian Fusion restaurant down the street.

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At your service managers…JR Gomez, Bryon Phillips, Kathy Majewski, Meg Scott and Allan Beardslee Jr.

Blackened Sesame Salmon with wasabi. Yum. I did try this one.
According to the Fiesty Foodie who had brunch in the NYC Max Brenner: “We both opted to get the “lazy breakfast” for $11.95 and holy cow, the amount of food they bring you is obscene. The menu’s description reads: “two eggs any style with your choice of the following two: bacon, mushrooms, ham, chives, tomatoes, onions, cheddar cheese; served with home fries, and a basket of country toast with pure melted chocolate spread, peanut butter, apple & brandy jam and butter.” …”It was awesome. Decadent. Delicious. Yum. Heaven…then we went home and took a nap.”
Foobooz guru Arthur Ectchis and the Philadelphia Visitor Center’s concierge guru Albert Lee
Chocolate gifts galore
For a $1.50 you can get a specialty chocolate square. I thought that was steep, but when it was explained that the chocolate is so rich you will only want to eat one piece, like Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory I just didn’t believe one piece would satisfy me, but low and behold it did. And unlike Violet I didn’t have to be rolled out of the place.
Sweet ending, cappuccino with 2 thin slices of chocolate was a good ending to a sweet night.
Hours will start at 9 a.m. for breakfast and will segue into brunch/lunch. There are full dinner and late-night menus til 12AM weeknights, and 1AM weekends. (See menus here.) PHILADELPHIA – 1500 Walnut Street – NOW OPEN!

We accept guests on a first come first serve basis.

T: 1- 215-344-8150 Hours of Operation:
Mon – Thurs – 09:00am – Midnight
Fri – Sat – 09:00am – 01:00am
Sun – 09:00am – 11pm
On the good ship lollipop.
Its a sweet trip to a candy shop
Where bon-bons play
On the sunny beach of Peppermint Bay.
(Now if we could only get a Bubba Gump on the waterfront my life would be complete)