The 1st Annual Sapphire Ball at The Franklin Institute

This weekend was chock full of exciting events, from the Black Tie Gala at the Auto Show (which you can read about in my online Philly Mag column tomorrow), to the Winter Jam 2012 at The Piazza at Schmidts, to Christine Phillips Fashion Show at the Armory to the grand daddy of them all, the Academy Ball and the baby of the bunch, the first year of Sapphire Ball at the Franklin Institute. Masks and sapphire attire was suggested, and I was impressed by the compliance. Now I didn’t get there til after the Academy Ball, which was around midnite for me. (Then I ran back into town about 1AM, and went to the AP party at Union League, that’s when I shot the cab accident at 19th Street.)
John Moeller, Joe Carlucci, Samantah Giusti, Amber Hikes and Christian Edge are decked out in their sapphire finest. Sapphire Fund was established in 2002 to support the organizations contributing to the health & well-being of Philly’s GLBT community and it’s supporters.
Chris Dougherty and Kristin Detterline-Munro, Deputy Editor, Philadelphia Style Magazine
Will Aldridge, Jay Anhorn and Noel Zayas
Stephen Falcnek (hmm that doesn’t look like it could be right?) John Offidani III (Johnny O), and Gabor Szuhay
Thom McIntyre, Owner and Artistic Director at Philadelphia Dance Center, Tim Murdaugh, Personal Trainer at PTrainer at 12th St Gym (No doubt he was thinking to himself, hasn’t HughE started his diet yet?) and Jeff Price
Dancing the night away, Maryann Helferty and Krystle Williams were on the dance floor grooving to Bounce for most of the night, but I caught them when they sat down for a breather.
Stella D’Oro, Will Aldridge and Anita Manhattan light up the night in their fabulous gowns.
Bryan and Amanda

Gallelli Paul Hamilton, Esq and Jessica Slack

Our Mission
Sapphire Fund was established in 2002 to support the efforts of organizations contributing to the health and well-being of Philadelphia’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community and those who support them.

Sapphire Fund identifies organizations that advance the GLBT community through education, advocacy, arts and cultural opportunities; in addition to HIV/AIDS research, education, prevention and treatment. To this end Sapphire Fund engages in activities that raise monies so that grants may given to those chosen beneficiaries in support of these goals.
Lisa Martinicchio and Domenic Gallelli is the Founder, President & CEO of Prodigal Private Security Inc. and President, Sapphire Fund