Philadelphia Auto Show Gala & Link to My Philly Mag Column

OMG I’ve been sick as a dog these past two days. Right after this I’m heading back to bed so I can be ready freddy for the Wing Bowl Friday. So don’t call me please, unless you’re bringing my sugar free jello and saltines. Thanks Check these few pixs out, and then head over to my column at Philly Mag. I can only be thankful that I started it on Saturday, cause I had half of it done before I woke up at 4AM to finish it.these BFF’s didn’t discuss what they were going to wear beforehand.Classy shades: Trisha Gieder and Laris McShade. Trisha told me she dropped her nieces camera on a FC Kerbeck & Sons Rolls Royce, and was told she almost caused $10,000 worth of damage. Probably should have taken off the shades. I think I want to hang out with these two.
The Philadelphia Auto Show is at the Pennsylvania Convention Convention Center until Sunday. Jenine and David Neff

Jessica Hawkes and Scott Webster. Congratulations on your engagement.
Donna and Caitlin Quirk. Caitlin goes to Phila University and designed this gown herself.
Mommies from the Mainline out on the town. Flexible: I have a photo of one of them doing a split on the yellow line. I think I’ll save it for my the recap of The Shot In The Dark series that I just made up in my mind to define those shots that can’t be readily defined. Margie Klemick, Kellie Brogan and Tracy Malloy.
I don’t know these ladies, but they have never seen a camera they didn’t like and thus they get a spot on PhillyChitChat (Shot in the Dark)
I love this gown
Philadelphia magazine/Metrocorp president David Lipson
Barry Everett and Latrice Bryant looking fly
Craig M. Spitzer and Erin Elmore, worth the wait, I would say so.
WOGL producer Jamyra Perry singing Steve Perry’s “Don’t Stop Believing.”
Find out whose shoes these are over at my Philly Mag column on The Philly Post. Could you retweet it and FB it too, cause I”’ be sleeping all day, I hope.