North Shore Beach Club is bringing Sexy Back To the Northern Liberties Neighborhood with the 2013 North Beach Club Bikini Team,

It’s still a members only club for 21++ but now it’s celebrating it’s “nightclub with a pool” self.

Remember when North Shore Beach Club first opened under the moniker Arrow Swim Club and they were going for that upscale VIP vibe? Well rest assure that’s over, and it’s just an upscale anyone who can afford $600 a summer membership club. What’s really great is they have a daytime membership price of $300, which is really awesome since night time is the right time for crazy shit fun like Dayload Parties, DN Sexy Singles Party, and 

Tuesday Industry Night Parties  The best part, you can still swim during the parties. It makes for great photos too.

Well this season it looks like it’s going to be all out sexy, single and loving it. First up you get to pick out the 2013 North Beach Club Bikini Team, then go get your membership so you can instagram your summer at the pool.