Jefferson Celebrates Innovation – Check Out The Game Changers

Alumni, industry leaders, and students at the Jefferson University (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) gathered for the Celebration of Innovation, on May 8, 2019 at the campus in East Falls.

Fashion designing students Alegra Pronesti and Tommy Heidbrecht created thought provoking clothing which challenging gender norms.

Guests walked through the galleries to enjoy the students’ collaborative work, as well as cocktails and heavy hors d’oeuvres which were served before a program which honored this year’s Leaders of Innovation and Lifetime Impact Award recipients.

Prof. Edgar Stach, Dipl.-Ing, AIA/IA, RA and student Alex Haba stand in front of his “Smart City” project which looks at Philadelphia in 2050 where land is at a scarcity and ventilated buildings are being built on top of the expressway capping as always dreamed by city planners.

Gayle Bart with her take on the how to bridge the gap between the City of Camden and the surrounding areas of the Camden Y to utilize the activities at the center.

Fashion design student Colton Snavely was inspired by art, nature and love to create this design that model Katrice Bailey is wearing.

Thomas Jefferson University student Shawna Henderson created a program for her local classmates where they would design white head scarves and gift boxes to give to patients at the Ronald McDonald House.

Dija Taib created a Think Tank on campus to encourage people to collaborate instead of being disconnected staring at their phones.

Jackie Webb, Natalie Stein, Lexi Patania, Bob Thompson, Yu Zhang and Evan Page created an award winning product called “Summit Sleeve”, which protects the battery of a Go Pro when used in sub zero weather.

Eryn Griffin, Patrice Sakalosky, Abbey Pitzer created “Farm to Fridge” for Professor Frank Baseman, MFA class. Farm to Fridge is a mobile market tool in order to help people with diabetes 2 eat healthy. People who live in rural areas use a mobile app to order fresh produce from local farms which will be delivered to their home.

Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson merged in 2017. The Celebration of Innovation is Jefferson’s platform for advancing the importance of higher education and innovation, and the impact they have on the global economy. Proceeds from the event provided scholarship support for students.

During the welcoming remarks, Stephen Klasko, President and Chief Executive Officer of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, celebrated that Jefferson University East Falls was the #3 fashion design school in the country, and #7 in the world. He also stated that solving many of the worlds health crisis’ will be found in a joint effort between a health care system and a textile university through innovating methods.

Several alumni and a student were honored at the Celebration of Innovation: Thomas Shirley, Jr. Assistant VP of Women’s Basket ball, Theresa Chiarenza, Class of 2020 (who was given a $5,000 scholarship), David Z Tuttleman, ’83, Nicholas A. Siciliano III, PhD ’15, and Donna Nicoletti Ferrier, ’80.