Two Years After Live 8, Live Earth is today 7/7/07

Over the next 24 hours, over 150 acts will perform in the ‘Live Earth’ benefit to raise awareness of climate change.
Hosted by former US Vice President Al Gore, the show features acts from the likes of Madonna, the Police, Kanye West, Linkin Park, Garth Brooks, and Genesis.
Concerts in Australia and Japan have already kicked off! Gore appeared via satellite to kick-off Live Earth Australia and made an appearance as a hologram to kick-off Live Earth Japan. The vice president-turned-environmental activist is urging fans to join in the fight against global warming.
Live Earth is not a drama free production though. Some complain that it doesn’t have a clear goal, and other critics claim it lacks achievable goals. They also say there’s a mixed message by flying in singers and performers on gas guzzling airliners. Some have even complained saying that the concert uses too much energy to fuel all of amplifiers and stage gear needed for concerts of this capacity.
Meanwhile organizers promise the entire series will promote a safer, smarter future.

Bon Jovi at Live 8 during rehearsal