GREAT NEWS: The BOSS is releasing an album this fall

According to Roger Friedman over at Fox 411: The general disarray at Sony Music’s Columbia Records may have a savior: Bruce Springsteen. The Boss, as we still call him, is apparently planning a new album for release in late fall. Some sources insist that this will be an E Street Band album, and not another side project like the “Seeger Sessions” or a solo collection of introspective songs.
An E Street Band album means a big rock ‘n’ roll sound with Springsteen’s featured players like Steve van Zandt, Max Weinberg and Clarence Clemons.
Sources tell me that tracks have been recorded with the group, and that the hope among Bruce insiders is that he will choose their project over several others he may have cooking.
“You never know,” one observer said, “but it’s looking better and better.”

-Now if only he would do another tour. i never get tired of the BOSS.