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I didn’t think I needed to mention this before, but I am a blogger, it’s true I can admit it now. Actually I am an overachiever or over obsessive blogger logging in with about six as we speak, my number 1 site Confessions of a Paparazzi, How We Met, One More Shot, What I Ate on My Nutrisytem Diet Today (I thought the shame would keep me honest, damn it didn’t work, but I have a trainer now), How We Met Stories and finally my newest one – PHILLY CHIT CHAT. I really hope I can do for this what Confessions has done nationally. Philly Needs a Paparazzi to get the news in the one shot that tells a thousand words, although I do think after attending todays convention in Philly, Blogging is more than just photos it’s words. It’s about 2:30AM as I write this, as I covered the opening night of the Philadelphia GLBT Film Festival, I did get in about 2AM, but seriously struggled with which event was I going to write about first, so I did the only thing that was write and did it chronologically. I will be stealing my work tonight from one of my favorite blogs I read what he wrote and there was no way it was going to be any better. (This entry should be called Confessions of a Blogger because there is so much behind the scenes information, I do hope what I learned will entertained my readers.) All content below this line is stolen from 9:35AM: Panel: “The State of Social Media and Thoughts on the Future,” moderated by Joey Sweeney (Philebrity), and featuring Caroline Marks (, Vincent Veneziani (, AJ Daulerio (Philly Mag and, Neal Stewart (Flying Dog Brewery and Open Source Beer Project), and Emily King (Intelligent Travel, a National Geographic blog). Takeaways and observations:

Apparently, all bloggers live in their parents’ basements and blog in their underwear.
Print media outlets have finally figured out that blogs matter (yeah, blogs!), and have begun to look to blogs to figure out where to take their publication content.
Bloggers like beer. So beers have started having blogs.
We can thank Gawker for legitimizing online publications (read: blogs). Thanks, Gawker!
Snark: an essential, if not necessary or constant, component of the blogosphere.
How refreshing: National Geographic’s blog is fact-checked. (But then doesn’t it remove the immediacy of blogging?)
Key to repeat readers on your blog: a good sense of humor. Check!
File under no shit, Sherlock: bloggers don’t usually have much of a budget.
Good question, posed by Sweeney: “What is up with the internet and cats?”
Ziddo, a subsidy of Comcast, invests in other sites. They should invest in us! We’ll make videos if they give us cash. Or feed us. Food is good.
Denver has the largest beer convention in North America. Who knew?
World of Warcraft > SecondLife because you can kill the people you’re “networking” with. Awesome.
Scary: a lot of medical students have started using SecondLife to practice techniques.
Someone asked: “Can you hear me now?” and the whole room erupted into laughter. We are such nerds.
Holy crap! Intelligent Travel has a one-week turnaround time on their posts. That doesn’t really sound like a blog to us. (The girl in the glasses happens to work for the various topical groups began. I decided to go to the business and blogging group as I just started a business blog called which does PR work and event planning. It was interesting, but really for corporation gigs. I then walked over to the How to seperate your social blogging from your work blogging or something of that nature11:25AM: Breakout session: “The NEW Work/Life Balance: Keeping Your Blogs and Social Media Life Separate, with Alicia Dorset (MS&L, Digital/GM Fastlane, and FYI Blogs ). Phillyist’s Takeaways and observations:
It’s probably a good idea not to link to your MySpace and other social networking sites, not just when you’re applying for jobs, but also if you’ve got a widely-read blog. People will make fun of you. (Thank god I’ve got my social networking pages restricted.)
Hmmm… Maybe I shouldn’t be writing for Phillyist under my real name. Props to you, Pencopal!
People will Google you. They may even print up everything they find about you. Terrifying.
There may be ways to hide from Google. But what’s the point?
Note to self: If I’m going to do anything stupid on the web, I should be sure to do it under an alias.
MySpace is your “travelling resume.” That’s scary, considering that my MySpace page talks about movies and music – I hope I didn’t just get my job because I listen to Modest Mouse!
Apparently, “mommy bloggers” are celebrities. I don’t think I’d ever even heard that expression until twenty minutes ago.
People will spam your online wedding guestbook. Spammers are relentless.
Oooh… those mommy bloggers get lots of free stuff. Think it would work if I pretended to have a kid?
Consenus: bloggers like when people comment. So comment, people!
Somebody at BlogPhiladelphia just asked what a blog is. Three people did a Scooby Do-double take.
I think that this discussion has moved pretty far from its topic. But that’s okay. It looks like we’re having more fun than the group on the other side of the room.
Live blogging occured at the event
bloggers were never far from their computers

1PM: Lunch break. Back in an hour, folks. Thanks! (Hmm Hmm Good, I was going to say something about Ziddio’s choice of horror clips they were playing during lunch, like its not too appetizing to see a women stangled with a towel during lunch, but hey the food was excellent – Philly Cheesesteaks, Hoagies (Subs for the rest of youse), peanut chews, and caesar salad (?).
2:15PM: Breakout session: (This was fascinating) “Paid Blogging and Commenting,” with Chris O’Donnell (TechDirt). I will admit that I am attending this session purely in the hope that someday, I can get paid to sit on my ass all day and blog. Also, because a part of me, though I know better, hoped that the Chris O’Donnell hosting the panel would actually be this Chris O’Donnell. Takeaways and observations:
Two ways to think about paid blogging: ads (obviously!) or getting paid for what you’re writing about – what you know and love. This sounds good to me. Anyone want to give me a job?
“Ghostblogging” – per the bullet above, does anyone want to pay me to write their blog?
Hmmm… People could pay you to link to their products/businesses in your blog. Maybe I need to start name-dropping more. But it may be a little unethical.
We’re twenty minutes in, and it feels like this group has been highjacked.
How is it that I’ve never heard of spider food, but everyone else seems to know exactly what it is?
There’s a blogger code of ethics? Seriously?
Snack time, Pretzels, peanut chews (Pa made), M&M’s (Hershey Pa made), peanuts and sweedish meatballs.

Then the godfather of blogs, Joey Sweeney of gets up and tells us that boilerplate bloggings is the worst thing a blogger can do to their site. It should all be orginal content. Bummer tonight, eh I promise to do better in the future. But a bit later someone mentioned that Philly needs a Perez Hilton site, something that highlights our local celebrities. I was like JOEY, JOEY, I just told you five minutes ago about my new philly celebrity site I am going to do my best to stay on top of things for you here in Philly.

I did see a celebrity here in Philly tonight and will write about them later today. Until then – Peace, Love and Hair jell because tomorrow night RuPaul blows into town.