Phillywood was Hot This Weekend – The Charlie Mac Celebrity Weekend

Everything is about timing, and I had the wrong list with the wrong times for the the Saturday celebrity visit to the Youth Study Center to help get the word out for the anti-violence rally. I was hoping to get a photograph of Queen Latifah, but got there just in time to hear the Queen’s voice as she spoke to the kids behind bars. Unfortunately the only queen I kinda saw was indirectly, it was Queena Bass’ father handing out more wacky literature. This time she’s complaining that there was too much noise at her apartment building, The Drake, as they were renovating and she felt terrorized. Then she goes on to spew about Thomas Jefferson University and her view on why she was fired, even though I recall they outsourced the whole group (I remember hearing they offered her another job at a lab, but she told me or I read it on the flyer back then that she was allergic to blood,” things that make you go Hmmm!), then finally she accusses this year’s Mayoral Primary as a fraud and she should have been the winner. (wait a minute she can afford to live at The Drake?) As I saw her father at the rally, all I could think of is that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Then Comm. Sylvester Johnson arrive. He is as disgusting to me as John Street. Thankfully Queen’s father was able to harass him before he entered the gates to visit the few peeps he may have gotten off the street…A few hours later I went to the PECO building to catch the celebs arriving for a Press Luncheon. Again timing off, but I did catch model/actress/MAXIM pin-up girl Melyssa Ford strolling in, late.Then I caught Mo’niqe leaving. As I caught up to her I asked her for a shot, her body guards actually tried to prevent me, I was like this is Philly, I am the only one here, c’mon it’s Mo’nque I love her, but what the fuck (ok all that really just did a live stream through my head). Mo’nique being the sweet thang that she is, said “sure sweetheart”. I got off about 7 shots, and thanked her. (not picture, big scary bodyguard standing next to me)

Tisha Campbell on the right, who is on the left?Raheem Brock #79 Colts, who is on the right?