Day 3 of the Philadelphia GLBT Film Festival, re: RuPaul, Jesse Archer, Charlie David

No matter what happened on Saturday, let’s be honest, it was Starrbooty day and the only booty that was banging was RuPaul’s. But before we get to that Philly Chit Chat attended a special cocktail party generously hosted by Bryan Hoffman and Jim Lonsdale’s home. (Thanks to Whole Foods for the delicious spread) Here are our hosts, Jim, Bryan with Four Letter Word’s Jesse Archer.The cast of Starrbooty, minus RuPaul (if you are a certain fan of a certain genre of movie, then yes you may recognize some of these guys, maybe even more if they had a little less clothes on – oh come on, it is a GAY and lesbian film festival after all, mom!!)At first I thought it was Pamela Anderson, but it was Victoria Ventura and Maria Noman from the movie “Transia” and not in the movie, and has always been a guy, oh and not gay, just gay friendly Tommy.
That fun tourist magazine – Where’s publisher Laura Burkhardt and Charlie David of Kiss the Bride and Four Letter Word (some of you have read my post on Saturday, on where I said Charlie David was dressed to the nines when he recieved his award that afternoon; well on that note I went home and changed into my favorite blue sport coat, although I think it was wool, and guess what he had changed, and everyone else was dressed fairly causually, in fact I missed the memo to wear a solid or white shirt. I was a bit overheated, so you will forgive me if I didnt get everyone’s name)
My favorites Mary Patel, Malcolm Lazin and Phylis Halpern BUCKmonkey co-founder, James Duggan and The Philadelphia Film Society’s Tim Ferretti
Phyllis with the ever ready, smiling Rosemary Connors, Director of the Film Festival

Thom Cardwell with the director and actor of the new gay sci-fi “Socket”. Lft Thom, Derek Long, Directors/Writers Jaymes Thomson, and Sean Abley. The nicest guys you ever wanna met. I am trying to interview them, and all they want to talk about is me, ok I don’t blame them – LOL I have a lot more to say about this party and the folks I met, very interesting to say the least, but I must focus, focus, focus on the task at hand RuPaul – Starrbooty herself, looking towards heaven hoping she has a hit on her hands!
RuPaul’s new movie, aptly titled Starrbooty: The premise of the movie is a supermodel going undercover as a hooker to rescue her niece from an evil body parts broker. (I don’t even want to tell you which body part it is, in fact unless you like High High High RAUNCHY Camp and are probably high yourself when you see the movie, it might be too much for you as it was for me, think early Divine.)

So enjoy the photograph as Michael Lucas strips for the audience. It took a bit more off, but this is a family site so I must refrain.

Thanks to the Jeff, the manager of XIX for again opening his home away from home to us for this occassion
The lighting and atmosphere was superbEye candy filled the rooms what would the blue bloods of the debutante balls that were once held her say about this wild and crazy bunch
guests enjoying themselves
It’s just about TWO AM and these hard working Festival employees are finally winding down their what like 18 hour day of Starbootylicious fun. Lft to right are Andrea Hengel, Patrick McHugh and Tim Feretti