Random Favorite Favorite Shots from the Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

This is my very favorite shot: Mary Patel and Rosemary Connors. They look great, they are happy, the background is amazing. The shot really sums up the opening night.
I really enjoyed chatting with Heather every chance I got. She is fascinating.
These two have the most amazing panache – Thom Cardwell and Rosemary Connors.
I thought it was Pamela Anderson at first
I am going to start watching me some charlie david
I have a photo of Padraic Maroney in a pink shirt. Here he is with Entourage’s Rex Lee and PIGLFF Media guru, Patrick McHugh standing in front of the Pink Cocktail sponsor board (Only one of these guys is gay)

That Rosemary, anything to make a picture that much better
Gail Kamenish and hmm on the tip of my tongue, nah cant remember Robert Drake always looks so mysterious. Here he is with Jimmy Route, James Duggan and you know, one of my favorite subjects, Laura Burkhardt and friends (which translate to, I have no idea as I didn’t break out my pad at this time)
Andrea, Timmy, Noel and Megan. I have no doubt that these four people represent the best of our future. They are determined, patient, loyal, driven and most important extremely kind.

Back in June, the Kick-off Party and the unveiling of the PIGLFF Poster

Jesse Archer appreciates that the Festival’s opening film was his starring role “A Four Letter Word”Who is this with “Longtime Companion” writer craig Lucas. I remember going to see this film with my friend Philip back in 1990. He had just recently told me of his status, and I could barely get through the film. Today I am happy to report that Philip is well and living out his dream, returning to school getting his masters as to persue his passion of writing.Record breaking crowds filled the events
Entertainment that knocked your socks off, and got you a little excited too!

Hello, Mother/Daughter here. Nice Gene Pool!!
Whenever I feel a little down, I just popped me a Rosemary Connor picture on the screen as a pick me up
Patrick McHugh. Unbelievably professional and serious about his job. A job well done. you should check out the PIGLFF blog, very insightful and funny commentary by Patrick.
(with Andrea and Timmy) Gurlfriend Thom Cardwell lets down his hair on the last night!
In just seven days, I can make you a man….

Michael Lucas on stage during the Q&A for Starbooty!! (RuPaul seems aghast, which is a surprise, since she spends so much time on her knees in the movie!) My heart belongs to

see additional photos I took here or Gail Kamenish’s the official photographer of PIGLFF here