BRB: I’m Stalking Celebrities and Models at Fashion Week 2008 in NYC

You might find me here in the front of the Tents at Bryant Park

or here by the stage door with my friends, but don’t dare get in their way or they’ll be hell to pay
you might see Lydia Hearst (Patricia Hearst’s daughter) after the Heatherette Fashion show last year (I actually attended the event) Fergie without the PeasEva Mendes without Will Smithyou will see Paris and Nicky Hilton. Nicky debuts her clothing line on 9/9/07 (Against the MTV Music Awards)or you might find me as some PHAT private party *that I uncovered by doing a lot of research. Kanye West at the Mario Testino partyPamela Anderson Diesel PartyKeith Richard’s daughters at the Tab PartyFor all of you fashion sadists out there, New York Magazine’s spotlight of the top five model runway disasters of all time might be just the right morning fix.

I’m sure when I return on September 11, the carpenters union will still be on Strike, and Willy Penn will still be unwaxed.

I may update my fashion week experience on my other blog if I have time:)