William Penn Might Finally Get Waxed starting next week

The strike by the carpet baggers, er I mean union, is finally over. My source says that the scaffolding of William Penn should begin by September 20, exactly one month after he was closed. At $5 a head, 20 people an hour, six hours of 20 elevator rides to the observation tower, it adds up to some much needed money for the Tour Office about $2400 a month (& it’s really not about the money, as much as enjoying the view from the City’s only observation tower). If the tour office had their way, they would have opened the observation tower up as soon as possible, but because the elevator is part of “City Property” guess what department couldn’t wrap their head around the idea of opening the tower until the strike was over. I know when Michael Nutter gets into office, “business as usual” will be put to a stop, and the folks that have an ax to grind will no longer be in charge, because when self interest is in charge, it’s the people of Philadelphia and her visitors that pay the price.
The City says the project should be done by November.

The original story I broke on 8/8/07:

The story about the strike that occurred on 8/20/07: