TWO LOVELY PARTIES I ATTENDED THIS WEEKEND, neither of which I am allowed to expound on to much

I was thrilled to attend both as they are always in the gossip/social pages. I wasn’t allowed to bring my camera to Saturday nights party, but I did bring it to Friday’s party but can only share the photos below…People know, if I have my camera, your event very well might show up in the newspaper, but most certainly will show up on my blog. I am certainly trying to fashion myself after the but as someone who attends all kinds of events, parties and affairs not just the social “registered” scene.Mary ChristmasHer house is lovely, her children sweet, house decorated to the nines, guests on political and social scene, Hostess mentioned in this month’s Philly Mag as a mover and shaker, I think, but who knows as I can’t get a copy yet to confirm

Saturday nights party had a few cross over people, but was a really who’s who of the social scene, politicians, gay movers and shakers and more of an all walks of life attendence. A relaxed atmosphere with lots of laughing and story telling.