A few weeks back I went to get a burger at one of my favorite places (the other would be Lucky Strikes), and some guy proudly gave me a flyer and told me not to eat ’cause the place has vermin. I went in anyway because I was a bit suspicious, especially after reading the flyer.

The next day I confronted the guys and told them I look up Five Guys on the City’s Health web page and Five Guys Burger got a clean bill of health, they were just not properly showing the inspection papers. Your document is misleading, especially since you have a mouse on it.
I said if you were really concerned about the eating habits of your fellow Philadelphians you would warn them about the other folks along Chestnut Street that actually have vermin warnings

Even CVS has infractions on a higher level than Five Guy Burgers

Well they laughed, it’s really not about the cleanliness of the store, its that they are using non-union people for their new store in Bala Cynwyd. I tried to reason reason with them that they are misleading people as most folks won’t read the bottom line.

*DON’T LOOSE YOUR LUNCH but you too can look up your favorite spot to see how it fares with the City’s Health inspector: