THE DAY HILLARY STOP BY TO PICK UP AN ENDORSEMENT THAT DIDN’T REALLY MATTER, but was a nice gesture anyway and a good photo-op

Yesterday morning I was reading and got a tip that Hillary would be coming to City Hall at 1:15PM to pick up an endorsement from Gov Rendell. So I ran over on my lunch hour.

It turned into a long lunch hour, Hillary was late. Something about a flat tire on her plane. So the local press was left to cool their heels for 60 minutes more imageas we waited for Hillary and her “Travelling Press” to arrive from Washington D.C. It gave me time to ponder how these flags stay so perfect. I noticed they had triangular cardboard lids attached to the poles to make sure the flags were always full, thus making the background look that much prettier. Later a guest commented that Hillary’s detail brings those props to press conferences.image The audience was made up of invited guests, dignitaries and a few crashers. Apparently this guy has balls of steel or is just arrogant as his dad to show his face at City Hall.
image Dignataries filled the room. Can you name them, I will give you a hint, one tough cookie is sitting down 2nd to left

It seems that Hillary’s plane flies at the same speed as her Travelling Press bus, as they all entered at the same time. Giving the traveling press almost no time to set up in their reserved spots in front and behind me. The guy standing is setting sycronizing his watch and to the camera man behind him. This way when Hillary says a “Sound Bite” he can note the time and find it when he writes up his report.The moment arrives and Hillary approaches the podium, I missed that shot as the room stood to greet her, but here is the moment after with the welcoming remarks for Hillary. I love Nutter, but I am over his dig at Street by announcing the start of every event with “It’s a New Day.” Just by the mere fact that Nutter shows up, “It’s a New Day”
image Rendell is pretty clear on who he wants the next president to be!! Ed said that even though Pennsylvania’s primary was April 22, he could campaign for her in neighboring New Jersey or Delaware.image
The traveling press is writing and transimitting the photos as the three speak. The AP’s photos were running on the ‘net before Hillary even left the room. it’s tough competition for a freelancer like me.
Rendell and Nutter bond as Hillary makes her case.
Hillary has an intriguing expression, but Rendell kills the shot with his non-intriguing expression. Nutter maintains this expression throughout the conference.
Then other times I got the shot, but then Nutter would close his eyes. I’ve shot him a lot, he’s an “eye shutter.” You always have to shoot off a half dozen to get his eyes openor crop him outI wass fairly far back, so no singular head shots of Hillary at the dais like I would have like to get if I had been prepared, but at least I carry my camera to my day job everyday.imageHillary does photo-ops afterwardsimageJoe Hoeffels head to the right
After the press conference Hillary headed to the airport to fly to Newark, I overheard a travelling press guy say. He boarded this bus.
image image