UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE – The First American Sign Language Film

Last week Universal Language screened at the PFF. It was a sold out silent crowd. “Universal Signs”, a deaf love story. One of the first of its kind a movie all in sign language with captions.

Claire Brown-Kohler introduces the film with an American Sign Language interpreter signing along for the deaf audience

After the show their was a Q&A with the director and actors
I was especially excited to be invited to this screening as Sabrina Lloyd from ‘Sliders’ fame was in the starring role. I later learned that she accepted the role as soon as she was asked, and learned ASL in only 3 months. It took me two years of training to get a complete sentence correct. The after party was held at McCormick & Schmidt’s where specially labelled Universal Language bottles of wine were given as parting gifts.

There was a nice turnoutActress Sabrina Lloyd and Director/writer Ann Calamia converse as producer Catherine Miller looks on. Sabrina and her friend Chelsea pose for photos. When Chelsea met Sabrina at the college they both attend in Manhattan, Chelsea had no idea about Wade, Numbers or Sports night. One of their mutual friends told her who Sabrina was and then lent her a DVD of Sliders. She thought it was cool, but I can tell she wasn’t really impressed by it, she likes Sabrina because of her personality and friendlyness. Hottie Anthony Natale and Sabrina Lloyd, the stars of the movie Deaf Robert DeMayo, Deaf Actor Anthony Natale; Actress Sabrina Lloyd; cinamatographer; producer Carol Finkle; producer Catherine Miller and Writer/Director Ann Calamia at the premiere of their movie “Universal Signs” at the Philadelphia Film Festival
I always wanted to chat with a celebrity about the business of celebrity; Sabrina doesn’t get asked for her autograph much, and most of the people who get a glimmer of recognition of her think its because they they went to school with her, or maybe from the neighborhood, or just look bewildered. Paparazzi rarely shoot her, and she’s been to the Waverly Inn a few times.
Last night producer Catherine Miller and Writer/Director Ann Calamia won the Philadelphia Film Festival ‘s Full Length Movie Award for “Universal Signs”; Here they are at the closing night party at the Top of the Bell Atlantic Building.