While wandering around town after work yesterday, hmm there seems to be a theme these past two days, I stumbled upon this really, really loud band playing on 13th Street. I knew it must be a band sponsored by Sailor Jerry’s because that place rocks, and so I found this on Wikipedia….
In 1999, Hardy and Malone partnered with a small independent Philadelphia clothing company to establish Sailor Jerry Ltd., which produces clothing and an idiosyncratic collection of other items, such as ash trays, high-top sneakers, playing cards, church keys and shot glasses.

An anti-sweatshop company, nearly all Sailor Jerry items are produced in the United States and sold via the company’s web site or from the Sailor Jerry Store at 116 S. 13th Street in Philadelphia, which frequently plays host to performances by independent musicians.
A little more searching and I found this on PhillyBlog – According to the gyro ad agency above sailor joes, they have the concerts to disrupt business at sansom cinema -“All that being said, there is still a porn theater on the ground floor of our building, right next to our Sailor Jerry store. For some reason, they won’t take the hint and pack up and leave. It’s pretty funny, however, we keep having events and street concerts right in front of their door… which hopefully makes entering the theater increasingly uncomfortable. I don’t know the name of this band, and I wasn’t really into their music, but I am all for live concerts rocking the neighborhood and excited that MidTown Village, specifically 13th Street is living up to the vision that Tony Goldman set out to do 10 years ago when he started buying up the street and turning it from the “Red Light District” into the night life district.

I like the concept of the store and environmental stance, but

I am not into them encouraging fans to jump off the trees like a few did at a concert a week ago: