I remember about 2 years ago my friend Margarita called me a paparazzi. I was completely mortified and denied it, I always thought I was a celebrity photographer, which I am, but when I looked up the definition of paparazzi it stated that it is anyone who takes a candid photo of a celebrity, so I guess I am, and thus embraced the label and also have tried to change the stigma associated with it. Today I received an email from one of the star reporters in the city “Hi, This is Anne-Marie Green from CBS3. We wanted to see if we could catch up with you today to do an interview about looking for celebs in the city.” I was completely nervous as I am never good in front of the camera, plus isn’t there a code among paparazzi not to talk to the press, press interviewing press, what a concept. Nonetheless a better head prevailed, especially when my friend called and said he was contacted too and to meet him in front of the Bellevue in 5 minutes. And so it goes, here is Jon being interviewed. Jon is a seasoned pro, been a freelancer working mostly in news photography until the budget cuts in recent months cut his career short. It was an easy transformation into celebrity photography, and a lot less harder than photographing the parents of a murder victim or chasing down rapist. (See our interview on KWY3 video at bottom of entry) As we stood in front of the Bellevue being interview, talking about where some celebrities might stay or eat, out walks former Ch 6 & Ch 3 weatherman Dave Frankel. He greeted his old friends and I got my 2nd local celebrity shot of the day.

Reporter Anne Marie Green and Dave Frankel (Hey Dave send me some tips, now that you are a sports, entertainment and amusement lawyer.) Then out of the Bellevue pops ok not a celebrity but my co-worker Craig. To the right is Michael the cameraman for KYW3. Thanks Michael.Anne Marie walking the paparazzi line. I was so impressed with her story that sometimes during the 2 dozen times I watched it, I forgot I was the subject. It was fast paced and packed a lot of info in it. Also for those who saw it or are about to see it, I gave Anne Marie a tip on seeing celebrities, a few more places to go are book signings at Borders, B&N, Joseph Fox and many of the other great book stores in the City. Plus don’t forget FYE records on Broad Street, where next Tuesday you can catch John Melendez from the Howard Stern show, signing something. Call them or its always good to check out the websites. Thank you Anne Marie, it was so much fun and exciting. So if you want your business promoted, and you have a celebrity in it, CALL ME. I’ll be polite, it’ll be painless, I’ll get the job done and then get those puppies published.

Thanks Mike for getting the new page launched, and we’ll work on getting an up to date skyline logo.