MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND BBQ, Friends, Reunion and Jennifer Aniston for the last time on this blog

I kicked off the Memorial Day Weekend with a trip to Rittenhouse Square to practice with my long lense, because in hindsight it would have been better for me to shoot Jennifer Aniston last week across the street with a long lense, as she wouldn’t have seen me for a few minutes and I would have been able to click off a few good shots, and secondly her bodyguards wouldn’t have pushed me, tried to break my camera and spit on me, they would have just gotten her in the correct car and not taken it out on me. That being said, lo and behold I run into a couple local celebrities, but I already know them; Political columnist and good friend Mary Patel, Philly Mag’s 2008 “People To Watch”, Kelly Boyd, president, KB Consultants and one of our favorite news people Monica Malpass; who I hadn’t seen in over a year. What keeps you busy Ms. Malpass I asked. “My 8 year old son” and “the last few weeks he has been busy playing baseball” and she has been out there cheering him on at every game. Well Kelly’s been busy too, and now represents Rouge (at right). She tells me that Rouge has a new menu and promises me a tasting in the near future (I guess I can break from my Nutrisystem that day) and Mary as you might recall just premiered her film “Electile Dysfunction” at the Philadelphia Film Festival in April. There may be a distributor interested in the film, so let’s keep our fingers crossed. (and she promises me I can break some big news in July about her next film project with 3 big names stars and one of them is always voted one of People Magazine hotties)
Then it was into the square. When did they start allowing vendors to see their wares. I think it’s great, and I don’t want to compare us to that other City, but they allow vendors in some of their parks, and personally I think its a good idea, probably should be somewhat regulated as to now piss off the store owners that are paying property taxes, but small potato’s like this jewelery salesgirl adds to the fabric of society.
Great people watching and practice for my long shots.

Wedding photos. Do you see that sound boom on the right, now that is serious video graphing.

hmm street performers; ever since that guy won the right to play music in the park, all the rules have gone out the window. I even saw a few bikers and bladers zip through the park.
The next day I returned to the scene of the crime (see first picture above.) Mike, Mary, Kelly and I had lunch at El Vez. We gossiped, talked business and the two girls gave us a few tips for my new direction for Philly Chit Chat. You can probably already see the changes if you have been a long time reader. Mike is working hard behind the scenes, on the site and making the necessary changes. Thanks Mike. Dinner with Mom in the evening. I was an hour late and got a lashing.Sunday we went to a BBQ at Lee Ann’s and Ricks. Haven’t seen Lee Ann in about a year since my Philly Chit Chat and NYC celebrity photography has taken off. (Did I mention I will be shooting the Sex and the City premiere tomorrow night in NYC. Red Carpet Action!! That is not considered paparazzi as it’s posed. I’ll tell ya, sometimes I need a 12 step program, The Steifs live fairly close to the place where Jen is staying and I was tempted to go by the place and see if she was there, but I controlled myself. The Steifs kids. GANDOLF, STELLA and HAZEL Then Memorial Day the annual Libertella Family Reunion (Mom’s Side). Pictured here
(L-R) Aunt Angie (nee Libertella), friend of family – Edna, Aunt Chris Libertella (mom of 7 girls), Aunt Mary (Dad’s sister) and my mom (nee Libertella).
Mom thought it would be fun to have a water balloon toss. Where she got the balloons or idea beats me

The action

Last balloon to pop, Chris Fine’s. His wife Carla (nee Libertella) won. Chris is a funeral director for Gardner funeral home in South Jersey. We’ve been using them for decades. It’s always fascinating to talk to him. I think it’s a must to have a doctor, lawyer, teacher and funeral director in one’s family. He did my dad’s funeral, and it was beautiful, as far as that goes.

(Updated: on my way home I went to the “A Sea of Tombstones: The Cost of War and shot a few photos, but this site does them better justice:
Then it was home to prepare for the week. Nice question mark on the Cira Center. Curious? We’ll get to that later in the week.