The recently-opened Stir is a welcome addition to Philly’s gay nightlife. The formerly dark and dirty space is now fresh, swanky and cozy without feeling cramped. The relatively underground location of this place (down an alley, across from a dumpster, with no visible sign until you get right up on the door) conjures up some seedy images, but just beyond the wardrobe, you’re whisked into a magical fairyland (ahem) that is stylish without being all uppity. 1705 Chancellor St Philadelphia, PA (Next to the Warwick Hotel and down the ally from Rouge) Stacey and Holly took over the old Post location and pulled off a miraculous transformation.

Our hosts for the night Bruce Yelk hosts the weekly premier summer gay professionals happy hour – every Thursday from 6-8pm at Stir. Join other gay professionals at Philadelphia’s hottest new gay bar Stir. (Bruce is a busy guy and is also hosting a Pride Party at Cebu on Sunday 4 – 8PM and next Friday is hosting the official after party of the True Colors tour at the Borgota), Stir proprieter, Stacey Vey and Matthew Izzo Who I had never met before, but told him I like his GLBT Philly tourist ads, but have never been in your store because he doesn’t have my size. Without missing a beat he said “We sell hats!”
There are two bars, front and back, with those frosted glass door bathrooms that freak me out in between. (These folks just discovered that although you can’t see through the bathroom doors of the one person room, you can see a persons silhouette. If you’re shy, the trick is to not turn the light on)
Have you ever met my friend Laura Burkhardt, here she is with Dennis Fee of Tavern on Camac. Laura is out supporting her clients and Dennis was nice enough to come out and support a fellow bar owner in the community. Dennis and his partner are also part of the GPTMC’s GLBT campaign

Not only is there no sign on the door, which gives you the totally secret, exclusive vibe, but the decor is lovely and the bartenders and clientele are beautiful. So go already! You’re totally missing out if you don’t. (Decor done by ) Bruce Yelk hosts these weekly GLBTQ cocktail parties every Thursday at STIR. This week the party goers were treated to a swimsuit fashion show by Matthew Izzo and his merrymen.

The crowd seems to be a constant ebb and flow of attractive guys and girls.

So whether you’re Gay, Lesbian, Questioning, a girly girl, boyz type gal, dude who is into other dudes or a straight up straight chick or guy with an open mind, come here. These photos are mine, the some of the wording was lifted from more descriptive patrons than I at as I am a bit fried this week if you know what I mean; sister stuff see 6/29 entry.