TONY AWARD WEEKEND IN NEW YORK CITY PHOTOS or I love NYC, but Philly is much more manageable

As some of you may know I used to live in NYC for a NY minute or 18 months as I was up here on a work project for my day job. Yes its all there fault that I picked up the paparazzi/celebrity bug. SO this weekend I am up here to cover the Tony Awards, visit friends and pick up a celebrity wandering around here or there. Nothing today, but I did troll the hotels; everyone is at the Hamptons. Across the street from the guy with the balloon hat is The Ritz. Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and Tug McGraw tend to stay here. Then it was over to the Mandarin, the Hudson and another place. The first two tend to get the very catered to bunch like people I have photographed there, Queen Latifah, Jay Z, Nicole Kidman or Renee Zellwenger. The other place gets a hodge podge of interesting people like The Jonas Brothers, or people I have photographed there Hillary Duff, Robin Williams, Joel Olstein, Bruce Willis, Sean Diddy Puffy Combs (who I thought had an apartment in town) and Stephen Sondheim who was visiting a friend. Check out the crazy size of this crowd. This is definitely the negative side of NYC, too many people.
I hopped on the 1 to head down to Chinatown for lunch. On the train I got a text from Mike who said he was finished at the gym and to meet up with him for lunch. I got off at Christopher Street and thought I would take a few photos of the West Village, specifically checking out to see if SJP was around. Now I wouldn’t shoot her at her house, but I was curious if she or Matthew were out doing yard work. They weren’t. Probably in the Hamptons.
Then I walked two blocks over to the house that is portrayed in the “Sex in the City”movie as Carrie’s apartment. Sure enough I found a few fans getting their photos taken on the steps. Don’t you think that the steps to SJP’s real house look like the one on TV? Mike Toub arrived and promptly yelled at me for staking out SJP’s house. Really I insisted I have never, and hope to never shoot someone at their place of residence, unless there are already a bunch of photographers there and she was smiling and waving.

We made our was down to Chinatown. This is the Lower East side going into NoLita Walked along West Broadway I came upon the artist vendors selling their wares. They don’t even need a license, they just get there early and pick a spot. As I arrived at Chinatown, I was surprised to see a bootleg sales on some of the blockbusters of recent weeks, SATC, Panda, The Hulk, and Indiana Jones; Missing “The Happening”, I want to see it, it reminds me of “I Am Legend” a little bit. BTW M Night was a the Four Seasons on Friday doing interviews. That’s a good sign isn’t it. We need him, he makes his films in Philly. Let’s support him this movie.

After lunch I quickly headed to the subway at Chambers Street to return to the apt I am house sitting, did I mention that, Tony’s, visit friends and house sit, Mike can’t get better than that. Anyway I noticed they were filming something nearby, not only because of Haddad’s trailers tell tell Desi & Luci doors, but because in NYC they put up signs on the street a few days before notify folks of the impending film shoot.There they are. It was a TV show, but it was about this time it started to rain and lightning. I am not a big fan of lighting and made a dash for the E train, which is my least favorite as its about 4 stories below street level. I got off a block from my destination and just hung out under the scaffolding and watched the poor tourist deal with the elements from their exposed tour bus

and the bike cabs grin and bear it to make a buck
In the evening, Mike and I went for a bite to eat at a favorite restaurant “Bubba Gump” on Times Square, great Bucket of Trash seafood and view of Times Square, but did I ever mention I hate crowds and Times Square is nothing if not crowds. It’s better to watch them from above. Even though I have been to NYC a handful of times in the last six months, this was my first time there in awhile. A lot had changed, new eateries, stories, bars and gift shops.

The other view. OK it’s off to bed and preparation for the big event later today. I am sure I will capture a bunch of shots and share them with you next week, along with the behind the scenes stories.