LIZA MINNELLI LEGEND re: it was only a year ago that Liza was here for the Gala at the Prince Theater

On Sunday I was in NYC to cover the Tony Awards. I love Broadway, and I love Liza, so all in all it was going to be a great night for me. I couldn’t believe the turnout for this years event.

There must have been 1000 fans screaming to see the stars. If you were to ever go, the place to wait is right under the awning across the street. This is where the cars stop to drop off people and, when the actors win a Tony Award they leave Radio City Music Hall and go into the door under the awning to the press room.

well it’s Liza May Minnelli on the yellow carpet with Kate Shindle. Wow Liza is much shorter than I thought, or I guess Kate (graduate of Bishop Eustace in NJ) is tall Even the other attendees on the red carpet were excited to see Liza. Here I am trying to shoot Mandy Patakin, and his wife is looking towards Liza.
After a few shots Liza turns her back to us so she can dab her eyes. She knows that a photo of her dabbing could be sold so many different was which would misconstrue that she was simply hot
She turns back around and is “Lit Up” by the flashes. Now I could have fixed this is photo shop, but I wanted you too see her lit up.

Much better. But PUBLICIST get your arm out of there, I need a clean shot!!

and Liza is on her way down the carpet. I jump off my ladder to follow the action.It’s amazing how Liza has slimmed down she performed last year at the Prince Music Theater (Their gala is coming up 6/30/08 and they need your help, or we could have two theater’s we need saving)

Here the Publicist is trying to stop the flashes, but Liza wants to pose some more. Evenutally she did get to Access Hollywood, which was behind the publicist (Please check out to see what else a publicist does at the Tony Awards)
One of my fun shots of Liza

Please come out and support the Prince Music Theater Gala on June 30, 2008