14th Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival re: the last time I need to write that for a few months PS Wrap Up

Here we are, 13 days later. After two weeks of memorable moments, parties, and superb films, the Festival is coming to a close. This evening, at 7:30pm, join hosts Robert Drake and Michaela Majoun as they end the Festival in style.

One of the VIP events that I enjoy going to is the Directors Brunch, but really Directors, Producers, Actors etc are invited to attend. This year it was held at MIXTO’s. Did I mention that we really appreciate our sponsors. OK I’m sorry to hurt anyone’s feelings, but this is my favorite photo. Very hipster these two. Hanging out with them keeps me young. Miguelina Polanco and the spinster Matthew Vlahos. This guy is going to be running the town in a few years, but you don’t have to watch your back, he brings you along too. I’m not going to lie, being a Professional Press Photographer, especially a “Celebrity” one allows me to access to people, places and things that most people do not get to go in general, but their are exceptions with the Phila Film Festivals and that would be through a sponsorship of some kind, high level management, connections, PR ability or this year the new PIGLFF VIP PASS; for a mere $525 you might have been right alongside me at some of the following events. For me my ticket to paradise was being part of the media, it’s as simple as having Philly Chit Chat, which blah blah you know gets an average of 500 hits a day (thank you, thank you, thank you), but it’s more exciting for everyone if I can get a photo placed in a publication. (Thanks for my credentials Matthew Ray with Andrew [more on him later])Locally I know almost immediately if a photo will place, nationally sometimes I don’t find out for a month or so until my invoice arrives from my NYC agency. This shot was published in Michael Klein’s INQlings Sunday, where you can find at least one of my photos each week.Here’s the original, isn’t it interesting to see it cropped, making it much more intimate.Jared Miller Membership Coordinator Philadelphia Film Society (Join Today, see free movies before the public does, support the Philly Film Festivals) Bruce LaBruce, don’t know much about him, love his name and the fact that he is willing to get a lot of tattoos on top of those freckles, which I would think would distort them. Maybe I will get a few now that he has proven that wrong.Casper Andreas, Director; “Between Love and Goodbye” which I believe he is experiencing.
Andrew and Mike in the VIP lounge of Pure on Smut Night. So new, so fresh, flush with excitement and just so darn cute.
Thank you Park Hyatt, XIX Cafe and Jeff Miller for the “The VIP 40th Anniversary Reception for Midnight Cowboy” last week. L-R Jerome Hellman, Thom Cardwell and TLA co-owner Ray Murray. (I remember years ago, at least 15 years ago, I wrote Ray Murray a fan letter something along the lines of I appreciate you creating the Phila Gay Film Festival. It’s great to see people like me up on the big screen.” I never told him, in fact I didn’t even talk to him until last April’s film festival. Now if you are following along, he would be another of my Philly Hero’s, got that, what’s the list at now. Sharon Pinkenson, hmm its 2AM I can’t remember the other one right now, I think we’re up to three. Anyway thats another good reason to be a celebrity photographer, or Philebrity Photographer, I wonder if Joey Sweeney has a copy write on that word Philebrity? [access])

Philly City Paper (plus another one this Thursday) Ettore, Noel and Gary at Opening night, then where did you guys go?Ray gives a little love to Pearl, the NUMBER 1 volunteer in the City. Whatever you do don’t ask her opinion on Fumo, ok do, but don’t tell her I sent you.

Perri, I really like Perri. When she smiles her beauty shines through… TMZ comes to Philly in the form of David Dyer aka Scoops is perfect for the job with his charisma, charm, wit, spontaniety and inqusitive nature he is able to get the scoop, to relax the subject and get them to do and say so many things. Like this guy who just left “Mama Mia”, but you have to see it for yourself another placement. Entertainment blogs are driving the industry. Recently the AP fired 20 of their news photographers and hired 15 entertainment photographers; I’m not saying that is good, its just a reflection of our society, maybe vapid, but none the less entertaining and big business. This blog the “Musings from a Nobody”, generates enough traffic that he is able to afford to purchase my photos from my photo agency and then write about where Johnny Hazard and Blake Riley appeared. The great thing is now people reading his blog will know that Philly has a GL Film Fest. Maybe they’ll come to it next year. OK not a VIP party, but a party at Bump for the movie Antarctica. More on the Bump and Sisters events later this week.
Two sponsors, Bryan Hoffman of Hoffman Designs and Jeffrey Miller of XIX at the Bellevue Hyatt.

a costar from “Another Gay Sequel”, Dave ya wanna help me out here, I didn’t catch the name.
Janet Calderwood and friends. Kelly Burkhardt shows Michael Sanyour and Larayda Byers her new tattoo

Jane Lynch makes Elle Magazine .com I love when my photos make this site.
but I really love this shot of Mark James and Thom Cardwell. I do believe that Mark James has actually passed Matthew Vlahos in crazy shirts and is now gaining on Thom.

Crazy, how about Eric giving Chi Chi LaRue the red ruby slippers that appear on the cover of the film festival guide. How sweet was that?Someone I really admire Steve McCann, the face behind and OMG how many pads back is those names (did I mention it was 2.20AM now, I will have to look tomorrow) This party was out in East Falls for Charlie David.
Richard Weinstock had a lovely BBQ in honor of his friend Charlie David and his new movie “Mulligan”. Producer Mark Stiffler, host Richard Weinstock, Dev. Director of PFF Thom Cardwell, star and hottie Charlie David and director Linda Carter (not that one)
This was another VIP party. They probably wouldn’t want me to say who’s house it was. The opening day cocktail party. “Another Gay Sequel” stars. Will Winkle loves his Vitamin Water and we do too, thanks for sponsoring us.
Dave if I screw up with the names, help me out ok?

Eddie, Laura Burkhardt (who’s been vacationing and missing from Philly Chit Chat for a bit) and that handsome generous devil Jeff Miller.
Stephen Byler and Mary Patel make the scene at the Phila Film Society party at Calderwood.
Jonah Blechman, ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL: GAYS GONE WILD! signs the poster at another Mixto brunch Another published photo at “Musings from a Nobody” Derrick L. Briggs at the “Finding Me” premiere reception at Miss Tootsies. I will be writing about this movie in the next week or so.

Thanks Ms. Tootsie’s Soul Food Cafe (215) 731-9045 Simone, Robert Drake, John (Happy Anniversary guys!!) and friends…
Hmm another VIP party
Butch Cordova is readying his new Calendar Straight Men naked and him for the 2009 season. Plus he’s still doing “In Bed with Butch” and has a new radio show every Wednesday on WPEB 88.1 FM live from 9PM til 12 Midnight. Tune in and get the scoop. Email him at if you have any questions or you want to say hi, or accuse him of being your baby’s daddy
Andrew bringing back the T-Shirt and the unshaven chest back in style. You will have to review the blog over the past few posts, Andrew really has gone above and beyond the call of duty with his many different styles and looks

James Duggan and Michael Childers, director John Schlesinger’s partner, at the Mixto Brunch. I told you those things were fun.

In fact I got this shot of Jane Lynch blowing out the candle on her Tastykake for her birthday there. It was published on (BTW I have a photo in the Metro today, I don’t know what page its on yet, but its of Larry Mendte & Alycia Lane; an exclusive I don’t think anyone has took it but me ’cause I have never seen one published) Aah bear country. Larry Ferber_Doug_Languray_Bears_PIGLFF_Brunch_HJD (that’s how it’s written when I send it to my agency; its a pain and time consuming)
Jim Lonsdale, Michael Braunstein and Joe McCallum. Forgive me for not looking youse up at these second, did I mention its 2.45PM and I have to work tomorrow at 9AM?

Matthew Vlahos and Sarah Doheny or S&M dontcha think?
I love this shot of Heather Coutts on the far left; her accessaries match the sponsoring SCION car. Thanks SCION.
Will someone get this guy a modeling contract, please! Sharon Pinkenson, Susan Helfrich and Mary Patel; These girls are putting the SSSS back in style. Oh tonight I will be covering the Philadelphia Style Magazine Party with Terrence Howard, before I go to the closing night movie and party for the PIGLFF. I guess I will be a tad tired.

Victor Mignetti, he was the director of one of my favorite movies “Broadway Damage” (1997) and recently directed R. ‘not convicted” Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet: Chapters 13-22
Smirnoff Thanks. Did I mention I don’t drink.

“Two Minutes Later” Robert Gaston and photographer extrodinaire Gail Kamenish. Robert is currently working on a new film with Jessica Graham; After the film festival Gail will get ready for shooting football season. Although she is the official event photographer for the Festival, she is an accomplished photojournalist for the AP in her homestate of Kentucky. To see more of her festival work check out:

Thanks PIGLFF I had a great time, thanks for the access, for the appreciation, for the friendship, see you next year. I know it might be hard to believe but I still have a few more events to write up, and I hope to upload the guest photos to the album next weekend so If I took your photo you can just go there and take it off. Thanks to everyone for letting me shoot you sometimes 2, 3 or 4 times these past weeks. Just remember if Madonna changes her outfit between gigs, I have to photograph her sometimes even if its the same day.