PANSY DIVSION CONCERT + SEX DWARF!! + WHERE! MAGAZINE Celebrity Bartender to benefit Action AIDS

Last week the Pansy Division made an appearance at the PIGLFF. Pansy Division is known as one of the founding examples of the queercore genre of punk rock. An impressive crowd came out to see them, first at the ARTS bank for their documentary, and then later for a concert at the Troc. The night was was billed as A Punk Rock extraveganza, which sadly scared a few vanilla queens off. They were expecting crazy Sid & Nancy folks slam dancing and causing havoc, instead of a band which I found was more like the Pet Shop Boys or even dare I say Romanovsky & Phillips, but they used four letter sexual words in their music that maybe even George Carlin wouldn’t use.

Laura Burkhardt a women who knows good music was there in the audience, with her was Chumley Singer (the other half of Carlotta & Chumley, but a personality all his own too); you can find this trio together again tomorrow as they will be participating in a Celebrity Bartending event that takes place at Kildare’s, 509 s. 2nd Street in Philadelphia. Behind them is film maker Joe Barber in blue. He looks like he was a real bad ass in his dancing mohawk days, he does always wear those cool black rimmed glasses.At Kildaire’s you will find Laura & staff, Karen, Zelinda, Will, plus Chumley & Carlotta behind the bar mixing cocktails for you, so put those girls to work, and no doubt there will be loads of laughs. All the tips benefit Action AIDS. So promise me I’ll see you there! (click on flyer to see it bigger)Also on the bill at the PIGLFF event was WXPN DJ Robert Drake and his “Sex Dwarf!!” documentary about his monthly dance event. It was a perfect pairing, since the dance party was all about new wave, unlike what a lot of gay boiz may have thought, it wasn’t about sex with dwarf’s, but based on a song by Soft Cell by the same name as the documentary pointed out. You know Soft Cell, (Tainted love, tainted love, Touch me baby, tainted love) For me I really screwed myself because that was 5 years of dancing I can’t get back; especially since I was a huge groupie at Revival, the Kennel Club, Enchante, and oh what’s that club that used to be on 23rd & Arch? I was a quiet groupie, often dancing for hours and not bothering to talk to anyone. I sure miss those days, and am glad that Sex Dwarf!! is available for this outlet. (L-R) Simone, Robert Drake, John (Happy Anniversary guys!!) and friends
At the end of the documentaries it was time to PARTYYYYY
And it was over to the Troc for some good times . I was so stoked since I just saw their documentary and really enjoyed their music. I just wanted to soak up the music, bob my head and capture their souls on digital. Chris Freeman (bass/vocals)
Jon Ginoli (guitar/vocals) Joel Reader (guitar/vocals)
Luis Illades (drums) and Jon Ginoli (guitar/vocals)

The end. I enjoyed the Pansy Division documentary, a few of their songs, but I won’t be running out to buy their music. It’s overly descriptive, and unnecessary, I didn’t feel it was punk rock like I was used to, it probably is what Wikipedia defined it as queercore genre of punk rock. Now back in April I saw Shane West in a biopic of punk legend Darby Crash and his band, the Germs. Now that was punk rock. He was also gay and known for his kick ass stage shows. Now his biopic was hard to handle, but I really enjoyed the music; had no idea what he was saying, isn’t that what punk is all about? No I would consider these guys of the same genre as Romanovsky & Phillips, who I love, but Pansy Division actually says the explicit language where R&P just insinuates it. (NSFW video – Mom don’t watch this clip)

After the show DJ & Host of Sex Dwarf!! Robert Drake came out to give us a little preview about Sex Dwarf’s Fifth Anniversary coming up on 8/1/08; and to welcome us to a mini Sex Dwarf night at the Trocadero!! Finally my Sex Dwarf virginity is taken and I can reclaim my cool card by saying “YES I have been to Sex Dwarf, because there’s a good chance I won’t be able to drag my Stir going boyfriend there!! But don’t let this happen to you!!
I bet you will find Marty there; he was excited to get some ink from Chris Freeman on the CD’s he purchased after the concert
festive concert goers that I am sure are regular Sex Dwarfs
And sure there was a little contact dancing, but only with permission, I heard from my dozen or so friends that headed to Stir instead of the Troc, ended up with a little slamming too, as the place was pack and they were uncomfortably banging into each other while celebrating Alec Mapa being Entertainer of the Year and when I told them what they missed, they were sad, I mean who doesn’t want to dance to ROCK LOBSTER??
Don’t Fuck With Me
Russell, Stephen, Gary & CoryKaren and Beth get into the groove. Karen shoots for Philly Edge and you can find her photos: Thanks Qdoba for the delcious food you provided
DJ Robert Drake Says:
Join us as we
5 years of

Be sure to wear your RED and BLACK – the official Sex Dwarf colors – as we enter our SIXTH YEAR of Nonstop New Wave! (Ok these kids got out of hand)

Doors @ 9 – Free Admission til 10 – $2 Drinks til Midnight – PLUS – DUMPSTA’ PLAYERS