PHILADELPHIA BOYS OF SUMMER 2008 BEACH PARTY re: gay boys in speedo’s for a good cause

If it’s not enough to have the mercury rising, has brought their popular Boys of Summer Beach Party back. (It took me a few shots to get this as it was pitch black inside the club and I was trying to catch the moment the disco lights lit up the room and my flash lit up the sign. The doorman probably thought I was crazy, he still didn’t understand when I showed him the shot, or was it my leaping up and down with excitement?)Here the hunky lifeguards get their instructions on what to expect on this festive night are our lifeguards for the night. Greet guests, pose for photos, serve shots, be polite, be wild, be your crazy selves ’cause really if you look like this, your gonna love the attention, isn’t that why people work so hard on their bodies?
Here are a few of the region’s sexiest men who were galloping through Philly’s own Pure Nightclub from 9:00 p.m. til 3:30 a.m here are few that tagged themselves on my facebook page: These were a few of the lifeguards that enjoyed the attention, free drinks and Aussie Bum Speedo for their night of exhibitionism. One of the duties of the lifeguards was to greet the guests at the front door and give them a lei (insert joke here). Here Anh Dang greets the guys from the THE SAFEGUARDS PROJECT , who a few weeks back went over in great detail their objectives and I will try and remember here, I really should have written about it as it is an important subject, but as events piled up I just didn’t get to it… The mission of The SafeGuards Project & LGBT Health Resource Center is to enhance the health of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and communities. We seek to advance the knowledge of health issues affecting these communities and to develop public health programs that promote healthy change on an individual, group, and institutional level. We accomplish these goals through community-based participatory research, collaborative programs, and advocacy. – This means they go to the bars/clubs to greet and meet with folks who have questions, to give out condoms, safe sex advice and information. Visit them at their website for more information and send them some money, they are doing amazing things for the community I like their red shirts evokes images of the Red Cross helping out in crisis. Admission was $20 or $10 in a bathing suit. Sometime they made you drop your drawers to prove that you did indeed have a suit on. Then you would go to the coat check and check your clothes. (I am thinking he might want to get a full tan next time) The bathing suit was solid in the front, but well considering it was the eve of Madonna’s birthday it was perfect for the occassion. My brother couldn’t believe I didn’t do an entry on Saturday in homage to my queen, but I don’t have any original photos that I took; she’s left and gone back to England this week and celebrated her bday. Happy bday Madge)

Bruce Yelk, Brian his beau and PGN’s 2008 “Person of the Year” Tami Sortman. Sortman, a vice president at the Altus Group, earned the honor for her visionary work with the Philadelphia Gay Tourism Caucus and for her commitment to building Philadelphia’s reputation as a gay-friendly travel destination. (I also ran into a friend from my old Cherry Hill Gatsby’s days, Debbie Spatafora who’s been working at Pure for eons; it was good to catch up after these 15 years of not seeing her; Bruce used to work at Gatsby’s that’s why there was that segue.)
Joe, Michael and friend. I didn’t bring my note book this night, I should have, but it didn’t fit in my Speedo. Noel Zayas, friend who didn’t love her photo, but I think it looks great especially next to these two hotties, and Tim Ferretti
Scoops is on the scene. I know, I know, I gush over this guy, but he has so much charisma and charm and really knows how to work a mike. Some people might laugh when I tell them I am shy, I am, there’s not a lot of interaction when you point and shoot, but David “Scoops” Dyer interviews with his crew. He has personality, as do a lot of the other on their street interviewers. I especially love checking out the 55hrs segment, which are interviews with folks and their plans for the weekend, oh and the fashion segment, I love the fashion segment. Think TMZ for Philly, but not in a stalkerazzi way, their subjects actually want to be interviewed (sorry Vincent if ur reading this, he’s my TMZ friend in NYC)

Over the past decade Ari Gold has released three albums on his own label Gold18 Records, including the most recent one, Transport Systems, which has been getting a lot of support on outlets like the LOGO cable channel.

His current single “Where The Music Takes You” broke into the top ten of Billboard Magazine’s Hot Dance Club Play chart last week. (“Love Will Take Over” from his previous album Space Under Sun was also a big dance club hit.) He’s also looked as a role model for the gay community because of his being openly gay from the start of his career. (Taken from Christopher Krakora interview on Philly Gay Calendar) Ari & Kelly rock it out and DJ Carl Michaels Thanks for all my Madonna plays, I just love her. I will be posting a few DJ Carl Michaels events on my calendar as soon as I have a moment. He is not to be missed.
he packs the floor Until next year when Steve McCann and his hot, sexy lifeguard friends will save you from another Friday night when you couldn’t make it to the beach. OK actually I know a dozen people who skipped going to the beach to attend this annual event which helps support bringing you another year of events, info, news and photos of the folks you want to see….
(And BTW for you folks that know me, you know I didn’t wear a Speedo – LOL)