Pearl Restaurant holds Pre-Party for Grand-Am/Ferrari Challenge/MotoST race weekend

The other night I received this invitation: Pearl and The WOT Group would like to extend an invitation for the upcoming Grand-Am/Ferrari Challenge/MotoST race weekend in Philadelphia. In layman’s terms it’s the Pre-Party of the inaugural Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series race at Thunderbolt Raceway in Millville, N.J., Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series – Event Info (Which you should look into attending this weekend, not only for the fast cars, but for you women the hot race car drivers. Who knew when you wash the grease off such hunks lie below) Wh

Race Car Driver Bryce Miller, Owner Gregory Loles, Race Car Driver Dirk Werner. Dirk Werner has really opened a lot of eyes this year, especially having to partner with a number of different teammates, with Bryce Miller is joining him for this weekends race.

The DJ pumps up the volmune. Women and men dance in place, for the more aerobic freestyle dance, you can find scantily clad women grooving their love thing closer to the back bar where there is plenty of space so “everybody free, feel good”

Elaine Grabar and Nicole Grable, and some guy who wishes he was in the photo?

Race Car Driver Dirk Werner making nice with the a few friendly Philadelphian’s Tina Winston and Tiffani McDonough (Either I have the names wrong, or the girl above is a twin, or both these girls should go watch the “Parent Trap”!)

OK these girls gave me their personal pocket camera’s and their gadgets did a much better job at focusing, as I mentioned last night, I got a new lense and am learning on the job. Thank god I’m not shooting Fashion Rocks here, ok seguway, I got credentialed today to shoot Fashion Rocks next Friday, so excited, don’t be hating, I will be sharing photos and stories from the red carpet. Here’s the guest list: Beyoncé, Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown, Kid Rock, Duffy, Fergie, Justin Timberlake, L’il Wayne, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Rihanna; OK back to matters at hand, these beautiful women are Nicole Birdoni, Elaine Grabar, Allison Parrish, Joanne Goodwin, Nicole Grable, and Aida Mancini

Jennifer DellaPenna and Amy Coccarone tear up the dance floor at Pearl

According to Philly Edge, “Pearl is a restaurant and a lounge, with the dominant discipline depending on what time of the day, or night, one visits. The later it is, the more likely that the dark upstairs lounge has overtaken the opulent dining area on the ground level in popularity.” John prepares to take a clean set glasses to the bar. Trust me its a fun crowd, not like the bridge and tunnel trying to be a fun crowd. But what I really recommend is the food. I ate dinner here right around the time they first opened, and the food was delicious very good best Thai/SE Asian. The design of the place is a far cry from the Little Pete’s decor that stood in it’s place for decades. It’s a great addition to the block. Now if only the Boyd folks could get their act together, it’s next door, and it’s an eyesore.

Audrey Lehr and Ali Weiner

Michael Himmelsbach and David Lloyd will race their motorcyle at the Millville track this weekend. In recent years they have combinded both racing events, cars and motorcyles. Motorcylist racers Michael Himmelsbach and David Lloyd. Both enjoyed the pre-party at Pearl in celebration of the inaugural Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series race at Thunderbolt Raceway.

Ada, just Ada enjoying a night out with Erik Ringden and Robin Stellwagem

OK now these are the type of photos I wanna take, jumping on the banquette Michell Woolston, Marian Ahmad and Genisis Guevania strike a pose for me. I begining to like this new lens, it seems so sharp in the darkness of the popular club.

Philly Edge states, “The lounge provides a haven for well dressed drinkers, who enjoy seeing and being seen and prefer liquor-instead-of-beer – understandable, as the cocktail menu stems more from mixology than necessity. Thought goes into the drinks. Proof: No faux mint Mojito here, instead sample a refreshing blend of shochu, ten cane, soho lychee, calpico and shiso.”

Seriously, if you’re not doing anything, and you want to do something fun this Labor Day weekend in the Philadelphia area, check out this event. You won’t regret it:

Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series – Event Info