A Halle Barry “Hail Mary” – Tipped off Leaving the Calvin Klein Store in NYC

OK I have one or two more non-Philadelphia entries and then I will be going full throttle covering the Philadelphia Scene once again. Today’s entry can be extrapolated to some of the events I shoot here in Philly, and that would be PR, promotion and advertising. Last Sunday night I photographed the red carpet event “40th Anniversary of Calvin Klein”. Many celebrities, and former models appeared. Including Halle Berry and her beau Gabriel Aubrey,

Monday I got a call from someone who tipped me off that Halle Barry was going to be shopping at the Calvin Klein store on the Upper East side. They said the call came from someone at CK; Halle was getting clothes and they were looking for PR which would result from the published photos. They wanted photographers that were respectful, and I was glad I made the cut. While there Richard Belzer from the TV show “Homocide” stopped by the shop, with his dog, to do a little shopping.
After waiting 90 minutes, Halle and Gabrielle popped out from the store. I was thinking to myself, does Halle know that someone from the inside tipped us off.

I later learned that she may not have specifically known, but knows it goes with the territory. Free clothes, free publicity; in addition its NYC an idling SUV with the celebrity plates (I can’t tell you how we can know which plates are the A List) and finally you see one photographer cooling their heels, and there’s always a chance that others will show up. The five of us did signal that none of us would call anyone else to limit the crowd. Of course 3 of the photographers were from the same agency. I think they thought it would be their exclusive, one of them even threatening to mess up my photo; I said bring it on. He backed off.
Later in the week my friend Janet sent this shot to me, which someone from another agency too from standing on a mailbox. There’s really only about 5 photographers and the rest are gathering gawkers. You can see me doing a “Hail Mary” as I was 2nd row shooting. Wish I had my ladder. You can’t tell much, but she is looking right at me smiling. She’s not upset that we are there. She knows the game, and plays it with class.