PHILADELPHIA PHASHION PHEST – Is this Philadelphia Fashion Week?

Earlier this week I wrote about the FBH Philadelphia Fashion Week [end], which had it’s 2nd year of shows, then we learned that in the Spring there will be another Philadelphia Fashion Week by an entirely different organization with a similar name, and Tuesday night I attended a fabulous fashion show at Joan Shepp’s store which I will write about tomorrow. Philadelphia is truly becoming a fashion force and I think it would be great if we could all coordinate the schedules and have these shows around the same time. If NYC can do it, and they are so large, friendly small town Philly can organize something special and create a Fashion Week showcasing local talent and international talent. Now on to Phashion Phest…High-end fashion may not immediately come to mind when you think of Philadelphia. But the city began to become a real couture magnet 15 years ago thanks to the Phashion Phest which put Philadelphia on the fashion map with it’s unique take on the fashion show.
But Monday night was reserved for the 15th annual Phashion Phest

Delaware Valley’s premier fashion event, showcasing the work of local designers, hair and makeup specialists, and accessory experts

Taking a page from the MET Gala in early May, Phasion Fest pays homage with the Super Hero theme for the night.
Salon L’Etoile crew’ Michael O’Connor, Mel Silverman & Jerry Yelber – Created this industrial setting for their models to create an edgy, but colorful environment for them to show off their hair styling. Although Mel’s been in this business for 51 years, it hasn’t stifled him, in fact L’Etoile is not just into spit curls, but knows what makes today’s women style current and fashionable.

According to the 9/13/07 Jewish Exponent ” At Salon L’étoile, located in Jenkintown and Manayunk, owner Mel Silverman talked about the upside of hairstyle change. “It’s been my experience that when a woman gets a new hairstyle — either a new cut, a different length or a new color — she feels hip and younger-looking, and upbeat about the changes. That’s what many of our women clients have told us, have told me. “This is especially true because of a new treatment for curly hair, for example, that totally straightens the hair and gives someone a completely new look.”
Chris Hein, Lesley Grigg and Ellen Wasser (HR in MMA Modeling Agency Staff)
Valerie Busillo and Nikki Foschini. Nikki has just returned to this area after living in Florida for a few years. Although she is not looking forward to winter, she is looking forward to seeing her family and friends at every moment possible. She and Valerie attended St. Maria “I have been friends with Valerie for 13 years and counting 😉 ”

My good friends – Jonathan Vendrick, VIP Guest Services Loews Hotel, Sarah Cooper Bobersky, Diane Johnson Tierney Communications, Matt Vlahos PR Red Tettemer and Jimmy Contreras Kimberly Boutique (Even if there’s no debate, you know where to go on Friday. We’re still serving Pigs in Blanket with a tad of lipstick!!)Esthetician / Makeup Artist’s Ali Teppel, Stacy McGinnis, Kimberly Goff and husband Nick Goff “Be good to yourself on the inside, and the outside will practically take care of itself.”

Studio Artur – Lauren Garrrett, Susi Claro, Madeline Carter and Stacy Carpenter

Chae Le, Jimmy & Thuy Le – Rapunzel’s Salon Homage to the classic style of the 1940’s
The girls of the Art Institute, all studying fashion marketing. Fashion meet your future
The kids at the Art Institute’s Environmental Design studies designed the stage

They are Sasha Carlson, Luke Schmura, Jose, Santiago, Christina Nokhoudian, Nacole McCitchen, Jessica Klein, R. Vincent Jones, Chris Basalatan, and Stephanie Minor,
Style PR Diva maven Sarah Doheny who really does bring style to Philadelphia and the Mainline
Ekanatha Lyapustina, Philly PR guru Anthony DiMeo III and Melissa Semeno

Genevieve Manzoni wearing a strapless dress her model brother created. A little fur on the shaven men
Lisa Sharkey, Aileen Gallagher, Josephine Cianfrani and Julie DiCecco from Salon DeSanne

My favorite part of the night, it’s like we need a little Christmas now!I didn’t get a gift bag as I was running to another event and didn’t want to crush anything, but I did get this shot and ask what was inside: Shampoo, coupons to a few salons and the newest issue of Philadelphia Magazine.