Café Cret operated by Capriccio Opens on the Parkway in Philadelphia with a reasonably priced Menu

TODAY at 11AM the gates come down and the doors open as the Center City District (CCD) is celebrates the completion of improvements to Three Parkway Plaza and the opening of Café Cret (pronounced “Cray”), operated by Capriccio. Check out their site:

operated by Capriccio.Invited speakers include:

  • Michael DiBerardinis, Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
  • Mark Focht, Executive Director, Fairmount Park Commission
  • Rose Hagan, Head of School, Friends Select

  • David Wagaman, Owner, Capriccio at Café Cret
  • Paul R. Levy, President & CEO, Center City District

The dedication of Three Parkway Plaza and opening of Capriccio at Café Cret, marks the completion of another major initiative by the CCD, in partnership with the Fairmount Park Commission, to enhance and animate public open space along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.
The café, which features indoor and outdoor seating, will be open seven days a week, year-round, generating revenue to support maintenance of the plaza and the Parkway. The café, named after one of the original designers of the Parkway, Paul Cret, will also serve as an information center for programs and events on The Parkway.

Photo and television opportunities: There will be a ribbon-cutting, with food sampling from Capprico and its vendors, along with entertainment from Parkway and nearby institutions, including Friends Select, Russell Byers Charter School, the Free Library of Philadelphia and others.
The menu is prominently displayed with the prices
Fresh Brewed coffee $1.55 1.75 1.85 to Peppermint White Mocha $4.15 4.70 5.00 and everything in between
Breakfast Burrito $3.95 with egg, cheese & bacon or sausage on a bagel for a bargain $2.99; Ice cream (I guess prices have gone up since I last had ice cream)
Cone or Dish $3.75 4.00 4.45 Milkshake $4.95 Jimmies & extra’s $.50
Sandwiches & Salads all very reasonable with grilled salmon on a bed of lettuce the most expensive at $7.95 and the rest falling below that price.
I am looking forward to this little nugget opening on the Parkway, not only because it’s on my route walking home, but it’s also a wonderful addition for tourist and compliments the area that was fashioned after the Champs Elysie, where many people sip a latte at their favorite cafe while writing in their travel journals, reading the paper or just people watching.