BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN CONCERT ON PARKWAY re: After Philadelphia Obama Concert then go to MIDTOWN VILLAGE FESTIVAL Plus The Philly Sign Grave Yard

After being such good sports in changing the date for the Midtown Village Festival to accomodate a charity event, now the festival is up against another important event; the Bruce Springsteen Obama Rally on the Parkway Saturday 10/4/08, but that’s not going to put a damper on the festivities, they know that after a day long voter registration & accostic set by Bruce, you’ll be thirsty, you’ll want to party, usher in the fall by heading over to Center City’s newest hotspot – Midtown Village to celebrate the fall festival for shopping, good food and then stop on by Octoberfest at McGillins or stop by there first and then head over to the shops and other activities planned that day. (I know after the Bruce event I’m heading over there, I will be pumped and want to continue the party and McGillin’s is a must stop)
There’s a reason Gourmet magazine — named McGillin’s one of the 14 coolest bars in the U.S. because it is…The last time we visited McGillins Old Ale House was for St. Patrick’s Day and really is there any other place you’d want to be for Octoberfest either.

On Saturday join Chris Mullins, his dad and the entire McGillin’s staff in helping you kick off Octoberfest. As usual McGillin’s is going on all with a tented area along Drury Lane, Karaoke, food and beer, lot’s and lot’s of delicious beer for you to get into the spirit. Celebrate King Ludwig’s wedding. Octoberfest beers & food. Through Midtown Village Festival – Beer Garden, music & karaoke.
Did you know that besides being one of the City’s oldest bars, McGillin’s displays many of the signs that used to adorn some of Philadelphia’s iconic businesses.
While I was there for lunch yesterday another Philadelphia establishment was preparing to change their name and they dropped off the old sign to be displayed at the bar. Commerce Bank is just about to undergo a name change after being bought by Canada’s TD Bank.
So really after the Springsteen Obama Voter Registration Rally stop by the Midtown Festival, I mean you have to go in that direction for public transportation, so why not just stop on by. Midtown is 13th Street between Chestnut and Walnut streets; Sansom Street between Juniper and 12th Streets; and Drury Lane which will all be closed to traffic so that visitors can stroll the street and enjoy the food, fun and music. Festival runs from 12 Noon til 8PM, but the bars and restaurants will be open til 2AM, so get your party on.