Bruce Springsteen came to MY HOMETOWN Philadelphia to rally the citizens to register to vote before the cut off on Monday 10/6/08 (I actually witnessed folks registering, it’s more shocking to me than any damage W regime has done to our country in the past 8 yrs that folks in their 30s and 40s never vote, it’s our priviledge as we are Born in the USA)
“We tried this four years ago,” said Springsteen, who held concerts for then-Democratic nominee John Kerry and headlined yesterday’s get-out-the-vote rally for Obama in Center City. “This time, we’re winning.” We’re Waiting on a Sunny Day!!
A few speakers kicked off the rally
In the front of the line, but sadly behind the press section, huge Bruce Obama fans Lynn and Chuck Timberman with friends Dave and Judy Price. (Right click and save this photo for your use) Give Peace A Chance!
Bruce arrives and hugs an Obama volunteer. I bet she doesn’t wash that shirt for a long time.
It’ll be a Lonesome Day if Barrack doesn’t win the election
MC, radio host Angelo Cataldi
This Friday Obama will be all over Philadelphia making at least 4 appearances inlcuding:

Friday, October 10, 2008
4:45 p.m.
(Please arrive promptly)
Sheraton Philadelphia Hotel
(formerly the Wyndham Plaza)
17th & Race Street

Guest of Honor
Price Per Person or Couple
Donor – $1,000
Host Committee – $2,500
Co-Chair – $5,000 R.S.V.P.
Please complete the Donor Response Form and mail it
with your check or credit card payment to:PA for Obama
P.O. Box 22403
Philadelphia, PA 19110

Contact Malcolm Lazin at

Nanci Ashback, Austin Hodges, Linda, Liz and Ronald Wagner help Philly’s economy by visiting the Art Museum, eating lunch at TGI Fridays and they were going to catch the concert in the late after noon. PCC says: Obama for Change, change let’s not “Stay the Course” as Buch famously says. How’s the course going for you so far?
Volunteers Erin Farrell and Mary Beth Galex – Thanks for your service in working towards a Change for the future. The next president will probably nominate a Supreme Court Justice, do we really want have a really conservative Supreme Court for the next 20 years?
Lori Reinhart, Ted Mieczkowski, Cassin and Manly Parks also volunteer. Thanks to the volunteers, with appreciation were right up front near the stage. Better Days are ahead.
Springsteen cited the Iraq war, the recent economic turmoil and Hurricane Katrina as examples of the Bush administration’s failures. He bookended the set with his rock classic “Promised Land” and Woody Guthrie’s folk anthem, “This Land is My Land.”
The crowds are let into the staging area
Alexandraia Khahil, Stephen Gordon and Tracy Sands
The Obama camp says its registration efforts have helped give Democrats a 1.2 million-voter advantage over Republicans in Pennsylvania, up from a 580,000-voter lead in 2004. The most recent Quinnipiac University poll, conducted late last month, showed Obama with a 54 percent to 39 percent lead over Republican John McCain among likely state voters.
Friends who don’t discuss politics, much. Republicans Greg Savoy and Irene Kelemen with Democrats Lisa Fanelli and Wayne Malosky. Lisa says she had accessorized to make up for her GOP friends. I asked Greg if it bothers him that Bruce espouses his political views, he says, it’s widely accepted that celebrities endorse what we wear, buy, eat and those are paid endorsements; he’s glad that Bruce has an opinion, gives his time to endorse it. (For the record, celebrities who endorse that other ticket, a few surprises and more than one crazy person: Chuck Norris, Mel Gibson, James Wood, Mary Lou Retton, Clint Eastwood, Dennis Hopper, The Rock, Angie Harmon, Bruce Willis, Ted Nugent, Susan Lucci, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.)
Sarah Palin sneaks into the Bruce Springsteen concert to show her support
Opening acts

Wanda Sykes Tears Into Sarah Palin. Funny! “I think that there should be a list. And people who don’t vote, we should make a big list, and anything that bad happens, they should get it first. Years from now when we’re driving around in our electric cars, we should still make them pay $12 for gas.”

Now this is really the women about town Donna Coghlan with Charlie Pasquala
Photographers get a birds eye view of the parkway. I couldn’t do this for two reasons, high anxiety and I would have missed the first 2 Bruce songs and probably would have jumped off if I had to miss the entrance pictures.

One of my favorite Phila Inquirer photographers, April Saul took this photo from the above position
Bruce greets Sen Bob Casey as Gov Rendell looks onTim Clinton and Even Clinton, Tracy Gordon, Alexandria Kahlel – who has been a volunteer since the NH primary, Terri & Dana Walton are big Obama and Bruce fans, Lisa & Eir Pfieifer and Anna Pohlscheidt who would vote for Obama if she wasn’t from Germany. Obama is the best choice for the world.
Shocking that anyone would vote for the other ticket because Obama didn’t pick Hillary as his running mate. As a Hillary supporter myself, I just have to say especially to my gay friends, get with reality, this isn’t big brother and you’re out for revenge to whip Obama for being bad and not going with what should have been the obvious choice, no this is about your future, our future, your civil rights future, it’s about the US Supreme Court choice, about extending the war, about citizen’s left behind, health care, and especially Vote for Obama if you make less than $250k. A McCain vote is a sign of insanity, “Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result,”

Help Obama return us to the “Glory Days”, can all these celebrities be wrong. We watch their shows, we buy their products, we buy the magazines to read about them, we let George W Bush drive this country to it’s knees. It’s gonna cost you$6ks to bail out your fellow man from the George Bush financial meltdown. Of course Iraq has a $60 million surplus, how much of that is our money? Iraq has the new schools, thank you US citizen’s, and how much has Vietnam help you out since we tried to liberate them?
One of my favorite photos, but I must confess I held back some of my best shots as they have been sent to my photo agency in NYC/Europe