Yesterday was a crazy busy day for me. I was the “Official” Photographer for the Philadelphia AIDS Walk, then it was off to celebrate my friend Alan Greenberger’s new post as Director of City Planning and finally whew a big shindig at the Comcast Center for the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, so that is why this entry is abbreviated with just a few photos and not much commentary, but enjoy these visuals and at some point I hope to add a few words, especially about the sponsors, and perhaps to chide the hundreds of gay men I see out in the clubs that didn’t bother to show up for the walk, visibility is our strength too!!
Kristen Welker
Mayor Nutter and Robb Reichard
Don’t become a victim of AIDs, educate yourself, wear a condom, abstain from sex, know your partner, Two mourners at the AIDS Quilt; I would like to say the names of a few of my friends who have died from AIDS and I keep in my prayers every night, Wayne Cohen, Michael Root, Joe Greenwood from Atlanta who just died last week and my best friend Shawn who died in 1992.
Thanks to the thousands who did get out of bed on this cold day to help others who may not be able to help themselves
Here’s Mike and two of our friends we ran in along the route. Mike has been the Route monitor Coordinator for 12 years now…
Thanks Walgreen, on this table were mysterious goodie bags for the walkers
AIDs is preventable.
Go Phillies
It was great to see so many people come out to support a cause that affects many of us.
A supportive family I will write about tonight
A colorful duo
The Finish Line
I do plan a write up, but in the meantime checkout the Photo Album to see if your photo is there, if it is just right click and save it to your computer. – Now you will see how crazy I am by the amount of photos I took. Click below: