Because today there’s another Philadelphia Phillie Pep Rally and it’s at the Reading Terminal; Phillie’s Fever has hit town – RTM site states: Join 1980 World Series champion Dickie Noles and former pitcher and current Comcast SportsNet analyst Ricky Bottalico in Center Court at Noon (12PM). We will also have music from the Fralinger String Band. Help cheer the Phils on to victory in the World Series. Remember, wear something RED!
But before you go to the rally I suggest you stop of at this little nugget of a place to pick up a shirt, hat or gift. Sure a lot of people have jumped on the Red bandwagon, but I thought this shop was unique as it is a dedicated “Phillies shopping destination” across from my Godiva Chocolate dessert stop, as long as the Phillies are hot, this store is hot. I found it while walking around Liberty One today and it was crowded at 3PM… After checking out the various shirts, and almost picking up a couple of pink one’s, Lillian and Janice settled on the tradional red “Phillies Champion” shirts
I asked Lisa where she was going to wear her pretty in pink Phillies Champion Shirt. She had a most interesting story as she was heading up north to take a deposition of a prisoner, and would just have to find a local restaurant to catch the game. I noticed Lisa’s huge ring with the pink crystal. She told me she bought it across the mall at Swarovski, it was a limited edition Breast Cancer item. I stopped by Swarovski’s on my way back to the office. They told me the iconic Nirvana Ring (retail $260) is sparkling in pink in support of The Libby Ross Foundation’s Yoga Program for Breast Cancer Survivors. Only 2,000 of these sparkling rings will be produced, so hurry to your local Swarovski boutique or
Then there’s Frank Welsh of FranklyLegal (gotta love that name) purchased a few ties for himself, and flags to hang around the office. No doubt when those afternoon games came up he took a long lunch.You’ll need some Money! Moola! Credit! Cash! but not too much because the prices seemed really reasonable. I bought two onesies for my sisters new boy Beau for only $20 and a beer bottle insulator for $10, so basically you need the moola for multiple purchases, see Frank above (check out these Phillies Dollar Bills; it’s not surprising that Victorino is the big seller. They are $5 each and very realistic)I did take a photo of the sign for your convenince. Most shirts are $20 like my favorite one

This one was my favorite, plain and to the pointAnd it seemed to be very popular with a the people I saw wondering around Liberty Place
as I scoped out the place
and there was an occasional paired with kick ass boots and black jacket. Suitable for work attire this week.
As I made my way home I ran into the Obama folk at 16th and Chestnut. “That Guy” is getting into the spirit too and I had to have all three. So enjoy the games, the excitement, the anticipation, and the sea of red this week
And Go Phillies!!