The other night I attended the Cashman & Associates 7th Anniversary Party. The weather was unbelievable the party went off without a hitch, but would you really expect anything less at a Cashman event?In 1999, when Nicole Cashman was PR for the May Company in Philadelphia, she was featured in The Philadelphia Magazine as one of “100 Power People”;

I don’t know where those other 99 people are, but Nicole’s star has steadily risen since then through her hard work and determination to do a job well. Setting up her own firm, Cashman & Associates, by the end of 1999, she went on to create a standard in the industry on how to throw a party, a special event or a product launch to serve her client in a way that hadn’t been done perfected or received well by those before her. Nicole and her mom 10/10/08.
Behind the successful Cashman is the equally qualified Cashman Associates. At the entrance of the office, on a shelf holds the many awards that have been given to Nicole, which really represents all the hard work the associates have put into the business too. They work as a team as well as giving individual attention to each client, and what impresses me the most is they are all friends with each other, respect each other and take direction when it is given. Heck I appreciate the direction they give me.Cashman & Associates is: Scott Barnes, Ashley Schaffer, Ellie Kosarek, Holly Dean, Carrie Nork-Minnelli, Krista, Jaclyn Fisher, Dana Lombardo, Krista Fumo , Kayce Cashman, Bob and in front Susan and Nicole Cashman make up Cashman & Associates .
In an interview with NBC10 a few years back Nicole’s advice to young people starting out in business: “I think the word of advice that I can give anybody is to absolutely stick to your guns. You know, believe in your abilities,” Cashman said. Nicole Shiner and Nicole Ross of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, flank Nicole Cashman.
Nicole’s sister Kayce, is featured in this months most Eligible Singles in Philadelphia Magazine, which is a list of the movers and shakers in the business world. Kaycee is one of the girls that you really wanted to know in school, and you probably did. Like Nicole, she’s outgoing, doesn’t put on airs and has an eclectic group of friends. She’s a people person.
Carolyn Sabatini, Dina Pietropaolo John and Lisa DeBella. The DeBella’s are not only “celebrity” guests at many of the Cashman client events, but they are friends too, as I have seen them as recently as at the Please Touch Museum gala enjoying each other’s company. It’s the real thing. When I first began shooting the Cashman event’s I was a bit starstruck by seeing John DeBella as I grew up in the ’70s during the powerhouse years and now enjoy him spinning the classics on WMGK. What a thrill for me to get to chat with him and his lovely wife Lisa at the party, and find that they are really a regular Philly folk. I had a long discusion with Lisa on life and things, and well we barely know each other. You really are judge by the company you keep, and the Cashman company has the same familiar tone when dealing with people.
It’s fun to meet the people I read about in the paper everyday, the Cashman friends and clients. It says alot when someone is able to share in the celebration of your firms anniversary party. L-R – Bart Blatstein, Andy Rillasci, Adam Lisausky, Bruce Reinfeld, Phil Balderston
The next generation of movers and shakers include, Jimmy Contreras of Kimberly Boutique (who is singled out on this months Philadelphia Mag as being a super single, Jason Lewis, Councilwomen Blondell Reynold-Browns Communication Director and the man about town PR extraordinaire Matthew Vhalos (Now I know Matt is one of my good friends, but I sincerely believe in his vision and talent. If he isn’t on the Philadelphia Magazine’s “One to Watch” in the next few years, well then I think they would be making a big mistake; you won’t see him on the most eligible single list as he has set up house in honeymoon bliss.)
Disclosure: It was at a Cashman event, last December 6, that cemented the idea turning Philly Chit Chat into a Philadelphia Social Diary covering events, the people that go to the events, and the goings on, but I can assure you it’s their goodwill and professionalism that is associated with the Cashman firm that inspires me to write this piece about them, after all nowadays I can really pick and choose what events I want to cover, my dance card is full especially since I have launched my event photography business.

So take my word on it, Nicole Cashman has created a niche in the promotion of a client by throwing successful parties, getting the press they need to get, while also creating an experience where the guests will talk about you for days, months to come. They create the buzz that’s needed.One of the principles at the Cashman firm is Dana Lombardo and her boyfriend TJ; the other is Carrie Nork-Minelli (see slide show at the bottom of this entry)
Stephen Starr Events did the entire party – they did food & specialty cocktails from each of their restaurants
Nicole Cashman and Councilwomen Blondell Reynolds-Brown. Nice people attract nice people.
Matt Goodwin(Wired 96.5), Patty Macholvo and David Krieger (Wired 96.5)
Pod served sushi throughout the night
Cashman Associate in charge of Give the Shirt Off Your Back! Gala this Friday, Halloween at 210 West Rittenhouse (SeePCC calendar), Ashley Kramer with her family. Ashley is one of the first of the cashman Assocs. that I worked with and is really one of the sweetest people I have met. It was that first meeting that put me at ease photographing their events. I mean here is this guy who wants to do something that no one else really has done, cover social events on a blog, but Nicole and Ashley really welcomed me and made the experience a memorable one which sparked the thought hmm social coverage.
Where Magazine! Editor and cabaret singer who has a few upcoming gigs, Karen Gross
in the Cashman lobby. I love the exposed brick and the clean lines. Very modern and efficient.Michael Fitzgerald, John Colabelli, with galpal Lauren O’Dorisio (who has sworn me to secrecy about some good news that should come out today), Nicole Cashman looking beautiful in blue and next to her is Matthew West.
Another sweet as can be PR Paige Wolf and her hubby Mike Bederka; Congratulations to Paige and her write up this week in BoHo

Then it was on to Washington Square for the after party. It was a nice surprise to run into Rich Wolf and Susan Helfrich there who have seemed to drop off of the social circuit. Rich is busy lining up film projects for the new production company he is building. With him is a handsome guy named Mike, ok it’s my Mike. He’s the best, he lets me go out and cover all this for you.
NYC Fox Karen Hepp_Kim Cullen_ CN8 Leslie Padilla;
Hepp has been commuting to NYC since she took a job with Fox there, rumblings have her coming back to Philly maybe in the future.
Jeff and his Dr partner, Laura Burkhardt and Bruce Yelk, had earlier attended the Indigo Ball benefiting the William Way Center, now join the party at Washington Square.The party was such a smashing success and spontaneous dancing broke out. I have to say I really enjoyed myself, their was no pretense, just good fun with a lot of mixing of the various groups. Damn that John Bolaris for not telling me that Kerri-Lee Halkett went off and got married. I asked him where she was.
I had never been inside WS, and it was an impressive place. I hear it could be a permanent event space, which would be terrific. In last weeks Dan Gross’ column:


The Phillies took over the space that formerly housed Stephen Starr’s Washington Square restaurant for a Saturday-night National League victory party whipped together in 48 hours by PR/event planners Cashman & Associates. Hosts were Chase and Jen Utley, Pat and Michelle Burrell, and Jamie and Karen Moyer, and attendees included Charlie Manuel, Shane Victorino, Ryan Howard, Greg Dobbs, Joe Blanton, Brad Lidge, Geoff Jenkins, Kyle Kendrick, Jayson Werth and So Taguchi. Starr Events catered with sushi from Pod, carved beef from Barclay Prime, guac from El Vez, and bites from Jones, Continental and Alma de Cuba.
not the end, check out the slideshow below