Philadelphia Magazine’s Singles Event

I’m flattered that Philly Magazine reads my blog and has reported it in their latest issue in the gossip Brooke de la Villanova section that maybe Nina Tinari and Stewart Bradley are an item as I questioned on an entry I made a few days after this entry at the Philadelphia Style Magazine party where I took a photo of them together here:

Nina assures me they are just friends and really who wouldn’t want to be friends with either of them, they are both so hot.

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On Wednesday, November 5, 2008, Philadelphia magazine celebrated the launch of its November “Singles” issue. The event, which took place at 10 Arts in The Ritz-Carlton, featured Philadelphia’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. Our first single, Kenneth, was one of the handful of people found on the street to be photographed for either the cover or the random people inside mag. I know Kenneth a tad, he’s intellectual, loyal to his college, an idealist and is a nice guy. He’s one of my Facebook Friends so if you want him befriend him.
In Michael Kleins column on Sunday there was this:
Eagles linebacker Stewart Bradley got much attention at Wednesday’s Philadelphia Magazine singles-issue launch party at 10 Arts at the Ritz-Carlton. Bradley, who just turned 25, told photog HughE Dillon that he’s looking for a woman who not only has common interests but also can cope with his travel schedule and what he called the groupie effect. Must be something like a West Coast offense.

Not single Matt Vlahos, Single, but dating Diane Johnson, single Jennifer Karwoski, Single Stewart Bradley, married Chrissy Schaeffer, Jimmy “I’m No Longer Single” Contreras, Single Lauren Jacobsen, and Nina Tinari (who won’t be single long, I mean look at those legs)

This has nothing to do with this post, but as I write this I am watching “Wife Swap”, I have five episodes in my Tivo, I’m up to the 2nd one, anyway I love this show. It almost motivates me to pick up my socks and empty the dishwasher.

Anyway here is Carrie Nork Minelli, NBC10’s Mac Francis who tells me that he would never hit on a women at the gym, and probably not the first time he met her. He likes to take it casual and doesn’t believe in love at first sight. (I do if you were curious) and then there’s Matt Vlahos who has de-singled oh wait Michael Klein broke that story too on 10/30/08

Briefly noted

November’s Philadelphia Magazine is out with a photo spread of eligible singles. Those darn deadlines. Jimmy Contreras, co-owner of Kimberly Boutique, recently became ineligible after setting up house with publicist Matthew Vlahos. They’re now “out” on their Facebook profiles.

Deputy Mayor Frank Aiello of East Greenwich Township. Single Italian, looking for a girl that would get along with mom.
Melissa Sanns and Gavin Waters like to meet dates through friends, and believes that Parc is a good place to meet someone
Kristen Johanson, Pat O’Neill, single Torrie Williams and Mike Walsh, all these folks work with Good Day Philadelphia
A Philly Mag Reviewer states: 10 Arts is a great place for every day casual dining. The food is some of the best in Philadelphia and priced reasonably. The global wine list has something to please every palate. The scene in the lobby is vibrant and sexy. Eric Ripert has created a Philadelphia dining destination!
After a few drinks, I think Melissa Sanns and Gavin Waters think the 10Arts is a good place to meet someone
Val Yeager and Ashley Primo
Carol Tinari, Holly Kinser, Nino Tinari, Molly McNtess (OK I realize there’s some kind of misspelling there) and Nina Tinari. (I do believe black is still in, good for Holly Kinser venturing out in red. I have photographed Tina in Tibi yellow Tibi Cocktail Dress)

OK I am up to the 4th Wife Swap. This show must be the idea of women, because it’s the men who seem to learn a lot and end up helping with the dishes in the future.

Beth Ann Platt with brother publisher of Philly Mag Larry Platt and Meryl Adis, of Lagos

Chef and my new facebook friend, Jill Schoenfeld, married NBC10’s Jayne Laychak, StudioTEN’s Megan Stecher and Stewart Bradley. The girls divert their eyes from Stewarts baby blues to see something interesting on his blackberry, hopefully its his phone number, as two of these girls are single and mingling.
L-R Dawn Hood, Angela Miles and Amanda Ashley. Dawn just moved here from Florida, and although she’s not a big fan of the cool weather, she does love Fairmount Park and believes she will meet the man of her dreams along the drives.

L-R Allison Boswell, Staci Zemble, Robert Winn, Jacqueline Boswell, Nicole Greene and Carlos Melendez
Torrie Williams checking out which singles might be hanging out at 10 Arts that she could meet and introduce to her mother in one fell swoop
l to r : Valerie Yaeger, Corie Moskow, Melissa Bizzak, Tracy Seng, Christy Speer (editor who did the whole Singles package in magazine – also wrote story about 15 dates), and Zoey Sless-Kitain (Thanks for letting me come by and shoot your event Philly Mag girls)

On Friday, October 31, 2008, the Foundation for Breast & Prostate Health held its 14th-annual Give the Shirt Off Your Back fund-raiser at the Rittenhouse Hotel. The event was a black-tie, Venetian-masked ball with dinner, drinks and dancing. Proceeds benefited the Foundation for Breast and Prostate Health. Photography By Hugh E Dillon (**I have to say it was one of the hardest shoots for me, but I can’t give away Philly Mag’s secrets to good photos, and I have to say these photos were some of my best. Now going forward we will all benefit)

Check out the Photos here: Philly Magazine Party Photos