Paula Jones Slept Here or Why thePennsylvania Film Production Tax Credit Program is Important to Pa & Philadelphia!

A few weeks before two evil republicans, Rep. Ron Marsico, R-Dauphin and State Sen. Patricia Vance, R-York and Cumberland sought to repeal the Pennsylvania Film Production Tax Credit Program tax credit, the film office celebrated another successful year in attracting films to be shot in our area. L-R: Executive Director of GPFO, Sharon Pinkenson and Joan Bressler – Director, Greater Philadelphia FilmmakersOn Monday, Philadelphia’s Film Office lashed back, saying the tax credits have attracted business that would not otherwise come to Pennsylvania. (ie Tourism – I live across from the Rocky steps & statue and that film was made over 30 yrs ago. How many people are going to see the newly released Marley & Me and want to visit the Ritz that can proudly say Jennifer Aniston snored here!
Or “In Her Shoes”, Cameron Diaz walked along 21st and Sansom, or who can forget the Sixth Sense. Lauren Graham and Jeff Daniels filmed right at 21st & Delancty in April, Demi Moore and Parker Posey in May. My photos were published in People, people are interested in celebrities, Philadelphia is in the films, people will come. How can you measure that, you just know it will happen?)
Pinkenson stated “It is unfortunate that Rep. Marsico does not understand how the tax credit is crucial to the ongoing and growing film industry in Pennsylvania,” the Film Office said in a statement. “We know next year’s budget is going to be tight and there will be a battle over the film industry tax credits, as other groups try to get more for their own industries.”
The program, in its second year, provides a 25 percent tax credit to films that spend at least 60 percent of their budget in the state. For the current fiscal year, the program is capped at $75 million.The Greater Philadelphia Film Office is a film commission that creates jobs and grows the film and video industry in the region. The Film Office officially serves southeastern Pennsylvania. The office claims film-and-video production has generated $2 billion in economic impact since 1992, the year the office was created.
Nicole Ross, Director, Marketing & Multicultural Affairs, kicks her heels up at the party
Paula Jones stopped by as she was preparing to co-star in a movie about Bill Clinton called “The Blue Dress”; Former Mayoral candidate Sam Katz was very interested in hearing how she was going to prepare for the role.
Oh wait I just checked the web site: The Blue Dress – Starring Paula Jones and Matthew Lesko, will The Blue Dress, with a budget of just less than a million dollars, be the independent movie hit of 2009?

Paula asked me not to take any bad pictures of her, especially with her mouth opened. I told her I would try, but I was going to be shooting my favorite candid shots. She didn’t know what candid meant and kept pointing at me.Mary and Matt owe me a phone call, I thought I would blackmail them with this photo. If they call, I might take it off.
This was the press release put out the day after the GPFO Party:

Paula Jones, star of “The Blue Dress,” a comedy about Bill and Monica, [would like to thank the City of Philadelphia]. Finishing her first visit to the “City of Brotherly Love,” Ms. Jones will share her experiences, including her warm welcome by the Greater Philadelphia Film Office. From eating her first genuine Philly Cheesesteak to admiring the City’s architecture, to socializing with the many supporters of the arts, Ms. Jones is already looking forward to her return for filming in the Spring.

‘The Blue Dress’ (PG-13) is a non-political comedy about a lonely President Bill Clinton who meets Monica, an intern who is infatuated with him (inspired by the Starr Report). The movie revolves around their secret affair from July 1995 to January 1998, during the Paula Jones lawsuit. The film ends when Matt Drudge, founder of uses the Internet to finally scoop broadcast news of the biggest presidential scandal since Watergate.
I didn’t always keep my promise about the mouth thing. but she kept pointing as if to tell me she knew i was there. She was sweet though, with her southern accent and charm.
Daniel ‘The Wig Man’ Vovak, (born May 15, 1972) is an executive producer and ghostwriter for Greenwich Creations, a production company for movies and books.

Vovak was given the nickname “The Wig Man” by John DiStaso, senior political reporter at the New Hampshire (Manchester) Union Leader.[20] According to his website, Vovak wears the wig because:

  1. It is a clever idea to help movie audiences remember him,
  2. It saves millions of dollars in advertisements with free media coverage,
  3. It evokes the Whig roots of the Republican Party and its reliance on the founders’ version of the United States Constitution.[22]

Mr. Vovak told me that he is filming this movie in Philadelphia because of the Tax Credits. He will then go to D.C. to film the exteriors. So whether you like the subject matter or not, I welcome their money to the Delaware Valley, and especially for employing our film crew, staying in our hotels and eating at our fine restaurants.