I explained earlier this week that my computer is ill so I am unable to write about anything new as we are recovering the photos from the past 6 weeks. These are photos I took (2001 – 2006) before I went pro. These photos have something to do with Philly and were on my laptop, or as I like to call it, another back up of my favorite photos. I took this photo of Oprah during the 2001 NBA All Star Game Weekend here in Philly. I have shot Oprah more than a dozen times.
Actor Christian Campbell is in town this week working on an upcoming project. I saw him enter the Gallery today, wanted to grab him and tell him to go to Liberty Place or anywhere else. I had just gone walked through and the place was crawling with folks who looked like they were in the movie “Dawn of the Dead.” (2005)

Howard Stern’s Wife (GF here) Beth Ostrosky. August 18, 1986 in History. Event: Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on WYSP 94.1 FM (2005)

TO at the David Letterman show doing a stunt. According to National Post: Of all the Terrell Owens-related news that would come as a surprise — Terrell Owens cut by the Dallas Cowboys, Terrell Owens will return to the Dallas Cowboys, Terrell Owens runs over actual cowboys while admiring himself in rearview mirror — the news that Owens is getting a reality show ranks very near the bottom of the list.

But that is what is happening, and boy, it’s just what this economy needs. No, wait. It is almost the last thing that the economy needs. (2006)Ben Vereen was just in town to entertain at the Marian Anderson Awards last November. This was taken after a Katrina Charity Event I attended in NYC with Liza Minelli and Bernadette Peters. Bernadette’s husband was killed in a helicopter accident later that night.
Laura Linney nothing to do with Philly, but she just won a SAG award and I love her. This event was a Broadway Cares event that happens yearly, when you can see a lot of your favorite celebs, get an autograph and a photo with for a donation to charity.
Regis Philbin leaves the David Letterman show. Letterman tapes two shows on Monday, Monday’s and Friday’s. If I travel to NYC I try and incorporate Monday’s so I can get at least 4 celebs in one fell swoop. The stage door is on 43rd Street, midway down the block. Celebs often stop and sign autographs there. It’s a great place to get shots for the photographers and I have had about 3 photos in People Mag after capturing a few here.
Liza Minnelli helped the Prince Theater celebrate their 10th Anniversary last year. I caught her outside the Pierre Hotel in NYC at an event I read she would be attending. I knew if I stood near the ashtray she would come out eventually, and she did. This is the Prince of Spain. His mother was being honored at this event. Liza was jonesing it as I wanted the photo b4 she had her cigarette.
Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman. Paul Newman. In 2005, Paul Newman wanted to bring auto racing to Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Thankfully it faced opposition in City Hall and from the institutions that would be affected by the estimated $800,000 in renovation costs. Plus they would have taken out one of the Fairmount ball fields.
Felicia P. Fields (the original Sofia) in the Color Purple, also did the road show which stopped by Philly in 2008. I believe I have the only two “Color Purple” posters signed by the entire original cast, which I bought at a Broadway Cares event, and later had signed by Oprah when she rang the Nasdaq Bell. One of my photographer friends took a photo of Oprah signing the poster which makes it even worth more money. Someday I may donate one of them to a charity if I think they can get the $1,000 that I know it is worth. (Or if my portfolio tanks anymore I may need to sell it to eat in my old age)
A shot of Lil Kim leaving MTV’s TRL the night before she was to be incarcerated in Philadelphia for a year. (I photographed her last February at the Marc Jacobs fashion show right after she got out, and she looked fabulous)Just because I love her so much. I took this 9/05 at my first Fashion Week. Gwen was on her way to the tents to show her first collection of LAMB.