The Pennsylvania Groundhog tries to escape his Shadow – Plus Monday at Noon in City Hall Courtyard celebrate Groundhogs Day

Remember to scroll all the way to the bottom to read about a special Groundhog Event Monday at Noon in Phila City Hall Courtyard, and maybe you will be on PhillyChitChat, if you want.

I was at the Reading Terminal Market the other day and noticed these flyer’s regarding the missing Pennsylvania Groundhog, which is just unacceptable this close to Groundhog day next Monday. Seems he was in a bit of an accident according to

Someone wants him to stay underground maybe in an attempt to stem global warming
Who could be so dastardly…why it’s Shadow

Maybe the Reading Terminal security guards are in on it, as they point in the direction where they last saw the Groundhog scurry. Captured and on his way back to his hole
and punished by Shadow as he gives him a swift kick in the tail
Just “Me and My Shadow

But Groundhog won’t give up without a fight, he wants Spring to come as soon as possible, don’t you, if not to just shut up the alarmist weather guessers of Philadelphia, especially the bow tie guy who predicted a very snowy winter including 6 inches in December.

This year is the 5th anniversary of the Pennsylvania’s Groundhog tourism advertising and Philebrity is giving away a plate to commemorate the celebration, as well has having a video of this incredible event.
Last year I told you about:

A Groundhog Day Celebration – Jan and John Haigis lead a sing-along of their Groundhog Day Carols at City Hall

Every year in the Courtyard of Philadelphia City Hall, local musicians Jan and John Haigis lead a sing-along of Groundhog Day Carols to celebrate the changing seasons

So look for The Haigis to lead you in song (songbooks for sale) on Groundhogs Day in Philadelphia City Hall Courtyard at Noon on Monday. How unique is that?