IT SNOWED AND I TOOK A FEW PIXS, wish I had taken more

After the “surprise” snowstorm last night, I took a few photos on my way to work
I think this could be next year’s Christmas/Holiday Card. Happy Valentine Day!!
The Clothespin was more beautiful than this morning. Claes Oldenburg’s 45-foot-high, 10-ton sculpture stands in front of the Center Square Building at 15th and Market Streets, near City Hall. Dedicated in time for the 1976 Bicentenial, some people describe it as two people kissing, others say the metal clip is in the shape of 76 on purpose, but I think they all look that way.A different look of the Park Hyatt at the Bellvue, but if I titled that incorrectly I am sure Molly or Anna will correct me. (This is the view from my office, but not my office)

At lunch I ran down to Independence Park where my other favorite building is located. Do you know which one is my first fav building?This is the window closest to my cubicle. Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler are not staying at the Ritz, I would know it’s that building on the far right and I have binoculars.
I work for a great attorney, he always tells me when the sunsets are perfect and yells for me to grab my camera. (The others are great to, calling me or emailing me to do the same)

This evening I was in the middle of finishing a research memo for him, when he called for me to catch the sunset. I told him I really needed to wrap this memo up, and he was like put it aside and before these shots are gone.
A few weeks earlier he called me over for these shots, I urge him to get a digital ’cause he has a great eye, but he still swears by his film camera.
I must have photographed over 1,000 times last year and never caught
the Owl Eyes