OSCAR PARTY PHOTOS PHILADELPHIA Traverse Theater and Philadelphia Style Magazine

Last year I don’t recall one Oscar viewing party in Philadelphia, this year our cup runneth over and I was invited to at least four, I had planned to go to three of them but as time was limited I made it to two and am glad to share them with you today. I set out on this journey with cousin Jess, Andrew and my MikeThe first event we went to supported a new theater in Philadelphia, specifically a GLBT theater called the Traverse Arts Project (TAP) TThe festival goal is to promote the careers and visibility of independent, emerging and moderately established artists that identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Transgender, or Queer. Almost 6 months ago I met a beautiful women named Desiree who told me about the Traverse Theater and how they were planning to have an Oscar party and if I could come out and cover it. I was excited as I recalled the years gone by party at the Franklin Institute and how I never went to them, and often watched the show alone at home or at my sister’s Tracy.

Then Desiree offered me an “Inkind” sponsorship with I wrote about the event beforehand, well that was a done deal I really believed in this event and planned to cover it so it was extra icing on the cake to get a sponsorship title which entailed me being listed in the booklet, mentioned on the website and Desiree even thanked me in public with the rest of the sponsors. That was kinda exciting to me, and of course will help drive peeps to my sight to check out the events around town, and my coverage. The event was held at the Ethical Center on Rittenhouse Square. An impressive diverse crowd came out which was awesome. In this economy it’s brave that a theater organization is willing to take a chance to do something creative, as well as creating a specific kinda of entertainment.
Checking out the scene was Doug Levering (who’s looking forward to Philly Beer Week) and Del Val Legacy Fund Treasurer, Josh Womer sporting a stylish hat. Looks good and not everyone can pull off that look. Me personally round head, made to look rounder with a hat like this.
A Trio of Style worthy of any red carpet. Christine Fisher, butterflies in hairband, Colleen Corcoran and smokin’ jacket Randall Woodruff
Shawn O’Shea, Tricia Bitetto, Sonja Washington, Roni and Jim Downey and Kimya Jackson
Jackie Siscone and model/actress Samantha Laurito
Mark Cunningham, Ken Tatters(?) sorry can’t read your writing, Leigh Simpson Stephanie M (‘Cause she doesn’t like to give her last name and I respect that)
Terese Balzereit, Director of International Marketing PA Tourism Office, Mark Beyerle and Steve Crain

Development director of PhilaCinefest (The Philadelphia CineFest, which is being organized and presented by TLA Entertainment Group, will run from March 26th to April 8th.), TD Hines and James Duggan publisher of QueerTimesSteve McCann of does the Red Carpet Duties
Just as I was about to run out to the next event the Gift Bags made their way downstairs. Thanks as always to all the sponsors including Ettore, Rain Organics, PhillyChitChat, PhillyGayCalendar, BuckMonkey, DJ K-Tell and Organic Rain Vodka. If you love reading PhillyChitChat and you have a few bucks to spare, I would love it if at some point you could donate a few dollars to this new project. The creators are a nice bunch, and I have never seen such an amazing effort to throw a fundraiser to kick off a dream these folks really believe in and I do too. Thanks
Then it was over to the Sofitel for the Moet Sponsored Philadelphia Style Magazine Oscar Party.
John Colabelli, Sabrina Tamburino (who just returned from a romantic trip to the Bahama’s), Nicole Cashman (Who was just honored by the NIA-PAC), Lauren D’Orsio (Who spent the weekend in AC with JC), Justin Wineburg (who just returned from the Grammys) and Renee Freeman who just became my FB buddy Saturday.
Erin Elmore did double duty with earlier in the night, then spent the rest of the evening kicking back with hunky Dr Shareff Jandali who took a few photos to add to his facebook collection
Rich Wolf, Nicolas Pesty – GM of Sofitel and Susan Helfrich (who just returned from a Celebrity Cruise. I hear Susan is starting a cruising blog, which should be interesting)
The Oscar’s were on, but to tell you the truth I barely caught them as I was gabbing up a storm, so many people complimenting PCC and Fashion Week. I still have a few things to say about that week, but need to catch up on PCC events as I am definitely a week behind and this week looks busy too. Tomorrow night the Walnut Street Theater is having a preview night, I’m going to sit in those floor seats and see if they are tight as a reader told me last week, and then there’s Shecky’s on Tuesday night. That is my 2nd InKind sponsorship, but I have met the Shecky’s Girls Night out girls and they are sweet. So remember it’s at the Crystal Tea Room Wanamaker Bldg at 5PM

Kasey Jackson, Arzu Helsman and Lauren Greewald
Sex In The City – The Man’s version. It’s interesting to know Arthur Kadyshe for these past few months, and then to read his blog which he just started last week. He is not afraid to bare his soul, he recognizes that he’s a player, maybe a bit of a cad, feels women are either friends, dates, or possibilities, most importantly he takes us through the process of how a guy thinks in various dating situations. He’s part of the boy’s club, all his dreams are possibilities, and although he may have had a less than ideal childhood, he has been successful where others might have given up. Now after shedding a few skins, he is on a new journey and he takes us a long for the ride, he has a few ideas about where he wants to go, but he doesn’t know his destination, who does? I’m curious about where he’s going and excited that he’s willing to take us along, I find it fascinating reading, I think you will to and look forward to his adventures and his self actualization. Arthur Kade ‘s new blog ArthurKade
hhmmmy yum. Ok Lent begins Wednesday, and although i am a recovering Catholic I sure am grateful to God for my success, and the wonderful life I lead. So I will be giving this up for 40 days begining Wednesday.
Sabrina Strickland, Anthony J. DeMarco, Stephanie Rybczyk, and Jared Poe (who is ascending)
Happy Birthday Jill Rizen last week. She and her girlfriends, and guy friends Michael Spain-Smith and Andrew Hinnig spent a wild and delicious night at Union Trust. A fun time was had by all, a few of the friends enjoyed this night too.
Dwayne Wimmer owner of says to eat a balanced breakfast to get your metabolism started for the day and to give you the energy to get through your morning; with Corinne Henesey.Jen Utley, Sabrina and Sabrina and my cousin, who at sometime i will stop referring to her as that, Jess Matthews
I have no idea but it was an interesting shot.
Maria Rassoulis and Ron Woodmax
Hacina Saadi (The rest of the photos I took of this night will be on Facebook by the end of the week, but I love this shot)
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The Oscar View Party I didn’t make it to was the one at Valanni’s with Philly Inquirer writer Elizabeth Wellington and Stylist Jimmy Contreras. Elizabeth just got back from Fashion Week and will be writing about it this week as well as on her blog Mirror Mirror. Jimmy C just came off of assisting VahlosPR’s successful launch of Union Trust restaurant, and has a serious proposition coming up, but I am swore to secrecy until May.