The Sporting Club’s Winter Warm-Up and Happy Hour at XIX the restaurant at SUNSET

Last week “The Sporting Club at The Bellevue” enjoyed one of their first quarterly Happy Hours for it’s member’s at XIX the restaurant. I love this place, great room, and the views are spectacular. I love that it’s on the 19th floor (just checking to see if you’re reading it – see comments) and it doesn’t have to paint the skyline on the wall because you can actually look out the generous size windows and see it yourself. AND it was sunset, it was romantic and everything, so I suggest you go grab a bite there yourself.
The friendly Sporting Club staff was there to check you in. L-R: Kaitlyn McHugh, Ariel Greenberg, Peter McDowell, Valerie Puigdollers, Ann Marie Gearhart
After seeing your fellow fitness members in their sweats and shorts all the time, it was probably a nice change to see them with clothes. Although some folks probably look good in either…
Kevin O’Neil, Jon Arlotta and Joe Tailo
Robin and Edward Hamilton. The most romantic story there. They were friends for about 10 years and one night a little kiss changed the whole scenario. They’ve been married for about 11 years. She’s been a long time member, but just recently got Edward to join the Sporting Club, although they don’t work out together. They’ll always have something to say, as he married himself a little Protestant.
Patrick Heslop, Ariel Greenberg and Josh Davis
The food and views to die for

Patricia Favaro, Junwei Sun, Zack Rivera and Fabiola Traina,
Felisha Harris and uncle Carlton Johnson
Jason Cabrera, Laurie R. Gold and Queen Village treasurer Andrew Speizman
Long time members Howard and Barbara Hindman

Helen Ferris and Lisa Yaffe Joyful attorney Temple Grad 2009 Aly Brookland and fellow attorney Hayley Broder enjoyed the night out.
So why not join the Sporting Club in it’s 20th year in Philadelphia – W0W. I hear Ed still goes there, and just the other night Jamie Foxx played a round of hoops. You never know who you’re gonna see (that’s my problem, it’s all too social for me; but then now that I see they have these quarterly happy hours I might cut back on the social and actually work out) Have a great weekend. Remember to check the Philly Chit Chat calendar, lots going on this weekend, plus I will be added more events as I may even have some free time.