NATASHA RICHARDSON the last photos taken of her

These are the last photos I took of Natasha Richardson (& maybe the last ones taken of her professionally); 6 weeks ago she attended the amfAR’s 2008 New York Gala at Cipriani – I had just arrived in NYC to cover Fashion Week and ran over in time to catch Liza then Natasha leaving.Here she is with TV exec pal Andy Cohen looking for their driver
Natasha Richardson spoke eloquently about losing her own father, film director Tony Richardson, to AIDS.
Her biggest fan asking for a photo with her. Natasha said hello to her by name, and then said over by the car because it was cold out and she wanted to avoid the
Autograzzi. Here Natasha tells “C” to come over and get her photo with her.
Unfortunately there were too many autograzzi and Natasha told “C” next time, as they always had a friendly relationship “C” knew that Natasha would remember. Today “C” is inconsolable, I am sad. Natasha was one of the nicest celebs I’ve photographed, very genuine, always smiling and seemed to bring the best out of her husband while dealing with being in the limelight.
Rest in Peace Natasha Richardson